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  1. Damien

    X-mas EVENT

    Ah I couldn't be there yesterday. I hope you guys had a good time!
  2. Damien

    Santa Clause Day

    Yeah, and he had the highest ACC with Thompson/MP40 after each map.
  3. omg, now I see my future in TM in dark colors... probably ban
  4. Macka, choose Polish, you will be able to talk to me. If it is not convincing reason, then you will be able to talk to Anka aka Ho Liu...
  5. Haha, I probably know the cause of this thread. As my application is old, I am not going to find it, just gonna write here. Name in game: Damien (I like this "version" my name <3) Age: 23 Real name: Damian Gender: guess Profession: junior accountant I am on the last year in the university and finally I will be free from education. In free time I don't have any free time, because I am preparing myself to driving license and I have to write Master's Thesis. But if I find free time anyhow, I play ET or learn C# (not Ctrz lol) (programming is my hidden hobby). Sometimes I play in Photoshop, but my results are not comparable to the miraro's or Jaime's ones. OMG, Amanda, nice to see u here! ;O
  6. Damien

    Santa Clause Day

    Niki, are you going to put santa's cap instead of helmet?
  7. mackaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Hello man! :D Nice to see you still here!

    1. fleshpulse


      What, you thought I'd ever leave?

  9. I was afk and when returned there only bots were. Anyway, it was nice to play with you again!
  10. Hello! I am here again (I can't say which time I am returning lol)! It's nice here are still some people from my beginnings in TM (2012, omg time is crazy...).! I am going to visit you more often, but still have many duties so I am not rejoining the clan for now. It depends from many factors. Just wanted to say hello. Cya!
  11. Sup everyone? :sofa:

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    2. Frezzh


      Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DAMIAN :D how ur doing mate?

    3. Damien


      :D Yeah, I have been really busy for long time. :( But I'm fine. :)

      I hope I will be able to visit chat soon. xD

    4. N!nka
  12. 2 years... ;O

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    2. Jaden


      2 years with a break....... :sofa:

    3. Gaunt


      congrats Dami!

    4. Damien


      Jaden, I meant 2 years since the day of my registration here... :sofa:

  13. Damien


    It means you are gonna kick him in chat.
  14. Dami doesn't see the bold text.
  15. I will take part in that with pleasure. But I don't have any idea for team, then you know... option number 2.
  16. Damien

    Hide and Seek event

    Unfortunately I was not able to be there. And still have not known what the hide and seek event is.
  17. Another competition for miraro Joking , good works and keep doing it.
  18. Damien

    Muppet Mail #3

    It's great! Liked the newspaper effect.
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