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  1. Industry 2, Fueldump Summer, Huertgen Forest
  2. Happy happy summer Seto a.k.a Ctrz :D

  3. What that pack actually does? I mean I dont know what it do..
  4. I think all is that game has lua system which moves afk players, but I didnt get the point of question.. Maybe Seto helped enough..
  5. I try remember it.. I come if I have time..
  6. Stumpel

    Spankilling rules

    I have seen like example when gaming time has like 6-7sec left, guy with flamer runs to CP spawn (in frostbite) and start flame guys there.. <-------------------"They think its ok because map is ending, but it isnt.."
  7. Age is just number.. Enjoy the game.. And have fun
  8. Are you Jan from Danmark? If yes then its very nice to see you in here..
  9. Stumpel

    dark image

    Thanks for help
  10. Stumpel

    dark image

    About takin screen pictures.. I pressed "prt sc" button from my laptop and opened paint.. And choosed "paste" it came totally grey screen.. Picture was pressed midle of game.. Still it turned it into grey screen.. Any ideas why..
  11. I dont understand French language sorry, but welcome
  12. Its 10vs10 what are those other 10.. Sorry I ask just I see only 10 names, so other 10 is like ???
  13. I can try take screenshot of that error, but 2nd question is how get lower ping.. It says over 200 sometimes sometimes over 300.. I dont know why.. I have tried even turn firewall off, but it doesnt help.. That is there any command to lower ping..
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