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  1. Hello everyone! First of all "Happy New Year to you all"! Let's toast to yesterdays achievements and tomorrows bright future. As you know the first part of January is usually the time to reflect about last year and to speak about our future brings in 2022. In January 2021 we started after many meetings our discord bot. Our main admins who have supported and maintained our servers and website were were a a bit sceptical about this feature but look after 1 year the community has grown, people are more closely connected and thank to all donators we have also received funding to now help out financially (1683,76 euros). Who would have thought, right? The more donations were received the more we were able to invest to keep and update features to make this community more interesting. @Dmxj updated the whole discord with a new template and a TeamMuppet bot and we invested also in some promotion on Trackbase and splatterladder. Last but not least after a long period that @MrMuppet and @MiniMuppet payed everything in this community we are glad to announce that we finally can do something back to them and to the community! Due to the great success and the number of incoming donations we've decided to make use of our TeamMuppet fund to pay the forums for the upcoming 12 months. But enough about money and donations right? 2021 was been an amazing year for TeamMuppet we're glad to announce some new members to the family : Virus - shikzxD - Tuxedo - Gameover - weeds - Tran$i - Monkey - Flo - weed - Darky - LordMarco - Lost - Sir Jere and also welcome back to the squad Bomba - Blindy - Melissa - Aesthetic Jacket - Bobby And what about @Charlie - yes! After many years of hard work he took a earned step-back-vacation and will look over the shoulders of his own Charlies angels ( @Jessica @Mister J @0wN1x @Matu ) Big thanks to all members-without TM wouldnt be what it is,and our silent Leader @Eagle_cz -who pay some bills and leads us to the better feature! At the end we are proud that TeamMuppet has been here for already 19 years and we have no intention to slow down! Lets raise the glass for these 19 and the next years of more fun and entertainment to come! Best wishes and stay healthy, TeamMuppet
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