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Clarification - Supply + Mortar


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Could we get some clarification on mortars on supply please?
Been on the server for a while now, and I have never been warned for mortaring on Supply as Allies and only once as Axis, for ever so slightly shooting too close to allies 1st spawn, which Cyber politely outlined the co-ordinates which are no-go.

However, as Allies, myself and lots of other players hit the same spots (allies shooting axis) and never been warned the whole time I have been mortar or they have (which is ALOT)
We all know the spots that you would choose to shoot as allies mortar :)

Today i got warned for this shot: (see below)


Now as far as I am concerned, there are pictures in the server guidelines and basically as allies mortar, there isnt anything offlimits?
Unless you decided to go mortar inside axis 2nd spawn pretty much.


My view and understanding is that axis have a fair few exits and in this map, the exit is the stairs (inside)
I might be understanding the rule/screenshots wrong on this map(since there are none for mortar as allies), and if so...fair but I have mortared as Allies, as have MANY others players and have never seen any warning for this type of area, including when TM members are dying by it.
I would liking this type of shot similar to the area of Axis Mortar shooting the bridge on venice


Then onto my next proposition :).

If there is a bit of indecisiveness, or unsure of the rules, as to what is a rule break or not, from TM members, is it possible to seek clarity before warning? In this case they were 2 other TM members playing.
Im scared that I might get kicked by the infamous "server detected too many warnings" ;) especially as a few of my warnings are/were unjust
I have even received a warning because someone jokingly said "SK" when I was mortaring infront of the oasis wall.

I'd be perma banned due to the amount of SK remarks by regulars and the infamous underscore_ crew :D

Happy to discuss


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I agree that things like this could be clarified and one side can not kick before clarification is resulted and mortering side could not also mortar there until it's clarified.


For me it's the same with Venice. If you can exit the building and avoid mortar then it's okay place to aim. If the person gets hit heavily/killed as soon as he exits that doorway then that's a no-no. Doesn't matter if there is more than one room indoors or not - we talk about going from spawn to first area with open sky above.


Mortar is fun gun and cool to use but we should allow people exiting the spawn at least the opportunity to dodge it. With arstrike/arty you can see it and avoid it. Same with backspawn for axis (ladder up to where truck stops to pick up gold) and also the dooway opposite side.


The only exit that I would allow to mortar is the upper one above the ramp as you can play objective as axis without really going there and thus far need no protection in that doorway. 

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Mani, this one is not ON exit, but NEAR exit. 
Question is Is it possible for axis to use exit , without getting damaged by that mortar ?

I think Axis player are damaged by that mortar. If that is the case a warn or PM is indeed correct, even when they only get like 50 damage.

What I would do in this, I go axis, go to exit, see IF I got Mortar damage, and than warn.
For me that is the most honest way to be 100 percent sure. 

My advice : When doubt, move it a bit !

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Well I'll be honest, the only reason that mortart is not further along the grey path, is because it was my first shot and I fluffed it haha.

I can also hold my hands up and say me and many other players have always done the same shot. Infact everytime I'm mortar as allies, I shoot in those areas haha. 

That is why this warning was such a surprise to me, otherwise if I'd known, I wouldn't of done it in first place.


Is it worth adding an additional picture to show mortar no go area? Heck I'll even do it myself using my own screenshot ha. 

Can  we mortar closer to the stairs? Assuming axis walk out the exit and can see the skies


EDIT: Something like this?




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