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  1. Got another new computer. Dell 660 windows 8.1 64bit Intel core i5 @3.0ghz ( turbo boost to 3.2ghz ) 8 gb ddr3 1 tb hard drive geforce 430 1gb ( overclocked ) duel band n+ wireless still using the same programs.
  2. Ok thank you i will try it.
  3. Where can you download HDET thats safe?
  4. Malwarebytes found alot of stuff on my brothers comp that that spybot didnt . Same on my new one i just got norton didnt and spyboy didnt find shit but malwarebytes did .
  5. I do that about everyday lol my computers stay clean.
  6. Got a ( Newer ) computer. lol HP Pavilion P6120T Intel Pentium duel core 2.60ghz cpu Windows 7 64Bit 4 gig DDR2 Ram 500 gig hard drive geforce 9500 gt. (i had it for a few months). wireless mouse and keyboard (witch i gotta get used to they suck). duel band wireless n+ (had for a year) norton antivuris still trying to get it to work right again. still use the same programs to clean it and what not...
  7. I think beginners . To try and help populate it more. Anytime theres a event on beginners it helps bring ppl in.
  8. ^same thing happened to me when i tryed to play the new server. what i did was go in my et folder then etmain and delete the new pk3 file it was trying to download ( witch it tryed to download about 10 times for me) then tryed to rejoin server and it redownloaded it once and worked fine for me.
  9. ok thank you. exp is not all that big if a deal to me cuz ive been thinking about restalling et to start with a clean folder just didnt wanna go thew my cfg's lol. just still not sure if i should do it.
  10. just tryouted new server and my exp is gone . witch i really dont care much for my exp . but just asking is there anyway i can fix it if not i think ill reinstall et to start clean and mybe fix a few things ( like lag or ping) on my end.
  11. yea its fine now its never happened to me before so i was like wtf is going on lol. well thank you guys anyways.
  12. hmmmm thats funny PB was on but its working fine now so i guess time will tell. thank you for the help.
  13. i thought it was on but ill check
  14. some how when i tryed to join jaymod server i joined then i joined axis team i got kicked went to rejoin server and its showing (duplicate guid) . dunno how i got a duplicate guid or how to fix it this never happened to me before and i really dont wanna reinstall the game and lose my settings or exp. if anyone can tell me how i could mybe fix this i really appreciate.... thank you.
  15. use some of the programs i listed and make sure they are all updated.
  16. sorry forgot to say what os... windows 7 64bit i dont think i ever want windows 8 it looks like a big phone. i like to tweak my os in some ways i miss windows xp. and spy bot never found anything from here or the truck forum im on. i wanna get diablo 3 but my comp is not going to run it to well my cpu and video card are holding it back.
  17. Not sure where to put this... What and how do you guys clean/speed up/tune up your computers??? I like to use CCleaner/CCEnhancer-2.5.1 TweakNow PowerPack 2011 Spybot - Search & Destroy SpywareBlaster Iobit Smart Defrag 2 Norton AntiVirus MSI Afterburner.... still playing with it to overclock my video card till i get a new one or new computer. For now i just got a 1.8ghz intel 64 bit ( witch i hate intel love amd but i missed up my other comp drunk one night) 4g dd2 ram 512 mb dd3 NVIDIA geforce 210 250g hard drive
  18. im running into the same thing. computer is hooked up to my 47inch vizio tv. in my video cards control's my resolution is 1080p, 1920 x 1080. but i dunno how to edit or make a new etconfig.cfg. sorry if i sound like a noob but its been about 9years since i played et so dont remember much.
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