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  1. The bots skill level setting is fine on that level 2, if its lower then its too low.. I'm not sure is there some other bot movement or bot IQ script.. That they shoot but they dont act stupid as they do in some map, example that map where gold have to take from cabin and make the button press machine in control room and then bring gold to truck.. The bot runs with gold totally wrong direction.. And some maps the bots just stand and dont do anything... They run some spot and start stand still like statue...
  2. Stumpel

    Lolotaz tk

    About voice calls in main chat.. Is there somekind of spam limit script available... If player has writed cfg where game spams voice call like 6-7 times row when pressing the binded button..
  3. I hope that people like atleast 3 of them. On those maps is 2 maps which actually works very good.. I hope that some maps pass your test.. @Dmxj The last one is quite big "shooting mess" if server full, because its like fighting around the area.. I have played 4 of those 5 Only 1 is which I added just because it heard intresting and thats the first one..
  4. https://et.trackbase.net/map/8135/
  5. https://et.trackbase.net/map/1377 https://et.trackbase.net/map/20/ https://et.trackbase.net/map/158/ https://et.trackbase.net/map/70/
  6. Stumpel

    Fov difference

    I dont know is higher fov better or not I tried fov 70 somewhere some years ago.. But ATM I use fov 110 But still I m dead
  7. It was just crazy idea, knew already it will go as no..
  8. Or just add new edit to map that mortar cant shoot there.. Example wall to the sky.. so its then more like this
  9. I dont need to ask it, @Ctrz see it by his own.. I think he's not so rich than @0wN1x think's..
  10. Stumpel

    Lolotaz tk

    I'm not suprised to hear that its lolotaz... He's been tk guy for long time.. So far as I know.. He has got kicked before.. He knows hes doing against the rules..
  11. Nice job everyone.. And I as I was believing ctrz/Seto got medal too nicely played @Ctrz
  12. in rules it says this: Mortaring ANY spawn or spawnexits isnt allowed! Artillery and other heavy weapons near spawnexit is allowed only when there is multible exits,otherwise its not allowed!
  13. Thank you for info again @Jessica sometimes have seen people sayin its ok if many exits but, now when I see this I will know that always when mortar aims at any exitway from spawn its warning and kick and maybe if more then ban.. It means then in Goldrush too if mortar is front of second exit and aims there.. Its warn/kick/ban.. And other maps too..
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