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  4. Hey guys ! Could be a cool idea indeed to make a Poll with all these "Awards" ! i'd be up ! All classes (best soldier, best medic, best field ops, best covi, best engi) with yeah some best aim, best frag, best admin, Most loved one, most hated one etc... 😋
  5. i forgot to give you the files... sot_b2 waypoints.rar
  6. I think it's time to reveal to the world my very old banner :
  7. i made a list what do you guys think: highest play iq biggest teamkiller biggest spammer (chat) biggest spammer (ingame) biggest spawnkiller most annoying player nicest player uses aimbot dies the most best admin worst admin biggest rambo medic biggest mortar degen biggest obj whore biggest spawnkiller best aim worst aim best medic best engi best rifle best covert best sniper best soldier best fops player that should be banned forever player that should be unbanned
  8. Hello MiniMuppet! Could you please replace one of the less played map with sands of times? I think this map could interest the players, and axis attack. Thanks a lot!
  9. What comes to my mind: best medic - u!ps best engi - detdet, rsp (both rifle skill wise, not sure if they do objs) best covert - CS4f1 (fg42, undisputed overall legend) , detdet (rifle), plaz (sten) biggest rambo medic - shootej, EBO, uryaa, ewaz, mxt0r, l4mpje biggest mortar degenerate - can't remember the names. I wouldn't put Pan Zielonka here because he's innovative with the spots biggest obj whore - raul, WanteD biggest spawnkiller - Ghost of Kyiv, SotoQWERTY best/worst aimer - mxt0r best 1v1 aimer spammer - detdet's nade spam, Pan Zielonka's mortar spam, Mammut/Muxer's flamethrower
  10. Earlier
  11. Thanks for demo, yep its aimbot. I hope that admins who can ban have this guys infos...
  12. Yes funny idea. Let’s also add a poll for best smoke user, even if we all know who will win 🤪
  13. Great idea, shouldnt be too much effort to make it happen
  14. Hi friends, Hi Admins ❤️ how about we do a Server vote once a year, just for fun. The idea is to have certain titles that players can be voted on. for example: all the normal stuff like: best medic best engi best covert etc but then also have stuff like: biggest rambo medic biggest mortar degenerate biggest obj whore biggest spawnkiller best/worst aimer spammer etc it would be just for fun so people have something to vote and to interact with server and to see what the community thinks about each other what do people think?
  15. C2 Missile b4 Not allowed. Marked as: Red-mortar Blue-artillery Yellow-heavy weapons Allies first spawn (fixed) Allies second / Axis first spawn (CAPTURABLE) Allies third spawn (FIXED) Axis second spawn (FIXED) Axis third spawn (FIXED)
  16. Seems like a good plan indeed
  17. I agree with this. Last time the hacker started to position himself at doorway before getting frozen to block the path. So in that regard, I'd prefer hacker to be gibbed with a long spawntimer.
  18. Imo gib would be better than freeze. Freeze will cause people to kill him and his complaints will get them kicked eventually. Plus gibbing is manageable even while playing - just spam it at spawntimes.
  19. Mini added callvote to server. All active members(exept our trial) is atleast lvl8 with kick command.If not,ask for it on server. Freeze will be added tomorrow morning to lvl 5s.Player will be unfrozen if killed so best is to freeze on spawn.
  20. yeah and in addition admins are protected by !cancelvote command
  21. Wolfadmin already handles that, with a flag/ability "novote" that can be added to levels: Player cannot be vote-kicked, vote-muted, or complained against. https://dev.timosmit.com/wolfadmin/configuration.html
  22. Depends how widely is set... It doesnt seem nice when players form level 2 and higher example can suddenly open vote example kick the admins which are online and then wait how many will press F1.. I mean if vote kick call goes under nearly all levels.. then better make it so that TeamMuppets clan members and admins are not under that vote list then.. I mean that some guys who has example level 2 doesnt start then try to continously open vote that kick admins out... That atleast our clan members and staff of clan are then under immunity from those votes.. Its almost same like most of levels are out of immunity from accidetal kill complain against vote.. That when player jumps by beeing evil in front of firing line and gets killed by higher TM and then always press F1 and that means that then those guys are out quite soon.. That option has immunity option too.. But I cant stand why it havent set to levels 8 and up.. Because some players keep sitting on button F1 was it how accident or how sorry ever.. And it makes player sometimes them seeing disconnecting between maps why if there has been player sitting button F1 and giving complains to everyone from his team who kills him/her.. Doesnt matter was it even level 13 player who shot him/her or not.. I mean just idea might be good but think "immunity area in levels" from call kick votes and players from giving complain if get TK'ed accidentally.. Just sayin.. I think I have said it before somewhere idk quite sure where.. But now when the idea raised up again I think better type it again.. Maybe useless but writed..
  23. Agreed, let’s act now and eventually reverse when problem is gone. Cannot wait for days/weeks before reacting.
  24. I’d rather give kick to TM friends (lvl5) as they are trustfull and no kids. Just need to tell them to kick by slot, not by name or there will be colatorals on innocent peeps. Freeze command currently being bugged (freeze doesn’t last if getting killed), it’s not an efficient option.
  25. Freeze is a good idea, most annoying
  26. If you want to solve this problem, then instead of debating it for weeks you should make decisions so he can't continue to be a menace. Any decision you do regarding giving more access to people, is in the right direction so don't be afraid to do it. And it is reversible so there really is no risk at all. Just remove peoples levels if they can't behave. It is still better than letting him roam free on the server. I suggest you give the kick, gib, freeze etc. to every TM member. To level 5 you could give the freeze and gib. And when this problem stops being a problem, reverse it back.
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