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Server Rules

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    Any member or player is responsible for keeping their machine and public IP address free of any cheating software. If TM deems that such software or cheats are present it does not matter if it was your brother, father, friend, cat, dog or goldfish who installed it. Cheating is not allowed on ANY server and proof supplied from other server owners will cause players to get removed from TM and also possibly banned from TM servers.No abusing bugs in maps.

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    No excessive cursing , whining or bitching on at other players on a continuous basis.

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    Selfkilling in battle is allowed, but it will count as a kill for the enemy player.

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    Spawn Killing is not allowed unless battling for spawn point's .

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    Trickjumping for an objective is not allowed.

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    Don't ask for higher level.

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    The Main language for the Chat is English.

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    If you wanna speak in your Native Language with another Player you have to write them a PM, or you have to play in a Fireteam with the Players and then you can speak in the Fireteamchat ( press - U - for the Fireteamchat ] in your Native Language.

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    Don't spam (this includes voice chat, normal chat, and excessive arty spam).

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    Do not repeat failed votes more than twice per map or excessively (to be determined by admins).

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    When you can't accept how a Member or a Admin is acting or managing the Game, write a PM to the <=TM=> Members and don't use the Global Chat for this, if you still don't agree post it on the forums.

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    Advertising on the server for services or recruiting is prohibited.

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    Going spec to see what the other team is doing or changing teams in the middle because you are losing is NOT tolerated.

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    Please respect all the Players and Members at the Server.

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    Spectate if going AFK.

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    Directly insulting a clan member or disrespecting the TeamMuppet community will result in a !mute, !kick or !ban without being warned beforehand.

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    Please use a unique name to make it easier for admin/members to manage the server.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy, it's only a game!

Clan Member Rules

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    Members seen !abusing their admin rights will have their admin removed or restricted.

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    If a player comes to you with an issue about a player or admin or yourself, at least listen, then bring it to the forum.

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    Please keep teams balanced.

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    Activity - Visit the forums once in a week (take part on trial members poll if you play on servers) - Report inactivity if you will be inactive more than a week (you will be then put as inactive and you'll keep your member status) - Be active either on forums or the server, depending how you can within the 30 days - After 30 days of inactivity without telling about it you will be removed from the clan.

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    If you feel like you're getting too mad take 5 deep breaths! Mad admins lead to dumb ass mistakes that you might regret or you are unable to reverse.

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    Wear the correct clan tag at all times.

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    All members require a valid et guid number.

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    You should not use! mute, !kick or especially !ban commands on other clan members, if there is an issue about something discuss it on the forums not on the game, the server is for gaming the forums is for discussing!

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    Give at least 1 warning before muting someone, another before muting them again and a final warning before freezing/ kicking them.

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    Always get proof (Demos/Screenshots) before you ban or accuse somebody of cheating or of doing something illegal or of being abusive. Post the proof(s) on forums. Remember! To spectate those suspicious players, always use the "/follow playerslot" command in your console.When supplying a demo to forum, rename the demo to the player name eg. player.dm_84. Also post what server the suspected cheating happened.

Even up rule & explanation:

If you !balance doesn't mean that you don't need to switch and just use. You, as a member/admins, should be the first to switch teams to even. Those who will be abuse it will be take off this command. Remember, Admins and members are meant to be the first to switch when uneven. 

Example: if you're in a team a lot stronger then the other would be nice if you switch to the other team that has one player less then yours to even up and make the game more enjoyable 

Example 1: your opponent team has 2 less players then yours, even up asap!

Example 2: if your team is losing badly and you end up being with 2 extra player I would honestly just stay in your team and help them out, it you would be kinda lame if you switch, no offense.

Admins/Members Guidelines

  1. !shuffle - Use this at the warm up of the map and use it when you notice one team is a lot stronger then the other or when a map ends less then 5-10 minutes. Finishing a map quick means that we lose players on our servers which means empty server, we do not want that
  2. !gshow - Its better then !howfair. You can use whenever you want
  3. !balance - Before using this ask in mainchat if someone wants to switch if no one answers then use it
  4. !pip & !pop - Silly commands in my opinion but funny
  5. !gib - Use this whenever you find a player doing spawn killing or not respecting our rules. !warn should be used prior to !gib (for knew players especially)
  6. !setlevel -1 - Use this really careful. Use it on player who keep abusing, trolling or whatever and take their info. Do not forget to make a post about the abuse player and posting their infos. A screenshot or demo is required in order to provide evidence.
  7. !lol - Do not kill players ingame with !lol with the exception of a bugged bot holding the objective and not moving. (Don't think we have this issue on any maps atm.) Spamming !lol in warmup is not acceptable.
  8. !nextmap -Make sure the players agree with you if there is only a few on server (late night etc.) If there has been a failed nextmap vote, do NOT use !nextmap. Calling a nextmap vote is always preferred to using the !nextmap command. Do not use !nextmap between maps. The wait is not long and people want to check out their stats.
  9. !endmap - Member who has the command should make sure that the players agree with this decision and only with a few online (late night etc...)
  10. !putteam - Do not !putteam players randomly to even teams, this is perceived as rude and intrusive. Ask the players first or move someone who wants to switch. As a TM member it is your responsibility to help keep the teams even, so move yourself or request someone to change teams. If this fails multiple times and teams are very uneven, consider a shuffle.
  11. !putteam to put people who are AFK to spectators is fine, but wait a few spawns or go spec them to make sure they are not just looking out the window for a second or in the limbo menu. 
  12. !mute -Give at least 1 warning before muting someone, another before muting them again and a final warning before freezing/kicking them.
  13. !kick and !ban - Members who have access to this command should post in the kicks and bans thread when a player has been kicked or banned.
    Before you kick or ban, warn the player with the !warn command. If there is an extremely obvious cheat you can use the ban command directly, but in most cases try to warn first.

    On command usage aimed at fellow members:
    *You should not use !gib, !warn, !mute, !kick or especially !ban commands on other clan members, if there is an issue about something discuss it on the forums not on the game, the server is for gaming the forums is for discussing !!!

  14. After you warned the player and you want to kick or ban the player, first use the !finger or !userinfo command. Post a screenshot of this or copy this info to the kicks/bans thread along with the server this was done on.

Spawn Killing Rules

  1. Fixed (normal) spawns

    Spawnkill on fixed spawns in not allowed, with any kind of weapons, on our servers. This includes spawncamping at the spawnexits. There is no legit reason in which you are allowed to spawnkill other players. As a note, mortaring near an spawnexit is also not allowed!

  2. Capturable flag/spawn

    Spawnkilling at capturable flag/spawn is allowed. The only weapon which is not allowed at capturable flags/spawns are mortars. As a note, mortaring near an spawnexit is also not allowed!

  3. Command post

    Spawnkilling at command posts is allowed. The only weapon which is not allowed at command posts are mortars. As a note, mortaring near an spawnexit is also not allowed!

  4. Spawnpassing

    On some maps running through a spawn is a strategic way to get to the objectives. Therefor spawnpassing is allowed. As soon as you get shot at you are allowed to defend yourself by shooting back. This is ONLY allowed with light weapons as thompson, mp40, pistols, carbine, sniper. Any form of grenades and heavy weapons is not allowed!

    As the rules regarding spawnkilling is clear above we expect everyone to follow these rules. As this clear explination is being released a lot of players might not be aware of this update. Please refer players to the forums regarding the spawnkill rules so that everyone gets to know them a.s.a.p. Happy fragging!

  5. Spawnkill areas

    Spawn Areas

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