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  1. Happy Birthday Team Muppet
  2. Yes, sometimes the bots behave a bit strange on some maps they shoot and behave ralatively passively and on other maps they see you and you are dead on the ground really quickly ... Sometimes a bit strange
  3. m1Ke


    Forum say too Big
  4. m1Ke


    Can you take a look at this player? So far rather average aim, now super good in one go Server: Beginner's Nitmod Information about White Slot: 12 Team: axis (Medic) NGUID: ZZ09AE4AE37881E293ADE9E3C00DD5PZ IP: MAC: 74-DE-2B-98-12-04 Client: ET 2.60b win-x86 May 8 2006 Level: 3 https://www.upload.ee/files/12567498/2020-11-25-215223-sp_delivery_te.dm_84.html
  5. 55 a bit much or ? and valhalla a 1on1 map on Public ?
  6. At least you shouldn't go down to the level of cheaters
  7. I like the new Side Design
  8. if you are interested I can write the whole story for you, but because my writing English is not that good Zippo would like to say thank you that the demos he played were submitted by questionable players and some were banned that is now the thanks
  9. I mean he has done it once and others more often and will not be banned and will not be punished
  10. Interesting decision when we were shown this by antti and soldat when they were still [unit] members and have already done this on Mupped Server, nobody cared. But unfortunately we are only Germans and not women .. Have a nice day or probably not
  11. it have too do if some on from Unit make one time spawnkill or runing about spawn u cry about spawnkill if a LBN Member do this or LBN Friend and somone say about spawnkill not interresting or u shold say somting hello ? and why should a Unit member ask u ? and dont say Armani or other guys in ur range dont know the rules on Server as one calls into the forest, it echoes out
  12. u lower the level but ok i dont care about ET or LBN or somting have too do with this Dead Game anymore u have want this with ur bulling again Unit bye bye have fun with this game i dont care
  13. If you have no other problems you should seek help
  14. np4me demoShabazzzz.dm_84
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