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  1. I hope this is the right thread for a request/suggestion unrelated to the issues discussed here. I'm one of those (or more likely the only one in ET) who uses /team r x y where x is a number for the class (like 1 = medic) and y is a number for the weapon. The problem is that there are some discrepancies between numbers for weapons in etpro (which I assume uses those of etmain) and etlegacy. As such, I had to create separate config files for these mods and had to find out the numbers for etlegacy by just trial and error. So my question is: is there a reason behind this? And would it be too much work to change the numbers for weapons such that they are the same as other mods? It's not that big of an issue as I can just figure out the rest of the weapon IDs; I'm just more curious as to why the discrepancy is there in the first place.
  2. Got it. Going to the server and will post the demo as soon as it's done. ETA: there was no glitch this time. When did the update take place? Last time I encountered the glitch was actually around 12 hours ago aka late last night. ETA2: played some more, and it happened. The demo is in the attachments. It happens within the first few minutes on the first attack. I should stress that in the demo it appears that I'm running around with the scope on while in reality (while actually playing), I did not see the scope overlay and neither my rifle was visible. 2019-07-27-142149-adlernest.dm_84
  3. Again, a disgraceful doublepost, but I wanted to make sure people, especially admins read it. I often practice my (incredibly laughable) sniping skill in all sorts of scenarios, such as in close combat. Sometimes I die. It happens. The problem is, however, that when a medic revives me, I suddenly have nothing. No weapons, no grenades or anything. It does show the rifle icon in bottom right corner, but I haven't found a way to wield it or anything, leading to the only sensible resolution - suicide. Is it an easy fix, or is there something wrong with my client or what? I have a regular ET client downloaded from the SD website.
  4. @Pharaoh: I tested the FG a few times for short periods (it is mostly useless for obj; I do obj) and there is a problem. Details: it shoots approx. twice as fast as an smg, is at least as accurate if not more accurate at close to moderate distances (so all indoor scenarios). It reloads also at least twice as fast. Additionally, a cvop can take uniform thereby creating an element surprise, which further puts the enemy at a disadvantage. My experience with it: on a server with medics with decent aim, I played normally as a medic (control). Could kill them, but 2v1 rarely worked in my favor. Then I took out the big gun aka FG. Same people started dropping like flies. In some instances I could kill 3 players with full HP alone using the same basic combat tactics I use. It's extremely overpowered as a close-medium distance weapon to the point that using it feels like I'm playing on easymode. Someone else using FG is frustrating because it takes all the fun out of a fight if one player has a weapon that can hit 4 headshots in under a second.
  5. Welcome to the forums. I can't help but ask, have you used the nickname "tRs:D" considering the somewhat similar appearances of both names and the gamestyle.
  6. I shall preface this thread by admitting having neither a screenshot nor a demo proof (I mistakenly thought I had autorecord on so I didn't do it manually), and seeing as a complaint against a TM member on trial at the time is serious, I expect it to be dismissed; however, I still hope the offending party will not repeat such actions. The offender in question is Hokun. Description of the incident: I joined the ETLegacy server at a time when there were only a handful of players. I assume Hokun had never met me before, and that they (Hokun) were also bored seeing as they were shooting aimlessly with an MG while standing. Nevertheless, they waited at spawn and out of nowhere shot me to death. I tried to communicate to understand the purpose of such an action (rest of the server was playing seriously), however no response was provided. Then, about 1 or 2 respawns later the same thing happened, with me again asking them what the problem was. No response. Rest of the match there were no teamkills, but they did shoot and wound teammates at least a few times. I hope this was an isolated incident. If not, the fact that the victim was a "stranger" and could have easily been a newcomer, it's one easy way to make them look for another server to play on. Again, the purpose of this thread is not to compile a case against anybody, but to serve as a reminder that some things that may appear harmless and funny if done to an acquaintance, doing it to strangers and/or newcomers is not - it's quite off-putting.
  7. In case these were not automated messages, then I appreciate the warm welcome. I've played on your servers for quite some time, so it was about time I joined the site as well. Thank you for keeping ET alive! E: I was actually very surprised, and in a very good way, to have found out after many years of absence that your servers are still going as strong as ever. Truly phenomenal.
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