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  1. i like how uips have interest to doing this stuff. Hope we see on server someday
  2. Use our legacy2 server for limited weapons.
  3. Sound worth to try if it possible? Getting little bored playing same maps every evening.
  4. Was fun event! But was expecting more H&S maps.. got good amount of players, nice! Paintball sounds fun but is it possible?
  5. Good idea. easy to check lines on every map
  6. Thats huge milestone!! Well done Muppets and regulars!!
  7. this sounds testable for me
  8. Not allowed. Case solved. thanks for report
  9. I appreciate Charlie alot Thinked how i managed to get away from him
  10. They must to because we are suggesting this. Now one cares if someone selfkill somewhere else than battle. This will work for both sides. Hope we get it in legacy someday
  11. I was about to raise my banhammer but i let it down and see if he can now behave after ding's rebuke
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