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  1. These interesting demos have been posted somewhere on discord
  2. Thanks. This guy has been reported several times, but each time I tried to spec him, he was playing noob. Thanks for bringing demos. Banned.
  3. ET operation B3 Not allowed. Marked as: Red-mortar Blue-artillery Yellow-heavy weapons Allies first spawn (fixed) Axis spawn (FIXED)
  4. Hello all, so it has been almost 3 weeks now since we added the multikiller announcer feature on our ETL1 main server (please join our discord via discord.teammuppet.com if you are not in already!!) and it's time to provide your feedbacks and ideas for improvement. I believe there is room for enhancement and we can tweek several items around it. As a reminder, here is how it works as of today: self banner message on client side + self sound message on client side multikills within 1second display and sound depending on amount of kills: 2 = double kill 3 = multi kill 4 = mega kill 5 = ultra kill 6 = monster kill 7 = ludicrous kill 8 = holy shitttttt So far these are the main ideas I have gathered from several regular players, please do not hesitate to add to this list and give your ideas: go beyond 8 kills (up to 9? 10?) with new sound and display decrease banner duration --> this is not a server controled setting but a client one, you etiher have to modify the banner duration on in-game settings menu, or tweek the cg_bannerTime cvar on your config. I think by default it's 1000 (10s) but you can reduce it to 2s or whatever increase kills window duration --> from 1s to 1.5s or 2s? change display --> from current !!!!!MULTIKILL!!!! to remove "!!!!" or any other make top tier multikills server wise announcement --> from 6+ maybe? Thanks!
  5. Special Delivery Not allowed. Marked as: Red-mortar Blue-artillery Yellow-heavy weapons Allies first spawn (fixed) Allies second spawn (FIXED) Axis spawn (FIXED)
  6. Yep, name not tolerated. I already kicked him to ask for a name change. if he reconnects again with that name we will need to ban him then.
  7. Flo


    If it’s only about chat behavior, mute this guy.
  8. The new TM patch file only embeds a new sound, nothing related to graphics. Try to reboot your computer and also do some pk3 cleaning on your legacy folder, might help to fix this!
  9. Core legacy implementation of sudden death is broken. However, a lua script works. Feature released today on both ETL1 and ETL2.
  10. Better would be to check the etconsole.log file on the server to see what’s wrong with the bots script
  11. Not sure i’ll be available yet but will try to be there! anyway great idea!!
  12. Knardo, you have initially banned for 90days because we received too many complains about your behavior and we had to take a look at your history and logs, which highlighted: insulting on a regular basis calling everyone noob and/or cheater on a daily basis doing threats against other players strong history: 4 kicks, 16 warnings, 82 spawnkills, 1 ban, and that only for the main server We indeed suspected some kind of mental illness when going through your logs. Man you should rest and relax, this is only a videogame, and stop being a police-wannabe, it will consume you for nothing. After that, you tried to overpass your ban and the system detected it. Thus the 99 years ban. All I can read from your messages is that you don't even admit anything, it's always others' fault. We already spent too much time on your case in the past, and you're still being disrespectful against the players who play on our server. See: https://teammuppet.com/home/forums/topic/20895-banned-for-what https://teammuppet.com/home/forums/topic/20890-cain-vs-knardo/ https://teammuppet.com/home/forums/topic/20880-robert-plant Just to confirm: no one hates you personnaly, lo$t, Jessica, TM team or whoever. We don't know you. We are just players willing to play on a healthy gaming environment, which has some rules like everywhere (first being: respect everyone everytime). You had your chances. Threatening players is a total NO-GO. Now decision is definitive. Please stay away from our servers and our players.
  13. Well, nice try Nigero. No need to try to involve Eagle or MrMuppet. Je$$ica has been ruling the server for many years and has all latitude to do so. He’s protecting all regular players on a daily basis against cheaters/toxic people/spawnkillers/racist etc. Trying to cast such hasty asperions on him is pointless here. All this drama for a name change..it’s just pointing out that Je$$ica took the good decision on the server to avoid endless arguments and discussion so that it doesn’t disturb server normal playing. So in a nutshell, if an admin ask you to change your name, do it. And don’t try to be smarter or the most loud talker, it will lead you nowhere.
  14. Flo


    There is a LUA script running on our servers that automatically put to spec players that don’t move for 30secs
  15. Hello, welcome back in this wonderful community! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay on our servers! Amuse toi bien ! 😊
  16. Yes funny idea. Let’s also add a poll for best smoke user, even if we all know who will win 🤪
  17. yeah and in addition admins are protected by !cancelvote command
  18. Agreed, let’s act now and eventually reverse when problem is gone. Cannot wait for days/weeks before reacting.
  19. I’d rather give kick to TM friends (lvl5) as they are trustfull and no kids. Just need to tell them to kick by slot, not by name or there will be colatorals on innocent peeps. Freeze command currently being bugged (freeze doesn’t last if getting killed), it’s not an efficient option.
  20. I don’t personally think Jessica has any specific hostility against you. His decisions are always based on facts (rules breaking): what he does witness and/or the server logs. The objective of the rules and their enforcement by TM is clear: having a server with pretty many available slots on which everyone can play fairly, i.e without being chain spawnkilled or insulted/discriminated. That’s the whole point, nothing personal with anyone.
  21. Agreed, we should align rules with other maps, i.e capturable spawn are only protected to mortar, rest is allowed
  22. I do agree with pushing for a change regarding heavy and explosions overall quantity. That’s way too much currently, especially when looking at crowded maps voted in the pool (supply, eldernest, decay etc…) Lower to 4 nades max for engi and max lvl 3 heavy weapons would help to lower the mess and frustration of death sprees due to explosions coming from everywhere
  23. Flo


    Welcome among us and hope you’ll enjoy playing around on TM servers!
  24. Great! Thanks for the positive feedback, quite rare as you mentioned!
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