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  1. Hello everybody again, Your opinions are very interesting. I've unfortunately made a decision and I'm going to stop playing Enemy Territory. It's been a few days since it stopped being fun and it's making me angry because of the big, from my point of view, disadvantage I see with other players whose hitrate is "clean". After trying many configurations and modifying my router with a QOS system. I give up. In the end a game is about having fun and having a good time and even if I wasn't playing competitively, there is always that competitive feeling during the game. That's why it's affecting me negatively not finding a way that is acceptable for me to have a hitrate like those players who from my point of view do. So without further ado, thanks to all of you that I have been able to play on Team Muppet servers, with or against you, and above all to those responsible for keeping ET alive. Greetings and maybe sometime very sporadically I'll come in to play and shoot some shots. I'll see you
  2. Hello all, First of all congratulations for having the best etlegacy server and community. Thanks to their efforts, this game is still running after so many years I'm a player from the etpro 3.2.6 mod era. More or less, I started playing around 2006 and quit around 2013 if I remember correctly. Then I came back to play when the pandemic started from time to time on weekends. And now I'm still playing but I'm thinking about saying goodbye for good. I don't know if it has ever happened to you when shooting at an enemy, distracted or in 1vs1, that the hit, even aiming at the head or body, is not effective. It's like there's a pause between hits and obviously the accuracy drops. And I say it is not effective because sometimes the exact opposite happens to me, depending on the player, the "hitrate" of the shots are more followed and this makes it possible to have more "acc". Once, a Portuguese player mentioned the term "internet skills" and it made me quite funny because in the past at the time of clanbase.net it was mentioned that the Israeli players were unhittable's and this reminded me of it. Nowadays in my opinion this happens and players with midexperience in the game get a very high "acc" and a SR You follow them as a spectator and they don't have a great game, only that their hitrate is effective vs the enemy. I have tried many cfg's over the years , I have changed pc's and internet to fiber optic. But it's always the same... I have it clear, for me the term "internet skills" does exist, but I wanted to know what do you think? P.S: Sorry for my bad english
  3. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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