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    Antique clocks, repairing and renovation. Audio, devices such as stereosets and tapedecks, recorders. Also vintage collecting but mainly directed at getting a complete Philips 900 series set. Also saving and trading to get the N4520 or N4522 tapedeck. Gaming ofcourse on PC and consoles. Love my pugs .! Married to an American , could be considered as a hobby to...lol

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  1. Dont know where to post this. Activity section is for returning members, i am not a returning member, i even am nit a member yet. But coming thursday i get my vaccination and dont know what the efect will be. Could be that i am off for a few days or maybe it will not affect me that mich. But just to let you guys know.


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    2. Matu


      Then you can finally "sync all" 👍

    3. 0wN1x


      Thanks for letting us know Marius. And eMMiel I hope you're joking.. 🤡

    4. eMMiel


      Ownix do you realy think so low of me? O_o :^)

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