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    Antique clocks, repairing and renovation. Audio, devices such as stereosets and tapedecks, recorders. Also vintage collecting but mainly directed at getting a complete Philips 900 series set. Also saving and trading to get the N4520 or N4522 tapedeck. Gaming ofcourse on PC and consoles. Love my pugs .! Married to an American , could be considered as a hobby to...lol

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  1. Dont know where to post this. Activity section is for returning members, i am not a returning member, i even am nit a member yet. But coming thursday i get my vaccination and dont know what the efect will be. Could be that i am off for a few days or maybe it will not affect me that mich. But just to let you guys know.


    1. eMMiel


      Good luck with your new gps device put into your body^_^

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