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  1. ok, that explains why 15 vs 15 with 17 YES votes still don't pass. Its not due to specs, its due to the setting of 60%. When axis are stronger, and a vote is done, 1. Not all players vote. 2. Most axis will vote F2 Conclusion, 50% is already hard to get, while it is most likely already badly needed. Then its better to dabate the 60% , Especially with a shuffle vote
  2. Hi Sebastian, you need 50% of the people connected ( Including specs ) So, for exemple, 16 allies, 16 axis and 8 spec = 40 people, you need 20+ YES to Pass a vote.
  3. Stupid question, but Do people know they also have to blow the 2 radars ?
  4. Hello Bishop, welcome to our forums. have fun browsing around.
  5. Jessica

    Summer Event!

  6. Hello DTux, welcome to our forums, have fun browsing around.
  7. Hello Rafrey, Welcome to our forums and have fun browsing around
  8. Hi jar, Levels must be set on every server ( And set again if you reinstall ET, and dont have a copy of your ETKey ) Whenever you are on beginners, send me a discord, and when I am available I will come and set your level again.
  9. Hello Boon, Welcome to our forums
  10. Hello opo, welcome to our forums.
  11. Maps are added & removed, Thank you all for your input, see results on : https://teammuppet.com/home/forums/topic/18362-etl1-map-poll-july/
  12. Thank you all for your suggestions, input, and votes. Below maps are removed : - Subway - Raiders - Transmitter And the 4 added maps are : - Marrakech 2 by Night - Baserace Desert - Radar Summer ** - UJE Fueldump ** ( Radar Summer has no waypoint, so bots wont move, but most of the time we have enough players online, so that should not be a problem ) Again, thanks for voting, next voting will start soon, you can already start thinking what maps you want to be added / removed next month.
  13. Morton Salt finaly on our Forums Welcome.
  14. Hello Viole, Welcome to our forums, have fun browsing around.
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