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  1. Dont know where to post this. Activity section is for returning members, i am not a returning member, i even am nit a member yet. But coming thursday i get my vaccination and dont know what the efect will be. Could be that i am off for a few days or maybe it will not affect me that mich. But just to let you guys know.


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    2. Matu


      Then you can finally "sync all" 👍

    3. 0wN1x


      Thanks for letting us know Marius. And eMMiel I hope you're joking.. 🤡

    4. eMMiel


      Ownix do you realy think so low of me? O_o :^)

  2. Dont know there were more versions for preatoria....lol, The one i know is mission two final, mission one i dont know
  3. I would like preatoria, radar Phoenix version and maybe -BRIDGES-
  4. maybe for some maps ( like baserace ) is it possible to add the crazygravity command?
  5. how about Preatoria, and radar Phoenix?
  6. That will be some work, i have ( dont know it anymore ) a few hundreds, including from big wallclocks to tiny pocketwatches. At the moment i am making an inventory from what is laying around on the attic, but have about 40 hanging in the livingroom. ( luckely my wife loves them to, even more than i do....lol ) i will make some pictures and put some on the forum
  7. : Hi people, i am Marius de Groot and did spoiled a big part of my life with gamimg, mainly ET, but also like to play on consoles. luckely my wife likes gaming to, so we play together a lot ( no not that kind , dirty minds.! ) I am 70 years old, but still in a reasonable condition and able to put some youngsters down in the game. Hobbies? Yes, but not enough time. I collect/ maintain/ repair old clocks , from small to big and have about 300 of them laying and hanging around. Also Audio, preferable Philips and Akai. If someone has a N4520/22 from Philips for a happy price........I have a lot to trade ( no money) Building and repairing PC`s also a hobby, but that is a bit in the background now. Love to play on the beginners server, because teamwork makes the game fun and attractive. I am mainly an objective player, killing or fragging is not my game. I probably could get a much higher killrating if I would focus on aiming and movement more and if I would not be lazy, just make my rig and other devices optimal working, but like I said, that is not my game. Maybe you guys get a bit of an idea who Marius is and hope to see ya in the game.
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