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  1. sense this is a major problem what about clan friends have the put team comand to help balance teams just an idea
  2. done that but how can exec my confgs is it the same way open console /exec bla bla bla if it is how can i open console on this mode ths
  3. sense i like to visit your beg server from time to time it seem i have to enter using et legacy icon my question is how can i execute my configs there ths for the help
  4. oliveira pt

    xp lost lol

    once again i lost my xp i save my et key and reinstall et put back my et key and im lost my xp only on your server why
  5. well i played a lot against unit cla back in the days so i know how good they r and how they hate hackers so was impossibel you to be banned nice to know the face of my enemy on server see ya
  6. is very active so far and barely folow the rules this is good enough for me
  7. welcome to our foruns ths for the long list but we have to reduce that a bit if you like to see some of this maps feel free so do so
  8. try them all and still nothing change cant kill a bot im trying to buy a new mouse to see if the problem is from this old mouse
  9. i will try to make a list about what people want or trying to make them come to the forum give there suggestion if possibel i like some old maps we play on pub dont remember the names but someone have the name off all maps we play there please send me a pm so i can choose some ths
  10. i give this player a direct kick for "disrespecting" admins please check the logs and if possibel ban for 1 week
  11. i start this topic cause players want new maps on beg servers and i told them that i will start a topic about that so lets see if they came here but you all r free to post it here
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