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  1. even level 6 & 7 and I think even level 8 don't have a kick command. A Callvote should also do the trick
  2. when @Ande and @Matu agree, who can build a kick vote ? Perhaps most easy would be : Possible to call vote : level 2 and higher able to vote : all players And then use normal logic we already have in place for mute, shuffle, etc.
  3. Hi Jessi. Another trouble. Now tells me banned for 3122064000 or something like that, maybe it has something to do with the connections I make from Windows? I also usually connect from the pc in the village with Windows but when I have some problem I do it from Linux. I send you a screenshot.

    When i was banned playing in  Linux on the city.

    Thanks very much.


  4.  Hi Jessi. From last monday i'm banned but only for 24h. Maybe i killed too much people?



  5. In general, I agree. ( Afterall its a trial, and we can always go back ) We can add a comment they have to fill in why they call the vote. I rather see it from level 3 and higher And we can advertise : You have more options as from level 3, like you can call Vote : Kick ( Only do it with valide reason ) When we see people abusing this vote option, players will get set back to level 2
  6. Sure @Ralaoups I just send it to you in direct message
  7. I know you are good boy, thats why I think a 7 day ban is enough to make you alert to the rules, 7 days are almost over
  8. Hi Popper, did you ever read the spam while playing ? If not, here it is so you can read it : - !! .Spawnkill is not allowed at all. !! - !! Server will auto kick as fail safe. !! - !! However, you can also get a kick from a 3rd SK warning in 1 day, or too many SKs in a week.!!! - !! Too many kicks will result in a 7 day ban !!! Please apply above text on a player with below history. What would you do ?
  9. I will help you with the rules. With other heavy you have to show yourself, and enemy is able kill / snipe you. With mortar you can hide in your own spawn and just keep shooting For that reason mortar is always treated as special. Whenever you hit someone in the spawn area, eben with only a small amount of damage, you shoot to close to spawn. If you shoot too close you run the risk of being penalized. Actually just like everything in real life if you push the boundaries. You could also choose to go for safe.
  10. Most is already spoken. Just lets make 1 thing clear : Muxer, it is nothing personal against you. When I see a warn, I do a history scan, and I do it in the open. People always see me type the !search, so you KNOW I will check history, and I am sure you have see me doing it manytimes with other players too Punishment is always done by history, never personal. And one personal note for you : When you play on the edges, you certainly know that you will get over the limit sometimes ( Many times in your case ) and dont whine when you get punished for it, just take it like a man
  11. Matu, and all others , please give your opinion about how I think about 1 spawnpoint. -Axis first spawn, for me the red mortar is ok, However about the heavy, since its capture, heavy should be allowed and no blue / yellow needed
  12. Mani, set the r_picmip back to 0
  13. Morton, please read back all my postst to this topic and you start to understand. All I wanted to create was a slow awareness of what you say above The game is disigned for all classes, some can be anoying, some can be hard, but its ALL PART OF THE GAME.
  14. Why do I see medics complain about the granades an engineer has, while I never see 1 medic throw 1 granade at a tank to destroy ?
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