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  2. Yeah we are looking in to it. At first glance I don't see why it is down, everything looks fine. Apologies and we'll update you guys when the server is back up! In the mean time check out (ETL1) or (ETL Campaign)
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  5. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  6. Hello Darky1951, Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Darky1951 joined on the 09/26/2020. View Member
  7. Not my opinion 1- rules and limitations can change the way some play. Some servers with settings promoting teamplaying are really liked by players 2- they will play on the main server as long they can selfhealthing on the main server...
  8. Up to the Players how they play...cant do anything about it. If you limit the amount of Medics or disable selfhealing they just go to another Server where they can play their usual Style. Its always been difficult with Medics from the very beginning back in 2003 (yep ive been playing from the very first Day...).
  9. Yesterday some players connected and i joined spectators for some minutes(AFK). When i came back in front of my screen i saw one team with 1 engie and 2 medics, the second team with 3 medics. Some where medics for themselves exclusively, so i left cause i am not interested in this kind of game.
  10. Hi Dmxj Thanks for your fast answer! I agree, there is a main server often full, but this one is totally empty. So i suppose the settings of the campaign server are not appreciated by the players as noone is playing here. This server could be used to experiment a teamplayers server maybe. As i could see playing on the campaign server, the landmines, the nade launchers (etc...) are not allowed. Maybe 3 bots/team are not enough to give the feeling the server is alive. About the self medic: On some servers, medics can't health themselves, so they have to teamplay and health their teammates to increase their own health. As i could see on the main player, many medics are "rambo medics" and play their own game without helping their team... Just a 10 cents opinion :-)
  11. Hey Froggy First of all thanks for the tips! Our etl campaign server is not very active last month / weeks because the admins who control this server are very busy in personal life. Etlegacy Campaign has different settings compared with our MAIN server, thats why we made this second legacy server. 1) Standard maps 2) XP save (Whole campaign cycle 10maps) 3) All weapons are available (except - mortar and flamethrower) Explain urself a bit more clearly on this please...? Last but not least. - We offer a lovely Main server with an active gameplay (mostly 90% full server) - Different maps (allies & axis attack) Hope you've got enough information about our campaign server and we hope to see you on our 'MAIN' server. Grtz Dmxj
  12. Hes talking about etl campaign...which indeed is most of the time empty.
  13. Hi Froggy, Which server are you connecting to? Our main servers are amongst the most popular servers currently online in Enemy Territory. Not sure if you are connecting to the right server. Please let me know. J.
  14. Please, could you make some changes on this server? i don't have the truth, but this server can't stand so unused... Please could you try these setting? - The maps rotation makes allies attacking all maps long. Could you alternate maps to make each team attacks then defends? - XP reset each time it reaches X and not each time a player leave - make all the weapons free to use - invalid self medic to make the medics play not only for their asses? I hope you won't find i am out of my place making these suggestions...
  15. Hi all. Each time i connect i play alone... Is this server always empty?
  16. Seems it costs, so I wont get it..
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  18. Removed-Baserace, Lighthouse,River Port and Goldrush SW. Added-El Kef, MLB Egypt and Millennium Falcon. V2 Factory didnt work-removed.(If Mini finds working version then will be added) Swapped Radar Summer back to Radar. Any issues-let us know!
  19. Thank you. Hoping this will bring us more passed votes in the future.
  20. Set to 51% will take effect tomorrow after server restarts.
  21. Well. Soldier roll is pretty much supportive role. 2 weaponchoices are pretty positional - mg42/browning and mortar. Cannot run around with them. Flamer and panzer can be more mobile but what you forget with most soldier classes - they cannot defend themselves too much. Panzer shoots his shots and then waits same amount of time that takes to empty out at least 2 magazines of bullets from mp40 or thompson. So what exact proposal do you have?
  22. instead of ending with medic, i have a better suggestion: let's end with Soldiers and all their camp
  23. There are so many streaming it @eMMiel is also interested?
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