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I apologize to the entire Wolf ETL community

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I want to apologize to the entire ETWolf community for these 3 years where I often had a violent and impulsive behavior, due to a very difficult passage in my life, where I spilled all my rage when they told me gave the opportunity. Since my one-month ban, I've changed my way of being, I've worked on myself, I drink a lot less and my life is much more stable, I'm not looking for excuses, players who do not want to forgive me no worries, I have no hatred towards anyone, I often let my anger speak.

I think you have seen my change since my return (at least I hope) I especially apologize to Cain.

Wolft is an excellent game that I love, no matter who is right or wrong, I don't try to justify myself.

Take care of yourself, I'm enjoying playing again and besides, I play much better by being calm.

Thank you for your understanding, be blessed all without exception

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