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    Hide & Seek Event!

    By Eagle_cz,


    The summer is almost gone and a lot of you had your time off... Let's talk about your adventures, grab a beer or something else and join our booze night event which is slowly coming... As you voted, next event will be hide & seek and will be on 1st of September.  See ya there guys!

    Server: : 27970

    Time: 7pm CET (20:00 CEST, 6pm GMT...)


    <=TM=> Management & Event Team

    Thanks to @EyeOnMe for this banner!


    PANZERWAR Event!

    By Eagle_cz,



    Time: 7pm CET (20:00 CEST, 6pm GMT...)


    Dear Muppets and friends,

    With big steps the summer is coming closer. Before all of you go seeking for adventures on beautiful vacations we want to invite all of you to join our summer meeting. Prepare your throats and voices for a night full of singing on Discord and make sure you are in the best shape to run around on the ET panzerwar maps we love so much.

    If you have a keyboard, a microphone or booze you are more than welcome on the 30th of June on our Event server. We will kick things off at 7pm CET.

    Our Event server can be found here:

    See you soon!

    <=TM=> Management & Event team


    Thanks to @0wN1x who made this great poster!


    Not so new website address

    By MrMuppet,

    Due to the UK's imminent departure of the EU, it has been deemed that non EU residents can not hold .eu domain names under a UK billing address, because of this we have begun to move our sites and files servers back to their original addresses. So, TeamMuppet has return home to its .com address and over the coming weeks the files servers will move back to their .co.uk address thus the .eu domains solely used for mail servers for the foreseeable future.

    We have begun to edit all social media sites, game trackers and banners to reflect the new address, if you see anywhere that we have yet to update then please advise and we will endeavour to complete those as soon as possible.

    So guys, welcome back to teammuppet.com

    New server

    By MiniMuppet,

    Thanks to Bystry and Dmxj we now have a active Etpro public server. 

    Everyone is welcome come give it a try.


    We also have a active Etlegacy server


    If you prefer nitmod you can also try this server out


    You can also find us in discord

    Teammuppet -https://discord.gg/tzK2KVX 

    We also have this website where you can post for any help you may need :)

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