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  1. Noo, I'm already at 50!!! I saw portos mention the same, nothign for me though. In last couple of days, I've claimed 3 points or so, never did it automatically. Although couple of times, after match ended, I had 0 kills, deaths, assists etc, jsut time and xp weren't 0 in the end-of-map list / score table
  2. So it's kinda like baserace?
  3. how about stargate? I suggested it in september and it didnt get to be in the voting list
  4. No stargate tho I'm for keeping versions of maps depending on season, I think it's a good change same map but new feel so it's not all the same again and again. That being said, one gold rush is enough, probs original as it is generally longer than the se version
  5. How about stargate? Might be able to even find the map file somewhere, not sure about exact name Edit: here's the link http://wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/downloads/viewdownload/15-et-maps/977-stargate-center-1945
  6. Hey, I use class selector for every class and most weapons and it works fine for primary weapons. The only issue is that soldier sometimes grabs akimbos instead of mp40/tommy, not sure why it happens or when, been too lazy to work it out :)). And as I opened my cfg to check what it says, I realised that I use /team r 1 3 or /team b 1 8 for joining teams only and then /class x y z for choosing actual class and weapon anyway, here's a list of what works for me (every class is with akimbos apart from soldier):
  7. I remember sort of XP save system from a place where I used to play. There would be sets of maps - Campaign. XP would last for a duration of campaign and reset with a new one. There were about 4-8 maps in each and you'd vote for a campaign change rather than map at the end. I think it worked well but it would be quite a change from single maps.
  8. I actually do like getting straight into the heat of battle rather than starting slow with a pistol and one panzer shot every 5 min (I know it's less than 5 min but still...). Not sure about other classes, but I agree with no level 4 for medic. It's already extra HP to shave off, would get much harder with adrenaline.
  9. Found my way and read all the rules! Do I enjoy playing here? Of course! That's why I'm in game every other day!
  10. Not back, really, I don't think I've ever played here, or at least not as Cyber... Many years ago ( ummm 10 or more even?) I was known as hromadka, some people here (cze) might recognise that nickname. In those good old days I used to come home from school and play couple of hours pretty much every day, piling up thousands of in-game hours. Those days are gone, but I was happy to find that even after the long break, I am still not completely useless :)) You might find me online many evening now, it's good to be back with ET. I am guessing you guys want some details about me now... Born in
  11. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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