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    wolfensteinet TeamMuppet ETLegacy
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    Current Map: sw_oasis_b3

    wolfensteinet TeamMuppet Beginners xp…
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    Current Map: caen2

    wolfensteinet TeamMuppet ETLegacy 2
    Current Map: braundorf_final

    wolfensteinet ET:Legacy Original Maps…
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    Current Map: fueldump

    # Nickname Score Time Played
    zyga 830,565 kills
    gRaphic //// 753,639 kills
    u!ps. 696,274 kills
    Skmmfpwa 290,393 kills
    ClownsInBothSide 278,295 kills
    CLARX 257,988 kills
    PolskiHusarz 120,339 kills
    Revive First shoot later. 80,487 kills
    Tr00p 76,606 kills
    kevlar 72,118 kills
    leon!das 49,132 kills
    cakin1 48,546 kills
    Enju:) 46,888 kills
    Cyph! 40,015 kills
    0WN1X 32,065 kills
    Kanedaaa 27,968 kills
    Pablo 26,395 kills
    lehurament 24,291 kills
    MiniMuppet 22,201 kills
    #'KTA.WinZ 14,113 kills
    .pioupew:) 13,744 kills
    Master_of_muppets 9,294 kills
    Yoozwa 8,855 kills
    MrMuppet 4,188 kills
    Rambo 3,487 kills
    Sentra 2,944 kills
    Buffla 2,528 kills
    Marty 1,706 kills
    Nobody 1,610 kills
    fishy' 1,450 kills
    Markoesch der deutscher 1,309 kills
    Illuminaticus 1,242 kills
    pieselwiesel 895 kills
    Max Pain2010 762 kills
    !kujaw >> 349 kills
    ETPlayer 4 kills
    ETLegacyPlayer 0 kills
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    eV!L*C64! 1,380,553 kills
    CoLaTuRka* 542,675 kills
    kruimeldief 288,140 kills
    eV!L*Olek 153,068 kills
    Tango 99,065 kills
    Stangepork 21,646 kills
    Scooter 2,381 kills
    Rizzo 64 kills
    Animal 27 kills
    Snerf 23 kills
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    Wontkins 428 kills
    Stangepork 289 kills
    Statler 186 kills
    Animal 177 kills
    Scooter 108 kills
    Waldorf 79 kills
    Chef 57 kills
    Twitch 0 kills
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    Animal 397 kills
    Gonzo 385 kills
    Stangepork 376 kills
    Rizzo 359 kills
    Snerf 349 kills
    Chef 338 kills
    Sam 294 kills
    Waldorf 227 kills
    Animal 215 kills
    Wontkins 178 kills
    Statler 143 kills
    ZaczO 37 kills
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  • Posts

    • Checked Lokis demos, I didnt see there any special.. The spots were he was wasnt actually inside spawn.. If its the decay map.. And yes even the automatic SK script didnt give him anykind of warning...  I just think did I miss something or has something happened in other map.. Just got suprised that demo ends to kick..    I hope @Flo and @Jessica looks it and say what they see.. I saw it quite basic gaming... Have seen much more diffrent gaming too.. But if askin on me I didnt see any special, Lokis comments was that he was talking about  other players eating.. That how I understood it..
    • @loki_meteor Thats just funny that you add manykind of "extras" next to your name.. And second thing we have clan member too called Loki too so that why is good that you make those extras.. As long as they aren't against personally someone or some group..
    • I hope someone knows this case better..  I hope we got demo or something..    But I dont know myself about this case.. Sorry.. I think admins can atleast look logs if they have something on logs..   Edited: Because in my mind came that TK acript might tell has Loki done much TK as topics posting says.. Because if shooting own team much that might make mark on TK script.. Its atleast way to see is there much TK...
    • I see you  editted your post and added a lot. it's a shame that it's bothering you so much, if i'm too good player why not take my advice instead of playing badly, if you continue this route, it won't end well.  Ive obeserved chat periodically today and I can grab at least 5 examples of you being complained about by your team for impacting them negativley. Take the hint.  Then I saw you remain spec until the last minute of Missile, I knew you'd join axis last minute (SR Doesnt work that way).  Your not coming to the server to join in the game, your coming to troll and disrupt the game. That spec slot you sat in, coulda been used by someone who wants to play. That MG u are shooting ur team with, and making 10 legit  frags in a 20 minutes - could be used by someone who knows it better. Youve occupied the server since about 11am today, and hogged that class.    Keep demanding stuff from other admins, im sure they'll speed up for you.    Fuck off m8.   
    • "I would like" we would like you to follow our server rules and stop trolling - the diffrence is we have a legimaticay to our wants. Your on the other hand, don't. Your a guest in our game.  You, and every other one that comes here complaining, waste more time trolling, you troll the server you troll the discord, you troll our forum, your wasting our time and now 'you would like' to waste some other of my mates time?    Btw I see you went straigt back on the server, MG'd up, and your team mates are complaining about you still. Team bleeding / killing is against our rules too. The TK script is not some target for you to play towards. Instead of feeling like you have the right to come into our game, and start fucking around, why not take some of the many advices offered by your team so that you can improve and become a valuable player?    Honestly feel like maybe you should go to the beginners server - and im not being factecious.     
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