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  1. I fixed it, turned down poll rate on mouse.
  2. Hi turning cause's the screen to stutter and then a direction key gets held down in the process. any help would be nice note: haven't changed any settings
  3. Been a while since my quote un quote monthly input ; is there any reason why we all kill each other? much skill ... i cant be the only one , have a nice day!
  4. TM members only. Bit sad in this day of age.
  5. When dying and waiting to press space to tap out it takes a long time. I'm talking about the animation of falling to your knees. Has this been increased? If so why and can it be changed to a shorter time. Many thanks
  6. I get kicked for not being in spec, idling. Do they seriously think I'm gonna use 100000 dpi to click on the spec button!?
  7. why auto balance? idc if team has a few extra, there are many players joining! i also think !spec command would help
  8. start of map blinding white flash, needed? also is there a command to block welcome player message by any chance?
  9. thanks for the reply. it's a little disjointing. hasn't the server become more popular since this rule? also i think a lot of people use a class selector script and that just messes it up.
  10. moved to different team all of a sudden, not cool mon
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