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    Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Steal the documents from the Allies secret place." 2 "Primary Objective:**Get those documents to the Radio Tower!" Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Documents from falling into enemy hands." 2 "Primary Objective:**Prevent Axis from getting the Documents to the radio tower at all costs."
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    Heyhey and welcome on board
  4. I feel like you are focusing on the problem of blocking exits only. Granted, if people can't collide then this would solve that quite easily. But it solves a problem that normally shouldn't even be an issue. In return it creates a bunch of problems that affect gameplay - specifically any enemy activity near spawns. It would become a mess as a whole. Certainly nothing of the kind should be implemented any further than spawn area in any case.
  5. Knux, I will try not to be afk at all anymore. Maybe only when sending a PM, even then I will make sure to be elsewhere, not in the spawn.πŸ‘ This is actually a good discussion, I got an idea... This anti-collision thing, I know that this exists in ETJump, can just run through everybody and not collide. I wonder has this ever been implemented into a non trickjump mod? Probably not? In theory it sounds interesting, I wonder how could it affect the gameplay. Fights could be funny, bunch of guys running through each other. The mega axis medic, 8 guys standing in the same place and shooting, 🀣 1 panzer shot and all gone. I suppose it could be added to ET in a way that the spawn areas define as special areas, where people can run through each other. This sounds like an awful amount of work since the maps are all different. Now there is a better idea! The solution could be to do something based on the spawn shield - you can't collide for 10 seconds. I know the shield does not last that long but you could make anti-collision for 10s. Also make it so that those who have not moved after spawning, have anti-collision on and once they start moving they get some X more seconds. This sounds like a perfect solution.
  6. Jebus. If you take this to a real world then its an accurate overview of how road rage driver's logic works and how the brain starts making 'decisions'. Haven't even seen express escalators to escalate things this quickly.
  7. I think the solution to the "blocking spawn" nonsense is to disable collision. Day of Defeat source does it and they never have an issue of congested spawn areas. Here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/240/discussions/0/35221584441279257/ "There is a plugin that will disabe the team collisions. It is named as "No Block". Many such cases: "[CS:S] Don't Collide with Teammates only" https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=210925
  8. Your way to open topic doesnt look nice at all.. So much bad way calling people.. I can only calm down and think little before you write.. I'm not suprised if @Charlie kicked you.. When saw his answer..
  9. Hello welcome to the forums
  10. @Dundee I'm aware of all that. Every spawn there is someone afk doing something. The difference was, you seemed AFK every single spawn. Because unlike everyone else moving to get out, you just stand still. It wasn't once or a couple of times, it was every map I played with you on different days. And after moving you to spec, after DM'ing you asking to move, you were still doing it every time
  11. The map selection is really good. Yes, it seems that some maps, areas (spawns) are not designed for 20+/- players. I never thought about the 1-2 sec afk guys as being so problematic as it seems to be something that is inevitable. There is always somebody afk/standing still, every match. I just run past them and exit the spawn. Obviously the valuable seconds can lead to a defeat but what can you do? I think it is impossible to achieve "perfect clockwork" effect in a big public server. Nevertheless you should always do your best and not annoy others. There will always be people who are slow, sloths, some sending PM's or typing something in the public chat, leading to 1-2-3 seconds afk. For instance, there are also old people playing this game who can be very slow. In their late 60's, people who started playing ET in their 40's 50's. There are also newcomers in the game who don't have a clue at all, confused about everything, and doing something weird. Maybe some are looking into the limbo menu, examining the command map or whatever information is in there, being afk a little. Some are not even using shift to run. There can be moments when you change your class, spawn point in the limbo menu, then again you are afk for a few seconds, situational moments. A server like this is a very diverse environment. Made of players who are very serious about the objective, doing their best, to those who just play for stats, and some who are slow, weird.
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    Hi ! 😁 not gonna write no book, some may know me some may not. I pop on your servers at random times haha. I’m from =F|A= just wanted to say hellurrr
  13. Sometmes i want to stab, shoot and blew up those sloths slowly leaving and blocking the spawn, but... kicking player for being a sloth? Lul You would need to kick half of the server if that is the case...
  14. ET is an objective-based game and most of the usual maps voted/played on our servers are not designed for the amount of players we generaly host. Hence situation where it can be iritating to lose obj and maps if players are afk 2-3sec at each respawn and blocking team. Knux plays for objective and is willing to push for it. If he's restrained from this and after many warnings/requests to move up he is not heard, then kick sounds the only alternative to unlock the situation and be able to play properly the obj. More generally speaking, please listen when a TM member asks you something. We are not a public service and we owe nothing to anyone. We are willing to play the game, not being teamkilled or spawnkilled or trolled or blocked by afks or whatever.
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    Maman say Hi

    Welcome to the forums
  16. Just as info what I have seen players standing on spawn after spawning doing things like stand still not movin or movin little crosshair and not gaming.. There are many others too, I ask should we kick those too, if yes, there will bigger amount of players under getting !kick then.. Because its a fact that many players should just put into spec, but question !kick is something else.. That why took this way to take a part to this discussion. Because !kick'in players beeing afk makes them maybe more anger than !put them into spec with understandable reason.. Just crazy wondering and way to continue topic discussion..
  17. The timer is 30 seconds and it works for people who do something in-between rounds, it's not there so people can go afk and block spawns
  18. Yeah, there is a timer for people that are afk and will automatically be moved to specs after the timer runs out. So, yes, there was no logical reason to kick dundee. If he was afk he would've been moved to specs anyway. It was pointless to kick him.
  19. Good job that he's not being accused of spamming, trolling or hacking then Imagine only being asked to not be afk every time you spawn and having a problem with that
  20. No I just defend the point of view that there is no breach of rules. I want to understand where is the extraordinary behavior when there is nothing that odd worth of being kicked for. Yes I was afk a few times too, changed the settings a little on the go. Cannot see anything weird about it though. You kicked me in the map called library. The other maps that I mentioned, were after I rejoined anyway. We probably played another 5 or 6 afterwards.
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