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  1. We have an event with infected mod on next Saturday, we also have a Halloween server up but we don't do event on normal servers.
  2. Server back to old build until fix done for medics.
  3. Thanks for the report the etlegacy dev are working on it and hopefully we will have it fix later today.
  4. That looks ok, what is your ping when you are actually get on the server? also is your fps ok?
  5. The only issue we had yesterday was a ddos attack on the ip which could have cause you a connection issue if the host was blocking your ip from your country. This isn't happening today though. Do you know how to do a trace route to the server ip?
  6. I normally get this error when I press it to many time to open, You may also need to run it as admin. You should just see a little icon in the righthand side on the window bar once it is open.
  7. @Jessica Lol even Charlie couldn't see it either should be ok now.
  8. works for me with normal et using alt+z or i just press windows key on my keyboard and that moves me off the screen but i do have 2 monitors. Windows key works with legacy to min.
  9. @b00n I have not seen any topic on the forums regarding this happening before or maybe I missed it? You may have reported it to someone on the server but it would be better to post here with a demo if possible so we can deal with it. I have no idea what being German or a woman has to do with anything.
  10. We have put a new update on the server. here is the change log * Display name of player to be followed on activate (spectator following) * Adjusted compass map icon tolerance * Added missing map icon shaders for some popular maps * Use better map info for players entities when following * Fixed phantom artillery marker at map start * Fixed prone MG movement regression * Fixed issue with not playing server demo at 1st try * Fixed health regenerate tick too high (6 instead of 3) * Removed r_primitives from config files * Potential hit detection fix If there is any issue's then please let us know.
  11. Welcome to the forums its nice to meet you. I am glad you enjoy our server and you found more time to play. Maybe i will catch you on the server when i decided to have a game.
  12. We can make changes but to be honest without people I don't see it making any difference.
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