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  1. i dont use any hdmi or laptop just my normal pc connect to the screen

    anyway i think oliv right looks like nvidia

    what do i do.. any idea that might fix the problem? anyone?

  2. 8 hours ago, oliveira pt said:

    what grafic card r you using if is nvidia the last updates have some kind bugs and after full installing occures an error witch may causes that at least it happens to me on pub seems im shooting empty bullets on beg my fps most the time drops to fast up and down but its playabel there


    Thx olive.

    My PC knowledge is 0 idk even how to check what grafic card I'm using.. but if it is nvidia card, is there a way to fix it? Going to empty servers isn't the solution I'm looking for :/

    And if it is the card how come different mode should works better?

  3. hi everyone..

    about 2 weeks ago i started to feel lagy and hard time hit players tho my ping was normal my fps very good at 125 and nothing really change in my pc or network..
    i ask ppl for advice how to fix it.. eagle suggest something with primitives 2 that didnt work.. after that i tryed haze advice and delete etpub folder.. also didnt helped.. at the end i was convinced its my network so i even switch the internet provider to other company.. yet im having the same problem.. if anything my ping got bit higher from average of 65 to 70...

    i try to take a demo while im using program of screen recorder.. so ill see if there is different between my online game.. to what really going on when im playing and unfortunately found that i wasnt imagine it.. im having delay and shot at ppl after they already gone.. i upload the videos cuz its easier to show what i mean by videos.

    the first part its the screen capture program that show what im seeing when im playing.. the demo show what actually happen and why im having hard time hitting


    some days its worst some days its better and from what i checked that problem only happens in our server.. really frustrating to play like that.. if anyone know how to fix that delay.. im open to suggestions


  4. thx its on the domination folder



    and ye i did try many of the screen recorders most of them wasnt good (made the fps in the game drop so i couldnt play with it or to short or other problems)

    but i am using Nvidia  to record the game.. but last time i used it i run out of memory in the pc :D

    only 1 min of it its 320M and thats mean only 1 map will take me 10gb :D too much so i started use demos again

    10 full maps together around 40m so its much better then record it.. 

    but when i want to upload short part for frag movie or something i am using the Nvidia.. i also recommend using it.. very good and helpful program 


    so back to my problem :D
    i sent you some of the demos tell me if its working for you 

    thx man

  5. Anyone know how to config that ill have 1 pistol? What should i write in the cfg?


    And second thing im trying to watch demos from the event that i took and get same error in all of those demos in that domination mode..


    Is anyone know how to fix it?

  6. On 2/22/2018 at 5:52 PM, PurpleHaze said:

    so for people who are bad with timezones we have link for gmt converter

    But don't panic we also have solution for people with problems with dates it's called calendar, where i'm sure everyone's homepage is teammuppet!

    And if that's not enough, @Jessica and myself will make sure we will spam this info on server, till you even see it in your sleep, so no worries my friend ! :) 




    • well im bad at it so where is that link to check what time it would be in Israel?  :mda:
  7. so toni idk about multy hack but i know for a fact its 100% wh just needed some more opi so thx for your help 

    and good thing i have the old conversation about this case so i just copyed the part i found as good proof ofc i put out all those moment that you can explain by sound

    and its alot.. only some of it should be enough if you ask me but last time i was the only one that saw it so ill let you guys to tell me what you think cuz i know you unlike them not corrupted 

    27:10 (aim at my head couldnt see or hear me) one of the best proofe i have 
    23:30 + 21:00 (find me camping without sound)
    (if its obv to check there find another time that he searched there 23:55 he didnt tho got rid of the rifle and the 
    medic jumped at him only after he went inside he should check it if its obv [20sec before spot me camping])
    22:10 (wating for something in the upside of the enemy spawn before he could hear the water)

    20:30 shooting at the wall at the sniper behind
    16:45 made any noise and he found me somehow and went back only to kill me without see or hear me

    14:45 you can hear the enemy and the revive obv they are there but he shot one of them before he saw him
    (you can tell someone around that area but you cant tell exactly where.. so another lucky shoot?)

    27:45 using the tree to hide he couldnt see also but in his first shoot he make hs without seeing or hearing

    16:10 the dead player guy 

    23:45 aimed at the guy before he saw him (the only time he did that there)
    19:15 sniping me before he spot me from the other side of the map

    he is shooting at axis spawn.. you can hear a medic coming to his way from the stairs so far its make sense to go there 
    and then he throw the nade to the side and instead checking if he is behind him in his left side under him with nade he watch at the
    wall in front of him prepare with the sniping and aiming and then jump right to him.. normal player would check around him first

    he is in front of enemy spawn and he look to there old spawn tho its empty by now.. 
    and when you use shownormals you see what he was wating for

    16:10 something make his reflex jump up and look up and go up.. with shownormal you see what
    08:00 turned around in the air with 0 noise around and tracking eng of the enemy through the wall the most obv part you can 
    see how he use his wh

    27:00 walk with caps and use nade before you could see or hear him
    22:00 turn fast to aim at the enemy before you can see or hear him

    28:10 aiming on enemy head through the door even tho there is battle that should take any normal player atantion
    23:20 shooting and the wall ofc didnt split cuz he moved fast the mouse clearly a reflex 
    21:05 use nade in his own spawn never saw anyone do that unless you know the enemy is there
    17:35 barely could see the failed ops
    06:10 walk with caps again in the obv place and ofc there was there an enemy 
    04:25 shoot at the floor the enemy behind it in the water and he couldnt see or hear him 
    00:40 shoot at the boxes without seeing him

  8. Thx guys for your replys its really helpfull

    And purplehaze in that mp4 i already used the show normal and without it in the parts that needed the shownormal it will save time but ofc the demo is the best way to watch it i will right here the times in every demo that need to be check for save you some time check out how many of them that you need..



  9. jes try to watch it with the mode of jaymod should work its on twc no download server its a jaymode 

    nik im not in there clan anymore for around a month and the reason is there demo team ill explain later why i left that sad clan


    when you try to open the demos youll need to change the mode to jaymode it should work and most of them very long so the mp4 should be enough most of the parts in that mp4..
    thx for sharing your opi nik


    anyone else?

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