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How to play ET: Legacy with ET Steam release by Aciz

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By Aciz from the etlegacy discord channel:

Q: I am getting NewItemIOError in PowerShell when trying to create symbolic links for etl/etlded?
A: Make sure you deleted or renamed the original binaries - symlink creation will fail if a file with the name already exists.

Q: I am getting Error 0x800700E when copying the ET: Legacy binaries to ET Steam folder?
A: Your antivirus software is flagging etl/etlded.exe as a potential virus - no need to panic! Just whitelist the binaries in your antivirus software. This is mainly caused due to ET: L code not being digitally signed by Microsoft, and the fact that the current release is less than a week old, so antivirus softwares have not yet learned that the game is not infact a virus. Remember, the project is open source, anyone can view the code in our GitHub repository: https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy

Q: My antivirus is flagging etl/etlded.exe as Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml?
A: See previous answer.

Q: How do I restore/add exclusions to ET: Legacy binaries in my antivirus software?
A: This will depend on your specific antivirus software, here are instructions for Windows Defender:

Q: The game is crashing with FS_CreatePath: failed to create path "C:\Documents\ETLegacy"?
A: Sometimes the game incorrectly tries to set the default homepath. To fix this, start the game with +set fs_homepath C:\Users\<user>\Documents\ETLegacy where user is your Windows username. You can also change this path to whatever you want to, as long as it's not the same as the installation directory. We're investigating this error and hope to address it in a future release.

Q: I'm not seeing any servers in the server browser?
A: The Steam installation of ET ships with an etconfig.cfg that sets sv_master2 to blank. This cvar is used as an addiitional master server, as the original master server is down from time to time. To fix this, navigate to your Steam ET directory, find the etconfig.cfg in etmain folder, open it with a text editor, find the sv_master2 entry and set the value to master.etlegacy.com. You might also need to do this to the etconfig in your C:\Users\<user>\Documents\ETLegacy\legacy\profiles\yourprofile\etconfig.cfg

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