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3 hours ago, lost said:

To be honest bots gameplay is strange. In some maps they are like noobs, only fresh meat for players in other maps they sometimes behave like they have aimbot or something and killing in instance :D

Sometimes they have nearly 60% acc and more than 20% of hs ;) and this is not for 1 or 2 kills. Im not complaining about it but sometimes somethins is wrong with their algorithm, and they are playing like CRAZY

Yeah on some maps its just crazy, but i think they already have made some changes. 

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It's a fast shoot server so if the bots find you and you sit there they'll just kill you. Even if they suck and miss they still shoot 5 rounds a second or something, enough to cripple you. I cannot express how much of a difference fast shoot makes. The bots are there to fill in when a player cannot, therefore should be able to defend itself and attack as such. Treat them a player. Their waypoints limit them to camping or forcing the obj and so on but expect that. Learn from it. Just because it's a "beginners" server doesn't mean it should be cake walk for even the worst players out there.

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