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TeamMuppet 20 Years Anniversary Month


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TeamMuppet 20 Years Anniversary Month!
May 2022


TeamMuppet was founded in May 2002 by a group of co-workers. It first started as a Soldiers of Fortune 2 clan, 
and later moved to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory upon its release in 2003. That means we'll soon turn 20 years old!
20. Years.

We would like to thank everyone, from regular player to admin, now and from the past, for being part of our community over the years. 
We greatly appreciate your presence and the work that's being done on our servers on a daily basis in order to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. 
We wouldn't be where we are right now without you. Last but not least, a special thanks to @MrMuppet and @MiniMuppet for creating this madness we all love so much all those years ago. Thank you.

To celebrate this huge milestone, we're turning the month of May into our 20 Years Anniversary Month! 
Be ready for multiple events throughout the month! Keep an eye on the forum and/or Discord for further announcements regarding the events. 
We hope you'll enjoy our anniversary month and, of course, the many many months after that. Here's to another 20 years! 🍻

~The Muppet team


Ps; don't feel left out if your name is not on the artwork. It doesn't make you any less appreciated. I just could only add so many names on there 🤷‍♂️

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Would like to say a big thank to you all for the wonderful presents you sent myself and mrmuppet. We were not expecting them and was trying to work out where they came from. I would like to thank the person who took all the effort to organise them for us. Thank you @0wN1x for the art work for the card and all the other admin @Dmxj @Matu @Jessica @Mister J @Eagle_cz and @Ande.  Thank you to all our wonderful members and regular players who keep the server alive :) This even made me cry 🤣








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Thank you very much guys, two parcels were delivered yesterday whilst we were at work and we had no idea who they were from, I was messaging the family to ask who had sent them. Today the beer glasses and the card arrived, then we finally realised, very thoughtful guys!

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