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  1. Hi G'woon. Welkom op ons forum. Hier de naam van het IR paneel welke ik gebruik : Irecoheat - Infrarood Paneel Verwarming - 300 Watt ( Geen Ecosun bestellen, die doen het echt minder goed ) Onder het bureau bij je voeten/benen plaatsen, en je hebt het lokaal lekker warm.
  2. Cherry, just a little advice : it might be the best if you dont use all different ( provocing ) names if you dont want negative attention.
  3. DirtyBird, I checked your history You have received 4 warmings in past 3 days, even on the same day Sty kicked you, you got a warning from Cyber for a granade in spawn. Please dont expect to get every map a new warning. Once you should know the rules, it is fair to receive a kick to make you aware SK is realy not allowed.
  4. Hi Uips, I suppert all above. Only thing what could be an issue, is the spawn killing vs capture spawn. This is getting blurry when you would choose the 30 sec. option. Please all, take that in consideration
  5. I would love it when anyone is capable of inserting a zone with lines in the G map. Wherever the line is drawn, it would end ALL discussions.
  6. If we would reset XP-skills every map, no one will gain stars. Soldier weapons will automaticly recharge slower, also Field ops, etc. Would that be an idea ?
  7. Mani, this one is not ON exit, but NEAR exit. Question is : Is it possible for axis to use exit , without getting damaged by that mortar ? I think Axis player are damaged by that mortar. If that is the case a warn or PM is indeed correct, even when they only get like 50 damage. What I would do in this, I go axis, go to exit, see IF I got Mortar damage, and than warn. For me that is the most honest way to be 100 percent sure. My advice : When doubt, move it a bit !
  8. Wel Blondie, simple answer : It was a mistake. You did kill several Axis in Spawn, with granade !!! . . . . .however, you were Axis and it was team kill. Saw that to late.
  9. @spec999 Under what name were you playing when you got warned ?
  10. I would love some comments like : Oh thats a great idea to try. Lets try it for 1 week @MiniMuppet Is it even possible to change this ? And is it done easy, or is it a big change ?
  11. We have been using the current voting system for a while now and it seems that we always play the same 6 maps. Several players complain about this and also want to play the "other" maps. Now I would like to suggest that you can still give 3 votes, but with negative points. The map with the fewest negative points is then played. So you can still give 3 maps points that you really don't want to play. If there are multiple maps left with 0 penalty points, the map that has not been played the longest will be played. I am convinced that this way we have more diversity in the mappen and that Mini puts new maps on the server for a reason What is your thought on this ?
  12. Hi Sly, Welcome to our forums.
  13. Mani, I love that screenshot were you shot your panza I would like to add 1 comment : * Panza is perfect there, However MORTAR is not allowed there
  14. to avoid people play the same 6 maps all the time, how do we think about this option : Its mandatory to fill in ALL 3 votes, or vote button doesn't work. In that case there is a bigger chance less popular maps will get voted Please , what do you think about it ?
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