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  1. Guy's i have a thought, maybe this one can help and maybe it s not so difficult to script. For the beging of the map like first 5 minutes the teams' bars (those u can check with tab button) would give info about Prestige only, the info about SR or XP will apear after first 5 minutes. This way it will be more difficult to check wich team is better so maybe people join more random?:)
  2. Just to precise I am not talking about situation where one team is loosing all time but game is even. I just mean situation when one side is clearly crushing another one
  3. Hello again! I saw similar topic but it is closed I'm wondering how to solve a problem of i will name it "all star" teams, especially in a specific case when after shuffle people inentionally join spec and swap to make one team better than another and as a final result shuffle doesn't work? Maybe just pust such guy spec with kind adnotation "you are too god for this team" or shuffle again next map? Very often there is situation that people are complaining about shuffle because it was already done for example 2-3 maps ago, but what's the point of a game if those 2-3 15-20 minutes maps were finished within 3-5 minutes, or on the other hand after 20 minutes attacking team barely leave their first spawn? Shuffle Vote as a tool unfortunetly is quite not effective becasue most often half of players don't vote at all and the winning team mostly want to keep them winnig so they vote no. Maybe just the only remaing solution is don't care and let the majority of players realize that such game is pointless, or maybe more shuffle in such uneven competition? Cheers, enjoy sunday!
  4. Yo ET freaks! Please consider: Railgun (from rainy classic maps much better than radar haha!) SCHOOL! I know school doesnt have too many fans but maybe some1 is ready to give it a try? :)) Cheers enjoy your free time!
  5. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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