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EA Games to charge for new maps!

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Despite the fact that Electronic Arts and Battlefield developer DICE have already said that there will probably be premium content released for Bad Company 2 in the future, DICE remains adamant that it doesn't want to charge players for maps.

Speaking to Xbox World 360 (via Eurogamer), DICE producer Patrick Bach said that the developer was adamant in that position when dealing with EA and that the attitude was critical to securing a fanbase.

"We don't ever want to charge for our maps and insisted to EA that this attitude was crucial when it came to keeping our community happy and playing together," said Bach.

That said, it has already been hinted that Bad Company 2 will get some premium content. EA Eric Brown formerly told fans to expect "multiple opportunities to spend five, 10 or 15 dollars on additional content in the next six months or so".



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