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    PLease remove any older version of Et_tank!!! Et_Tank Beta3 By:BadIDea 15:56 10/7/2003 url: author: Adrian Klimczak - C4|BadIDea email: wrath@platige.noSpam.com Remove noSpam from email adess Send comments to: wrath@platige.noSpam.com Looking for comments on: - Gameplay problems. - Team balancing issues. - Overall feal of the map. - Ideas for better gameplay possibilities. - Flow. - ANY error with texturing, clipping etc. MISSION: The Axis and Allies are facing off in an abandoned Mountains. Each side has set up operations in the area. Allied objectives 1 "Primary Objective: Destroy the german prototype Tank." 2 "Primary Objective: Prevent Axis from stealing top secret war documents." 3 "Secondary Objective: Capture the Forward Bunker from the Axis." 4 "Secondary Objective: Destroy the Axis Garage door." 5 "Secondary Objective: Build a Command Post in the Forward Bunker." 6 "Secondary Objective: Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post in the Forward Bunker." Axis objectives 1 "Primary Objective: Defend the prototype Tank to the last man..." 2 "Primary Objective: Steal top secret war documents from an Allies Field Operations and deliver them to Kommendantur." 3 "Secondary Objective: Defend the Forward Bunker from the Allies." 4 "Secondary Objective: Do not let Allies Breach the Main Garage Door" 5 "Secondary Objective: Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post in the Side Bunker." 6 "Secondary Objective: Build a Command Post in the Forward Bunker." Thanks. BadIDea History: Mp_Tank -RTCW Et_tank Beta1 Et_tank Beta2 - not released ET_tank Beta3 Changes since beta 1 Removed Cops door near river. Added small switchable bridge in heating room. Added Watch Room with MG Nest Ble ble ble... Big Thanks going to : Brewskie for Great Work and Support ! See http://tank.rtcwnews.com/index.php
  3. Last week
  4. Sorry guys, I'm on holiday and afk the whole week. Enjoy this event.
  5. WTF! Too bad, I'm also on holiday trip this day. I wish you a nice game.
  6. 20Y Anniversary Event #3: Powerball Our 20 years anniversary month has almost come to an end, but not before we go out with a blast! The third and final event of this month is going to be a Powerball Event Everyone is more than welcome to participate. We hope to see you there! Don't forget to join our voice channel on Discord during the event if you'd like! Time: 8PM CET Date: 29-05-2022 (Sunday) IP:
  7. Why dont u make voteing visible again? I always try to push for new map, but if theres 5 new maps in rotation at the same time, i dont know where to put my votes in. When it was visible u could push certain map and people would go along with it and less popular maps was ceranly more frequent in the old system.
  8. We can change set g_minMapAge "10" to something more but it wouldn't be beneficial imo. Depending on what gets voted for, 10 maps could be longer than a players play time so they will never see a map they'd like to play. 10 - 12 seems to be the sweet spot after all the fiddling we have done over the years. I don't think we'll ever move from the map vote system, I mean we always want people to have the most input they can. If a map is good then it will get played. Take Pirates for example - that was an addition years ago and proved to be a pretty decent success. Decay is another one that springs to mind for smaller games. Unfortunately ET is an old game and any maps has either already been tried or isn't working/suitable for a large public server. We will always chop and change maps but we can never force people to play them and expect to keep a healthy server.
  9. Hello Paweł, Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Please join our Dicord channel at discord.teammuppet.com Paweł joined on the 05/23/2022. View Member
  10. Sounds good in theory, failed in reality in past but its very fair to try again. Current system also doesnt actually show the majority descision but the result of the few active people voting.
  11. Very good idea, we indeed need to do something to help to push for new maps to be played - the more we will play them, the more they will be accepted by players in regular rotation
  12. Increasing the interval might help a little. Honestly, I'd love to see a random map rotation (obviously with the 10 or 15 map 'already played' interval).
  13. Sound worth to try if it possible? Getting little bored playing same maps every evening.
  14. We gave people the possibilyty to choose, and majority decides what maps they want to play. I wouldn't change it much, but incerasing the interval a little can be a good solution.
  15. I always vote for lesser known or unknown maps, but kids only want to play what they know… There are so many maps on rotation with catchy names that sounds very exciting but we still end up with the same 5 maps…
  16. Not a bad idea to increase interval. But we could also go back to some certain rotation for a while. We used to had it, then people left when some map began .. which they still do so I don't see much difference. The voting is nice, but even with full server (40+) people I usually see like maybe 5-8 people voting and then others complain when new map begins. Food for thought anyways.
  17. Hey guys! Some new players complained about playing the same maps all the time and I would be happy if we could open a discussion about map rotation. I have to say that I agree with the fact that we do not play new maps very often. Sometimes I try to lobby for a new map and it works pretty often but without this push the same maps are always chosen. If I am not mistaken, currently one specific map can be played every 10maps, what about increasing the interval to 15?
  18. Version 1.0.0

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    Operation Autumn Mist by .Rotten&Apple bsp herbstnebel 04/09/2010 /////////////////////////// Tasks of the allies: Bunker flag take over Blow up Axis Tower (if set up) Blow up Main Entrance Blow up Side Entrance Steal the fuel canister and bring it to the rocket Fire the rocket /////////////////////////// Tasks of the Axis : Build Axis Tower Defend the missile /////////////////////////// Total Brushes : 7765 Total Entities : 669 Compile time Q3map2 : 3h-34m-25s /////////////////////////// Contact : ICQ : 229-053-275 xFire : rottenapple Steam : RottenApple1 /////////////////////////// http://ice-clan.eg-team.de/ http://www.tgs.coolix.com/ /////////////////////////// 04/16/2010 Update: beta 2 bug fixes
  19. I actually wonder if there is appetite for the game to be enhanced to support 'no artillery/airstrike/heavy weapon' zones. Seems useful for public games. Basically admins define regions in the map and the server prevents artillery/airstrike calls or shots from happening in them. It can be combined with the invisible clipping that's applied to et_beach on ETL1 for comprehensive enforcement.
  20. 20Y Anniversary Event #2: Vietnam Mod Time for the second event during our anniversary month. We'd like to invite you for a gather on our Vietnam server. Don't forget to join our voice channel on Discord during the event if you'd like! We hope to see you there, have fun Time: 8PM CET Date: 22-05-2022 (Sunday) IP:
  21. Perfect, so I need to design 2 versions of map that has capturable spawns Thanks a lot
  22. I usually don’t shoot in/out of spawn as I’m too busy teamkilling
  23. Yes, we already have those in some maps. Suprised that you have not seen those yet ..
  24. Earlier
  25. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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