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    Antique clocks, repairing and renovation. Audio, devices such as stereosets and tapedecks, recorders. Also vintage collecting but mainly directed at getting a complete Philips 900 series set. Also saving and trading to get the N4520 or N4522 tapedeck. Gaming ofcourse on PC and consoles. Love my pugs .! Married to an American , could be considered as a hobby to...lol

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  1. Dont know where to post this. Activity section is for returning members, i am not a returning member, i even am nit a member yet. But coming thursday i get my vaccination and dont know what the efect will be. Could be that i am off for a few days or maybe it will not affect me that mich. But just to let you guys know.


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    2. Matu


      Then you can finally "sync all" 👍

    3. 0wN1x


      Thanks for letting us know Marius. And eMMiel I hope you're joking.. 🤡

    4. eMMiel


      Ownix do you realy think so low of me? O_o :^)

  2. Dont know there were more versions for preatoria....lol, The one i know is mission two final, mission one i dont know
  3. I would like preatoria, radar Phoenix version and maybe -BRIDGES-
  4. maybe for some maps ( like baserace ) is it possible to add the crazygravity command?
  5. how about Preatoria, and radar Phoenix?
  6. That will be some work, i have ( dont know it anymore ) a few hundreds, including from big wallclocks to tiny pocketwatches. At the moment i am making an inventory from what is laying around on the attic, but have about 40 hanging in the livingroom. ( luckely my wife loves them to, even more than i do....lol ) i will make some pictures and put some on the forum
  7. : Hi people, i am Marius de Groot and did spoiled a big part of my life with gamimg, mainly ET, but also like to play on consoles. luckely my wife likes gaming to, so we play together a lot ( no not that kind , dirty minds.! ) I am 70 years old, but still in a reasonable condition and able to put some youngsters down in the game. Hobbies? Yes, but not enough time. I collect/ maintain/ repair old clocks , from small to big and have about 300 of them laying and hanging around. Also Audio, preferable Philips and Akai. If someone has a N4520/22 from Philips for a happy price........I have a lot to trade ( no money) Building and repairing PC`s also a hobby, but that is a bit in the background now. Love to play on the beginners server, because teamwork makes the game fun and attractive. I am mainly an objective player, killing or fragging is not my game. I probably could get a much higher killrating if I would focus on aiming and movement more and if I would not be lazy, just make my rig and other devices optimal working, but like I said, that is not my game. Maybe you guys get a bit of an idea who Marius is and hope to see ya in the game.
  8. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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