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  1. Hi Monk, Welcome to our forums.
  2. Hello Katraz, Welcome to our forums. Have fun browsing around.
  3. Hello StarScream. Welcome to our forum.
  4. Hi PatrickJane, Welcome to our forums
  5. Hello Ademann, Welcome to our forums, have fun browsing around.
  6. Hi Jass, Welcome to our forums, already saw you in our Legacy server playing last night. I hope you enjoy our Legacy server and our forum.
  7. Hi regular, Welcome to our forums.
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  9. Hi Scarneit, welcome to our forums.
  10. Hi Visangle, nice to see you joined our forum.
  11. Hello Eduardo, nice to see you registered to our forum.
  12. Eduardo has all the qualities to make him a TM Friend. Registering to forum is not a must. So He has my F1. What do others think about making him TM Friend ? Edit : I saw he also registered to forum today , so he gets a double F1 from me.
  13. Hi Ben, Welcome to our forums.
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