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  1. 100% agree with the fact that we always play the same maps so we must change the voting system. I'm not sure your proposal is easily understandable by the players, but is the only way to get more diversity, let's try it.
  2. Sorry guys, I'm on holiday and afk the whole week. Enjoy this event.
  3. WTF! Too bad, I'm also on holiday trip this day. I wish you a nice game.
  4. Any solution to make SK rules easier to catch is welcome, and this one seems a good one.
  5. Thanks a lot for this nice artwork! I was lucky, I found my name quite fast. Happy anniversary to this nice community.
  6. Maybe disable med packs an link the regeneration to medic activity. No medic packs provided to teammates or no syringe, no regeneration. BTW, is there a limited number of syringe in the current conf?
  7. If you were not insulting people, I guess it was poesy. Hard to be a misunderstood poet, mate. 168 days... After all, i's not too much to improve your verses.
  8. Once more a nice and fair player who will complain because he's doesn't understand how you dare ban a misunderstood poet...
  9. So sad, I'll not be there because of travel. Enjoy this party, mates.
  10. From my standpoint, infight self kill is really frustrating, especially when the guy who sk is a pure fragger. A delay could limit some behaviors such as people who trick jump into enemies group with nades or panza, and who selkill before being killed. To be very honest, I would disable also all the player weapons as soon as he has activated the sekfkill command. Some pple will consider that I'm a bit extremist, but I consider that systematic uses of selfkill is a plague for the fun so any solution to limit this practice would be good.
  11. Hello all Just a question: do you confirm that nades, panza and flamer are heavy weapons? I ask the question because I had a discussion with a player who was flaming the stairs of axis fixed spawn exit. He told me that flamer is not a HW. Thanks
  12. It's sometime difficult for me to fully understand the complexity of the work done but I'm impressed by the organization of this community and how it contributes to ET life. Hats off to you, guys!
  13. Happy and healthy new year to you and your families. I wish you a lot of fun on TM severs and long life for the Muppets community!
  14. I'm not big fan of that sounds. Doesn't help the game and promotes fragging instead of team play.
  15. Enjoy these Christmas holidays. See you soon
  16. To be honest, I rarely balance the teams when the banner appears because there is an automatic balance. Moreover, I'm too bad player to pretend balance the teams only with my little support to the weaker team.I 'm neither Sebastian nor Moof That's the reason why I often propose a vote to !ShuffleSR, even if I'm in the stronger team. But often the result of the vote is "No". So what to do in such a case? Respect the democracy and keep the teams unbalanced? (and the game crappy) Or shuffle despite the vote, and get some reproaches because of arbitrary decision? (It occurred some times). By the way, I already noticed many times that Sebast1an switches when teams are unbalanced. Really nice and fair behavior. Super player!
  17. Hi all, I'm back from holidays and I see that this french bastard decided to play on TM server! Great! Welcome old man. Next challenge is to convince you to trek several days in our mountains!
  18. Hi all Just for my understanding, is it allowed to plant mines right at the spawn exit? As an example, on Goldrush axis second spawn, between the tank and the wall. In such a case, arty at the second exit and mortar at the courtyard before the gold room, and the game is locked for axis. Thanks for your answer.
  19. Hi all There is a german guy, named "Gas Chamber", who often play the afternoon on Legacy server. I guess that this guy is the same as "Hans Frank Butcher of Poland", or "Polish Sheep Fucker" or other insulting nazi nicknames. Nevertheless I can't verify because I can't !finger him not make the !listplayer command. This guy was kicked today but he came back immediately with the name "Frenchie" and teamkilled me several times. Please keep an eye on him. Thanks
  20. Hello Guys, After a break for a while, I restarted playing ET again a few weeks ago. Since I play quite exclusively on your server, I think it's now fair to introduce myself. I'm 50 years old, I'm married and my two children live their own life. I live in south east of France, close to the French Alps. In real life, I work in the industry but my passion is montain sports, mostly montain bike and trekking. My wife share this passion so, together or with friends, we often travel in countries where the mountains are wild and there are not too many tourists. I far from being a good fragger, but I try to teamplay as much as possible. Sometime I'm a bit lost, so if you see a guy running like a headless chicken, just think it's this poor old frenchie and don't shoot at him: he's not very dangerous. See you on the battlefield
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