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  1. Today
  2. Mini loves the map .. just wont admit it XD would be nice to see it back
  3. Awesome intro man. Great to have ya. Bless.
  4. Welcome here! You should team up with @StaR to write some Muppet news-articles. I think you're made for it. See you on the server!
  5. n4x

    killingspree.wav error

    Hi Team, I am receiving the following error in the console. I've downloaded the killingspree.wav but not sure where to place it. Can you help me? Kind regards, Ivan
  6. Yesterday
  7. welcome to the site nice intro starscream good player aswel see you around
  8. Blade said it was one of your favourites and you wanted to add it for him.
  9. I would say cludeo is more of a map to replace golden dunk not that I like the map Also remember you need to use the version of baserace we have script for so it ends. That's ofc if it gets voted for.
  10. Nice intro starscream. Great to hear your enjoying our server. Hope to have a game with you sometime
  11. Raw Castle. Baserace with 15 vs 15? I'm on it!
  12. I actually gniffled a bit reading your introduction, nice! Welcome to our forums starscream, I'm glad you're enjoying your stay here! This community is indeed a great one to be in. I'm glad I haven't yet experienced your badly timed nades, so I won't pay you a single dime! Have fun fragging and see you on the servers!
  13. Hi all, I've been playing on your wonderful servers for a couple of months now, so I suppose I should introduce myself.. I am 40 years of age, a fact that never ceases to horrify me, and live in the UK, also now a fact that never ceases to horrify me. Send help. It's madness here. I used to play ET many moons ago in the IFS clan as [IFS]DirkAction but as my skills have atrophied somewhat, I have chosen to return to my very old nickname / persona of StarScream. Like my namesake I am 2/3rds competent, and 1/3rd so breathtakingly stupid that you will wonder how I am able to navigate a keyboard and mouse. Or even a door. And, once again, like my namesake I do like to stop and gloat frequently, with optional maniacal laughter. It feels good to play on such a friendly server again, I never truly found a game quite as fun as ET and I am very glad to have found such a great server and people. To those of you who have been taken from us too soon by one of my mistimed rifle grenades, I salute you. And present you with a bill for my dry cleaning. Getting your blood and chunks off my jacket isn't cheap.
  14. please dont replace goldendunk with baserace.
  15. I don't think we'll add Minas again, at least not atm. Yeah I know it's the best map in ET Helms Deep / Glider / Baserace / Italy / V2 Factory / Industry 2 / marrakesh 1 or 2 / millenium falcon / huertgen forest could go to the next poll. Does @BladeWarrioR want Cluedo? Does Baserace = a silly map? So you either have that OR Golden dunk. Don't want to have too many silly ones, we have Nitmod for that lol. Gimme maps you want to see removed too.
  16. baserace, streets of italy (is it fixed yet i know it didnt work before when on the server) and glider
  17. You should probably post this in map suggestions for ETL campaign. This is for the main one.
  18. Industry 2, Fueldump Summer, Huertgen Forest
  19. Last week
  20. +1 for minas tirith also cortex but the newer version version marrakesh and the falcon map thats it
  21. Cross-checked with MiniMuppet's post about current and past server maps. Checked available maps with high rating that are at least Medium-Large ones. Those that dragged my attention and shall be suitable for testing: - Streets of Italy FP 2 (LINK) - V2 Factory Final (LINK) - Industry 2 Final (LINK)
  22. By request of literally all players on ETL Campaign - please remove Oasis
  23. Oops, must've missed it. I try and find some other maps. I'll get back to you!
  24. @Ande @eMMiel warbell is already on the server why you guys suggesting maps already on lol
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