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  1. Yes!! 


    Will play it regardless of any changes they make, or if they mix it up. Thoroughly enjoyed both DSII and Bloodborne, and I trust that with any changes FromSoftware makes we will still end up with a quality game. I can live with Dark Souls gameplay, the faster Bloodborne gameplay or a mix of both.


    But you're right the environment and enemies looks a lot like Bloodborne in the trailer.


    Actually was currently working on the last trophy for platinum for Bloodborne on PS4 (for final boss in the chalice dungeons, currently stuck on Keeper of the old lords boss in the Defiled dungeon).


    Praise the sun :D

    I forgot to mention that after grinding the DS2 for quite a long time, bosses felt way too easy. The fact that DS3 bosses switch their attack patterns in certain amount of life left is quite nice :) And apparently many bosses have several forms.

  2. As a huge Dark Souls 2 fan, I am really excited about this game. However, it looks way too much like Bloodborne.


    Don't get me wrong - I loved Bloodborne but DS and BB are 2 different games and to me it seems From Software mixed them up here. Graphics and even game mechanics seem to be very similiar. 


    I will still pre-order it because I like the story and my PS4 game shell is currently empty :D What do you guys think? How does it look and have you ever played any of the Soul series games or Bloodborne?


  3. Finland





    But seriously I don't really care. I know only David Beckham, Ronaldo and Jari Litmanen by name from football. Icehockey is my thing. I find it really boring to watch men run across the field chasing a ball, maybe get few goals during 90 minutes if even that. Thought I'd comment though so all fanatic football fans would moan at me :D


    Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish and his solo project 'Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge' based on Don Rosa's character uncle Scrooge. This beautiful singer is called Johanna Kurkela, who is the life partner of Tuomas.


    I am lifetime Nightwish fan, no matter who sings in the band, and this solo project by Tuomas was pure magic as well.

  5. august 11th, would have been sweet if it was earlier. that's the day when I'm going to see System Of A Down... gig ends 19 gmt and I have 2,5 hours driving back home :( can't help the date though.


    Anyway, have fun in the event !

  6. Thanks for commenting Slarty :)


    Kuolema tekee taiteilijan = Death makes the artist


    Only once I got to see my dream
    I didn't feel the smallness under the stars
    Once I got bars to my cradle
    From there I'm writing a letter as a prisoner
    My God, to you let me (be)come what my child takes me for*
    In you, the beauty of the world
    From which the death made me an artist
    My God, to you let me (be)come what my child takes me for
    Created my own heaven here
    Let me get away




    I miss Tarja as well, and I wish I had seen the end of an era tour live.

    Yeah, Tuomas had to adjust the songs on Anette's voice. Last year I saw them live and I liked ''Tarja's'' opera voice songs when Anette sang them, but they are never as great as Tarja singing. Imaginaerum was fantastic for Anette, especially I want my tears back and Scaretale. From Dark Passion Play I like For the heart I once had, Eva, Amaranth, Bye bye beautiful and Sahara the most.



    What comes to the firing, they had had some problems earlier. Tarja was in relationship with Marcelo, who claimed that Tuomas was in love with Tarja, but didn't get any love back so he fired her. Maybe there's something right, since they were from the same city, and knew each other since they were kids.


    How it was pretty much in my opinion at least;

    Tarja started getting slightly greedy and being a diva, if that isn't too strong word. She was demanding personal flights to the gig cities with Marcelo by Nightwish's expenses, wanted more money from the concerts, wanted to decline whole American tours to spend more time with Marcelo and eventually she said that she doesn't need Nightwish because she's famous enough to do solo career and she said she would leave from Nightwish eventually after 2007.


    What comes to Anette, she was ill lately so they had to take many other singers to cover her, and she has a baby again so of course she can't be part of the band for long time in the tours at least :P


    I don't really know if they are going to keep Floor Jansen as permanent member. Some fans want it, Nightwish likes Floor and Floor likes Nightwish, but she has her own band as well, and they start touring soon. So time will tell.

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