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  1. Jaimy, would it be possible to add flags ? Red flags for Only Axis spawn Blue flags for Only Allies spawn, ??? flags for capturable flags And then we have to add legend to the map, which makes the rules clear for 1. When capturable 2. When fixed ( Wall is blown in oasis for example )
  2. It was fun, well done. For next time, we need to get rid of the maps that don't work. Not only referee has to try 5 maps before 1 working, but voting for players is also not working most of the time.
  3. Hi Hardstyle, Welcome to our forums. Nice to see you registered. Also nice to see you were at out Event yesterday.
  4. I have seen this before on other server. Its still agreat idea.
  5. Congratz Mr & Mini, You deserved it to get surprised
  6. Happy anniversary. Great job . . . But I still didnt find my name
  7. this was like [k] ( killed [d] die from [r] revived from, but these don't work in ETL
  8. When you look at IP, it IS the same guy. He was banned 30d on 11-2-2022. Ban is over , so he gets a new chance. It's up to him what to do with that 2nd chance.
  9. Jessica


    Because Ande was not sure he banned the right guy, he Unbanned you after Ban. You had name #Ukrain, Rocker, Pulna, but also Ewaz and other names. We almost banned wrong person and another innocent person got muted, so we take name stealing pretty serious. After investigating and seen its ALL you, I was the one who decided Ban was valide and banned you again. It's a 30d ban.
  10. Jessica


    Update : The "other" person I warned yesterday was Rocker, and so is this person. Its the same person. I will do a 1 month ban now.
  11. Jessica


    Hi Stiff, thanks for reporting. We take name stealing very serious. Yesterday I warned someone else that next time is 1 year ban. Sorry it happened, we will be more alert for name stealers .
  12. Meeskaru, On capture spawn heavy weapons and arty are allowed, only mortar is never allowed on any Spwan exit , even not when capture. I hope this issue is cleared now.
  13. In several maps, there seems to be only room for a limited number of players in the 2nd spawn, and people spawn in the first spawn. Selecting 2nd spawn might help you. ( But then other players perhaps spawn at 1st spawn )
  14. Sometimes you can see a map ends in a few minutes and balance is 99 perc 1 team and 1 perc other team, When this happens 2 maps in a row, its clear we need a shuffle. To bad . . even without people moving, shuffle doesn't do a good job most of the time. I do not know the logic behind i, but I am more and more convinced that a 100% random would do a better job than the current logic.
  15. All TM members have a special command, that we use to kick specs when server is full. Unlike the normal kick command, where you cannot reconnect for 15 minutes, after this special command you can reconnect immediately without waiting time.
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