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  1. We should disable selfkill in battle too if we going fix things like this... Dont like this delay
  2. Welcome another Fintard!
  3. Firstly 4 warnings is way too much. imo it can be 2warnings and you are kicked.
  4. Didnt know you was member Of course we want your apply!
  5. i want !pants !! Then Bomba will never have pants
  6. Imagine if there is limited medics and there is some vassilly at spawn only throwing med packs there..
  7. Ande


    Hi, nice to meet you! Maybe we meet on servers someday
  8. HI! Nice to see you on forums too now Have seen you many times on servers, very decent guy! We are glad that you like serves. Maybe you will make an application someday.. See you on server!
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