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    Planning Xmass event

    Mister J
    By Mister J,

    Hi all!

    The Muppet event-machine is getting up some steam again! Xmass is coming so we are looking for the best day to invite you all for TeamMuppets  own miraculous big (online) Christmas Bash!

    We figured 18, 19 or 20 would be most logic, but added some other options to see what happens. Other event details will follow (ofc epic fun guaranteed).

    Looking forward to jingle you all the way to our event sever, so please vo-ho-ho-hote!

    It's Terror Time Again ...!

    By Charlie,


    It's nearly time for the spooky night! Grab your comfort blanky and a cold beer and join us on Discord. Let us hear you scream! 💩


    Saturday 31st October

    7PM CET (whatever that is)

    Infected on Legacy mod!

    As usual please connect before the event to download any files or maps you need. Check out the downloads section here on the forums too. If you can't connect to the server please let us know. My old config wouldn't let me connect for some reason.



    Also .... spooky maps added to ETL1 and Nitmod. Enjoy :) 

    Halloween Spooktacular!

    By Charlie,

    Awooooooo. oOooooOooOoOOO. I'm a ghoooooooost. 👻 :scared:


    It's that time of the year again - where the ghosts wonder the halls and scary people come out to play. When instead of giving sweets out we lock our doors and eat them ourselves. Yum!

    This month we want to see what you guys do for Halloween. We wanna see how spooky you are so we're going to have a little competition, open to anyone in our TM community!

    Write a scary story. Draw a creepy picture. Make a badass pumpkin carving. Wear the sexiest nurses outfit. Submit something that's Halloween-ish!

    If you want to take part you have until the 31st October (in case you wanna show Charlie your sexy outfits!) to submit something in a PM to myself ... Charlie. Afterwards I'll post a topic with all the submissions where everyone can vote for which they like the most. The winner, chosen by you guys, receives a £10 Amazon gift card, or Steam card or something similar :) 


    I hope you guys like the new Halloween theme here on the forums! If you want to change it back for some reason then you can at the bottom of the forum. Click the "Theme" button. Also spooky maps will be added to ETL1 and Nitmod later this month too, look out for them ;) 

    Summer Event!

    By Charlie,


    It's time for the super secret super fun event! The hint was in the name:hi:

    This event has something for everyone depending on what map get's voted for during the intermission. Wanna panzawar? Vote for a map for it. Wanna ting some helmets? Vote for it. Fancy yourself a pro at rifle tennis? Swing away. Stabby stabby? You know what to do. But ... what is Baserace? Or Golden Dunk!?  Or ... or Pacman!? The clue isn't in the name Charlie! :secret:

    Alcohol, sun loungers and Discord all required! The server is up and running now and using the Pub mod.

    Server IP ->

    Date -> 22nd August

    Time -> 7pm GMT

    Discord -> YES


    Poster courtesy of Ownix (looks 10000x better than my effort in MS Paint)

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