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  1. Voted no, its really annoying to see stabbed in back just when spawned.. It feels much more unfair than little fight in in spawn.. If want shoot bypassing enemy who can open fire.. But knife in back in first sec... Better no. Some servers has set knife as 'heavy' weapon well its its tiny but kills fast if too close..
  2. I had Atari 6200 and then C64 and then diffrent times Amiga A500 and A500+ and A600HD and A1200HD and bought even CD drive to it with 68030 32Mb turbo card and had CD32 too.. I was retarded Amiga user.. But so what those, if player do sk then its sk it isnt Vic20 or Amstrad.. Just wanted say that too..
  3. Why system autobans example if etkey is missing etc. I understand if it bans if it spots aimbot or wh or multihack cvars..
  4. Axis garage is passby area spawn, means allies can use it way to birng obj or to get obj by running through it.. Fighting in spawn is allowed when players who spawn opens fire FIRST against player who is passingby the spawn, and when player who is passingby uses pistol or mp40/thompson or sten/fg42.. BUT the passingby player CANT USE grenades or bazooka or flamer or start shoot with heavy mg to defend his own life when running through spawn..
  5. If admins change the rule sounding like tehy way that MORTARS CANT BE SHOOT FROM SPAWN. LIKE MORTAR USER CANT JUST SIT INTO SPAWN AND START SHOOTING FROM THERE.. THAT IT NOT NOT ONLY THE RULE THAT MORTAR CANT SHOOT INTO SPAWN.. I have seen muptilple times in many maps guys sitting with mortar in their spwn and mortaring there the whole map.. So if the rule chenges the way what I understood.. There will be kicked many players.. Because I think the still set the mortar shooting spot (place where the are with mortar) from where to shoot to some where into their own spawn.. Just sayin maybe little retarded way, but my exaplanations ways are not the best ones..
  6. I hope the edits of announcements and edits of sounds doesnt go too much spammin..
  7. if you ( the player who TK'ed many teammates in own spawn in basic gaming time not in game start delay) got kicked by admin, I m not suprised.. I would say more like it would be more lucky to get only kicked.. Some other places from grenade based teamkill in own spawn to own team might be banned.. Just sayin.. I know some servers might ban that kind of actions.. IF IT WASNT A MISTAKE. I dont know how it happened, only writed how some places might react and that why not suprised if some admin saw it worth of !kick.
  8. I dont know about this case, but I always check where players aim with mortar.. If see mortaring in areas which doesnt seem to be ok.. Admins are not doing their job just to make players pissed off, admins try to keep game even and fair to al players and keep things that way that there doesnt come personal problems against other players or racism or anykind of abusing.. They will talk and answer if got complained about actions.. Sometimes its not easy case.. And the thing that TM has been up over 20 years shows only that we have very good and working admin system and great owners and leaders and admins.. Sometimes mistakes might be/could be happen, but if doing many things and watching much whats going on, then it might be very possible that some mistakes happens, but thats just life.. Just sayin
  9. I like to comment just to say this: Funny to see this topic, and secondly.. Server is mostly full.. It means people on server doesnt see that there is that kind 'problem'.. Because if server is havin problems then it would be more empty and than full.. And players might go other servers if its having big problems.. @Ctrz good comment So finally I think it like that, it really isnt a big 'problem'.. Its more personal problem to some players.. But anyway ET is old game..
  10. I vote F2 if this goes under vote.. But I vote F1 for all classes limitations, but that way that there isnt counted under limtations soldiers with basic gun.. Just sayin..
  11. Maybe less medics.. I play mostly with rilfe.. Havent seen rifles as problem.. But if almost all are medics then game goes extremely hard.. Just sayin.. But its endless talking, always people want limit something.. Maybe easier is to say to them, try shoot better.. Or try keep teams more even, than that all strong players goes to same team..
  12. Pictures doesnt show "who" is muted and WHEN it started and what happened first.. This topic doesnt say much to mee.. That what really happened.. Sorry to say, but I didnt understand this one.. That what point of topic.. I mean screenshot doesnt say who is muted by who and how long and why?
  13. I suggest o take screenshots, and send it to admins.. And ask <=TM=> members to take info about players.. Iftheres anyone from TM around.. Player colours can be anykind of, I dont think peoples setting of player colours maked them banned.. But player can anytime tell to us if thinks some colour code looks unfriendly, but its other thing how we react to it.. More is about what they say or how provocative names they use.. I think its said already in upper posts.
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