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Confused !!!


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Happy Holidays to all, I hope and pray all are safe and Healthy.

I did not know where to post this : I attempted to play the Baserace only game server and it immediately whistled me saying I was using an unauthorized Clan tag 

and that I needed to change my name or be Kicked, I was so CONFUSED over this........ so I kept playing thinking that this was a mistake ...... was whistled again.........

I kept playing and finally it said  I WAS BANNED from the server.  Have I done something wrong ? Have I missed something ?  am I no Longer an admin ? 

I apologize  if this was not the right place to post this.



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Hey @JaR

First of all "Welcome back", i didn't met you yet but hello!

TeamMuppet has changed alot during the last years, so we've decided to change our etmain server to the latest "Legacy" mod.

What result "normal" in a new level system so could be possible you lost your level on that point when we've decided to make the switch.

To be honest if you only play at beginners & baserace (nitmod)  i don't really know if we've made any changes there with the level system.

Guess @MiniMuppet - @Matu or @Charlie can give a good answer on this one.

Anyway enjoy your time again at TeamMuppet and feel free to hop in on our discord

==> https://discord.teammuppet.com


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Im pretty sure he have lvl on nitmod but maybe he didnt have lvl on baserace at all and now,after tagprotection is on,he noticed it bc he got autokicked.Or just he got new etkey and dont have lvl on any server.

@JaR noone removed your lvl,it must be one of the reasons i writed above and you need to contact anyone to setlevel you,when you are on server.

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