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    Halloween event feedback

    By Ctrz,


    As Halloween weekend is now over in the main server I took the tiny responsibility to sit my time in forum and collect all the feedback about the event. Your feedback will be handy to make descisions about future themed events like christmas etc.

    Feel free to write me in here as comment, as PM or in discord. :cheers:

    Main things that could be given opinion about are:

    a) how did you like the overall mood in server at this weekend?
    b) how did you like the custom sounds?
    c) how did you like the custom visual elements? (skins on some weapons, player models, login screen, limbo menu etc)
    d) how did you the event taking place in main server (ETL1)?
    e) how did you like the organizing and did you felt involved in deciding what will happen (and where) and in organizing?

    No need to involve all these points in the answer - use them as somewhat "guiding help". :) 

    Please keep the replies on topic and if possible - constructive too. :hi:



    Halloween Weekend 2021

    By 0wN1x,



    Not a year goes by without our Halloween Event. Also this year we have something fun in store for you. It will be a little bit different from last years Halloween events though, as it will take place on our main ETL server and will last the entire weekend. To those of you who after reading this look like they've just seen a ghost 👻, no worries. There will only be some minor add-ons 🎃 and some Halloween themed maps in the mapcycle.


    0WN1X out.

    Death match event winners

    By MiniMuppet,



    We would like to thank everyone who turned up for the event on Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed it.

    We would like to congratulate the 4 winners we hope you find something fun to spend your winnings on. We would like to thank Tupla for donating his money back to TM :girldance:

    ETL Campaign is a GO

    By Charlie,

    While this server never stopped running we have decided to put more effort in to making it work with the latest Legacy release. @Dmxj has helped set up and push the server. We also have @Bystry who has lain the foundations and build the server up to what it is today. The vast majority of all the scripts, lua and configs are down to this mad lad. And we have @eMMiel promoting and pushing the server, finding the fresh meat to play. If any one had any questions, concerns or suggestions about ETL Campaign don't hesitate to message them!

    The server is made to attract higher skilled people and people who enjoy scrims. Something as a down time or in between matches or whatever. It's a campaign server (obviously) with the current scrim maps in rotation. Snaps is also set to 40 which is a big deal apparently (I've no idea).

    Anyways the server is up and running and has had up to a 6v6 tonight across multiple maps so far. Go check it out if you want to experience a quieter but arguably higher skill player base (I promise we won't ban you! Maybe). As usual any suggestions are more than welcome.

    From Dmxj:

    The server provides the latest legacy client.

    - 10 map rotation (only scrim maps)

    - All competitive settings

    - Official spawntimes

    - Limited heavy weapons and landmines

    - Stable ping

    - First public server with 40 snaps

    - Time bonusses




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