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  2. @Jessica thanks for screenshot.. Worth of keep ban on ,just sayin..
  3. About recharge times, how about reduce little slower the medic selfheal bar.. So many medics there nowadays..
  4. Last week
  5. 5 year old topic If you guys wanna discuss it don't use that old topic. Use this one. I quickly read it and it looks like people were tired of arty spam so requested longer times between shots, so a slower charge time. I remember the spam being pretty bad for some reason. Alas this affected ammo given too. The cvar looks like the answer but this was around the time we had a few issues with Legacy versions and malicious persons abusing vulnerabilities in the old version, and I guess it got forgotten about due to the severity of that issue. We can look at it again, maybe "set team_maxAirstrikes "1" means how many times per minute arty/air can be successfully called, apparently.
  6. Placebo, are you the guy named : F|A join us with F|A IP ? You have to many ID's and names to check who you are.
  7. TM server settings for field ops recharge time is 60secs. Default is 40secs. (For reference here Medic recharge is 45secs , the default) From time to time u see someone complain about this setting. I never really play field ops much myself but when i did it was the first thing i noticed. Field ops is recharging very slowly. What it did to my game play? I just did not throw as much ammo to teammates and sometimes even chose to skip the request due keeping chargebar in state of ready for airstrike/artillery. If u want to be ready for crucial moments in game it is at cost of ammo for teammates. So i was wondering where does this setting origin from and what is the purpose of it? If it is ment to lessen arty/artillery spam then legacy has different cvars for it. Maybe someone has some opinions about this. Why is it 60secs and not default 40secs?
  8. Maybe @Jessica can check from bans that who banned you.. So @Jessica gets more information about case... I think we have listing too about automated bans.. P.S. Systems are strange sometimes, even myself got message when connected to ETL main server accidentally with VPN from my firewall and virusprotector program, that "You been permanently banned from this server" well I closed VPN and "boom" then game worked again... Thats just one thing what things do.. Like turn VPN on and get autobanned..
  9. Jane0754

    cant load cfg

    Cant seem to load .cfg My online name is spencer1086. Thanks
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  11. Version 1.0.0


    Allies destroy main door destroy side door destroy depot door 1 and 2 construct the command post destroy the gun control Axis Defende all
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This map was ported over from my map Operation on RTCW. With many thanks and patience from Kemon and Pinn it is now also playable on ET. Have fun:) No information on the map
  13. Ok I try join there and search them...
  14. These interesting demos have been posted somewhere on discord
  15. @Flo can you send that demo(s) from me too, because I didnt yet saw it.. But I'm intrested to see it. Just because it seems taking so long to make this desicion, I mean F0rm has played long time, so it maded intrested to see it..
  16. And answer to players about me and my posting, I answer: I'm not admin just, senior member level 10, but I want remind how it is... Admins can correct if I say something wrongly.. I just want server things going well, and Im not intrested beeing admin but I help always if needed..
  17. That sk with light weapons too forbidden in som cases.. That its not all about then HEAVY weapons.. Just to remind that if player goes to spawn and start wait there example enemys spawning, and just after that try to kill them by opening fire against spawning team before the spawning team. Its always !warn -> !kick and if continues after many kicks then possible !ban Or if player contiuously goes to spawn and try kill player just when they have spawned of if theres AFK player in spawn and enemy player goes and kills him and after re-spawn keeps doing it again.. then its same !warn -> !kick and if more and more then !ban In passing by if spawning team doesnt react after spawning and enemy is passing by spawn.. And opens fire first then its !warn -> !kick, but kick need few warnings in this case.. If in spawn is mortar guy using mortar enemy is free to kill him or if spawnig team has started to shoot back first.. when passing by the spawn...
    Super Fun card !!! thank you i By o-0._.0-o
  18. Version 1.0.0


    UJE_stiglitz Conversion of this map is made with aproval of the original mapmaker of this map Kemon, i really want to thank him with making this beautiful map. I changed this map because players were complaining that they don't like the objective, that's why i changed it to an easier objective to just escort a tank. With this conversion i hope the map will be played again. Coversion made by [UJE]Niek 14-3-2023 , beware after 20 years the game is still alive Storyline now is: The axis have to escort the tank from the city to the Railroad tunnel so they can defend the tunnel for new reinforcements. -----Objectives----- * Axis have to escort the tank * Build and destroy 3 bariers * Build and destroy Allied or Axis Commandposts --------------------------- Release Dateof the original stiglitz map was : 31/08/2018 ----------------- This map was intended as an entry for the Trackbase, TWT, Wolfwatch map-contest 2018. I would like to thank all of the organizers for setting up the contest. It has been a valuable experience creating a map on a fixed schedule. -----OriginalLayout----- For the concept to properly work, the map had to be completely flat, because upwards and downwards movement would definitely cause visual glitches in the movement animation of Stiglitz. - The layout of this map is divided into 4 sections: Noble, Church, Industry and Nature. This was done to have chokepoints that Stiglitz needs to be escorted through, while still providing several alternative routes. The two middle sections both have a capturable spawn making it necessary to communicate with your team. After all, you don't want the enemy to suddenly spawn behind you! - Since the map is basically all on one level, the VIS blocking could be done differently than usual. We didn't need to create seperate valleys or closed of sections and could have everything in one giant space. This makes it nicer for the Spectator to fly around. That is also the reason why the world_clip is a func_static. So the Spectator can leave the playable area and take on vantage points outside of the player's reach, but the player is still constricted to the play area. - VIS blocking in this map works as following: -------------------------------------- -----------------A-------------------- -------______------------______------- ------| |----------| |------ --B---| |----C-----| |--D--- ------| |----------| |------ ------| |----------| |------ ______|______|__________|______|______ When being in zone A as spectator (sky) you see everything. However, as a player you can only walk around in the lower areas (B, C, D). These are the streets and the blocks are the houses which all are structural in their core. There is a giant HINT brush spanning across the whole map cutting the map right on top of the building blocks. That brush ensures that it is not possible for the engine to see into block C and D when the player is in B. This results in all detailed things going on on street level actually being constrained to that street, which even though the map is just one giant cube, ensures stable FPS. -----Specs----- OriginalAuthor: keMoN & phisherman -----Thanks to----- Direct support: • ryven for extensive support during debugging of the script_mover. • WuTangH for the broken tree model acting as bridge from Nature to Industry and the modified head model for Stiglitz to fix a visual glitch. • Everyone on the TWT Discord for helping out in one form or another. Indirect support: • Jon Swenson (=N4RC= Smokey) and Chris Swenson (Hobbie) for Axis Lab. The forwards and backwards movement of Stiglitz is highly inspired by Axis Lab. • Gordon 'digibob' Biggans [SD] for his purely magical MD3-to-TAG tool • C and Npherno for their wonderful model tools respectively • hipshot for his "miramar" skybox from http://www.custommapmakers.org/skyboxes.php • RtCW for models + textures • Detoeni for his submarine and truck models • ischbinz for textures • FireFly for his Hanomag model • RayBan for his treeline textures • Everyone else who provided info, feedback, ideas or helped in any other way. mapname is UJE_stiglitz With setting up the new gameplay i tried to involve every part of the map, let's see how it plays.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    //===================================================================================================>>> // Mapname : Oasi // BSPname : oasi // Released: 04.04.2024 // Version : final // // Map made by: o-0._.0-o // // Website: www.bunker4fun.com // // Thanks to Pegazus for making a cactus model. //===================================================================================================>>> Story: In the hidden recesses of an ancient temple lay an extraordinary secret - an ancient anti-gravity generator. Crafted by a civilization long forgotten, the Axis use this device to create a dangerous weapon. ======================================================= Objectives: Allied: Primary Objectives: 1] Destroy the main gate. 2] Grab the tank fuel and steal the tank. 3] Escort the tank to the temple. 4] Destroy the tank barriers. 5] Grab the key and open the secret door inside the temple. 6] Destroy the ancient anti-gravity generator. Secondary Objectives: 7] Once at the old city, capture the forward spawn point. 8] Destroy the side entrance. Axis: Primary Objectives: 1] Protect the main gate. 2] Protect the tank fuel and don't let them steal the tank. 3] Don't let the tank go to the temple. 4] Don't let the Allies destroy the tank barriers. 5] Protect the key. 6] Protect the ancient anti-gravity generator. Secondary Objectives: 7] Don't let them use the forward spawn point at the old city. 8] Protect the side entrance. =======================================================
  20. Hi Jessica, thanks for the prompt reply. Servername: TeamMuppet ETLegacy IP: Recent names: PlaceboAUT plc*** LOL lottoboy (or smth, can't remember exactely) tom. tom> Just to emphasize: I did not download any .exe or smth (no cheats or whatever format they are), just a cfg that I played around with. Screenshot from legacy ban message attached. Still hoping, someone klicked the wrong button : ) Cheers Placebo
  21. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first released map. Thanks to loffy for the ctf scripts and www.GameDesignOnline.com for thier help.(marco and the other over there). thanks to -=Talon=- for the motivation to finish this map sorta and some ideas and some work done in the map. The RaR clan for testing my map and for a good server and place to play. Time to construct the map : 1 month Time to compile the map : 3 hrs or so i dont know exactly i just compiled and went to sleep. This map is basically a ctf map I like playing CTF so i thought i would create one. If this one does over all ok i'll make numberous other maps. This map should not be added to any site without my permission for download...you can use it on your server but please ask me before uploading it your site or any other site contact me at ter7997 [at] hotmail [dot] com email and msn messenger
  22. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Download pk3 name: canyonlake.pk3 Map name: canyonLake.bsp Description: Axis must protect the book from being telegraphed by the Allied forces. very large map so might be boring when few players :buddy98: allied "The heavily guarded Axis bunker high in the mountains contains a top level book of plans. Get the book and radio the plans to Allied HQ." axis "Guard the book contained in the main facility to keep it from being telegraphed to the enemy." neutral "Axis must protect the book from being telegraphed by the Allied forces." "The Allies are patiently waiting for the arrival of a Churchhill tank. The Allies must then escort the tank to the main facility where the Axis are protecting a code book. Once the Allies reach the facility, they will need to transmit the document at the radio control center. The Axis must do all they can to stop this from happening."
  23. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    no information on the map
  24. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    ============================================= ============= 1v1 Matrix Readme ============= =============================== by Th0rn3 === ============================================= Map name: 1v1 Matrix BSP name: 1v1_matrix Type: Deathmach Version: ESL mapping contest First Playable (V1.0) Date: 2009-02-01 Spawns: 12 for each team Credits: Map maker: Th0rn3 Testers: Th0rn3 Thunder-=pwn=- Dr.Smurf-=pwn=- REAPLY-=pwn=- IndyJones Pegasus Note: This map is fun to play 1v1, but also it's fun to play 3v3, or even 5v5. Columns are breakable. Set g_gravity 500 for more matrix fun Bugs, suggestions, anything? Just email: rytis.tekorius@gmail.com I am always willing to help at Splash Damage: th0rn3 Catch me if you can at Skype: Ryttzz Now I have ICQ: 438474024 If you like spending money, you can call me: (+370)-63-83-63-38 (English or Lithuanian, please)
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Pk3 file : fragginhart_v2.pk3 Objdata file : Map date : 2022-08-14 Gametypes : wolfmp wolfsw Raw map name : fragginhart_v2 Date added : 2024.04.29 Objectives 1. Take keycard to Generator. - Build Allied CP to spawn at transmitter garage. - Destroy the Side wall. - Capture the forward bunker flag. 2. Destroy the Depot Gate Controls. - Build the assualt ramp. 3. Take the Documents to the Transmitter. Changes from V1 - BSP name now has no version suffix. (for easier server administration moving forward) - reworked allied villa spawn - New allied CP spawn. - New axis generator spawn. - Reworked old allied CP building. - Moved axis CP. - Added cov door at axis CP. - Increased doorway size and headroom on most indoor sections and doors. - Changed cov doors on main and depot gate sections. (will now auto open for axis) - Blocked the holes in the floor of axis final spawn and added alternative routes. - Moved documents to table. - Some cosmetic changes to terrain. - Assualt ramp moved to front of document building with build activated doors. - Added Basement spawn for axis. (set as disabled) - swaped position of sidewall hole with sidewall cov door. - moved barracks corridor outside exit, added ramp where there was a step. - added location data - added option to block the middle spawn / forward bunker archway. (set as hidden) - depo gate switch removed from axis side. Command Map Overview The current objective will be shown as a yellow sign in game.
  26. Thanks. This guy has been reported several times, but each time I tried to spec him, he was playing noob. Thanks for bringing demos. Banned.
  27. This guy f0rm can't even walk straight but keeps shooting hs. he had 28 % hs acc on the previous map didn't record that one. I will post part 2 goldrush where it is obv he is aimbotting 2024-03-30-201650-etl_supply.dm_84
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