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    • Work in progress, the Teammuppet app

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    • Updated again:

      N!tmod 2.3.2-20210131

      [Fixed: Global Backstabs stats were incremented when backstabing a teammate]
      [Fixed: Bug with mortar cam frame staying on screen during whole map]
      [Fixed: /team exploit allowing players to spawn with other classes weapons if g_pickAnyWeapon was enabled]
      [Fixed: HUD XP was no longer flashing yellow after increasing since recent builds]
      [Fixed: Players could walk with scoped weapons if global stats were displayed on screen]
      [Fixed: cg_autoaction demo recording sometimes not working]

      [Modified: Global stats window size and opacity]
      [Modified: Renamed some global awards]
      [Modified: Notifications popups (top right of the screen for awards, private messages...)]
      [Modified: HUD BS/HS stats now flash green for a short time when they increase]
      [Modified: Code optimizations]
      [Modified: Loading screen progress bar]

      + Added: g_disableComplaints flag 8 (Disable complaints for tripmines teamkills)
      + Added: Some global awards
      + Added: g_artilleryHints (0 - Disable | 1 - Enable team artillery zone hints)
      + Added: cg_artilleryHints (0 - Disable | 1 - Display team artillery zone hints, if enabled on server)
      + Added: 'nopm' admin flag - Disable private messages for levels or users with this flag

      - Removed: "globalstats" command is no longer bound to N key by default
    • As well as the Discord widgets on the site you can now use some new menu options to connect to our Discord server.

      discord.teammuppet.com web address will now take you to the connection screen:

      As well as that, you can now access Discord from the site menu tabs;

      The first tab "Discord" will take you to the page in the first post, the sub tab "chat" will launch Discord within the website page:
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