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    TM menu

    thx Eagle ill just switch to etpub mod when i start game Ye strange when i open it a song starts playing with the menu, other than the standard ET menu music. It's really nice, wish i could link it to u. Maybe someday ill ask one of the creators. Thx!
  2. daan

    TM menu

    Recently discovered the TM menu when i pressed etpub in mods. It's so awesome! Anyone knows how i could make this the standard menu when i open the game? Also, does anyone know the name of the song that plays with this menu? It's so beautiful! Like from a movie or something?
  3. Today the problem seemed gone.. probably they got punished or something anyway tysm for the help and support!
  4. before i had the problem i tried a bunch of servers, probably also etc clan. that was before i joined TM. after the first redirect problem deleting the strange menus seemed to fix it. After that fix i only played TM, france beginners xps and FA hardcore. So its strange after the first time fixing the problem i didnt join ETC server anymore, still it redirects now to it... I tried deleting script and run the game. Still had the redirect problem When pak.1 was deleted still had the problem too. When i tried with deleting pak0 i couldnt start the game bc files were missing told console Tonight i could join TM nd server, played some games. Then restarted the game to see if the problem was gone, but it again had the redirect again and couldnt choose servers
  5. The problem is back again . Tried to delete the weird name files from ETmain but it keeps asking to redirect to a server when i press play online. Which files should i remove? This is screenshot from the Enemy territory map Next 2 screenshots are the content of the ETmain map
  6. daan

    Easter Event

    Really cool event! Go go go Purple!
  7. It worked! Menu is normal and can connect to the servers. Thanks!
  8. I have the same problem, i pressed yes and redirected me to ETC clan server... When i press play online it shows this message, cant pick other servers (if anyone know to stop having the polish soldiers thing on loading screen, would also be nice to get rid of that xd when i open ET it also shows the menu in theme of Fearless assasins, dont know how to switch that too)
  9. Hi guys Thx for the welcome My ingame name is Daandb bc Daan is mij first name and DB are the initials of my last name. So nothing original there Maybe i should get a new name but no inspiration atm. Really like DaanDeBelg tho
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