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  1. Merry christmas and happy holidays from Dex and Emppu to all muppets
  2. Dexter

    Hide and Seek event

    august 11th, would have been sweet if it was earlier. that's the day when I'm going to see System Of A Down... gig ends 19 gmt and I have 2,5 hours driving back home can't help the date though. Anyway, have fun in the event !
  3. bacerace I'm not sure if TM had event there yet, but I remember there was H&S earlier so, fingers crossed :3
  4. Happy midsummer to everyone who celebrate it :D

  5. Vacation!!!

    1. empsu


      yayyyyy! parteehh!

    2. Slarty


      sounds like a plan to me :D

    3. Macka


      More time for ET :D

  6. haha welcome to the forums
  7. OMG haven't been in Jaymod for 24 hours somebody kill me to end this pain
  8. I re-installed et to fix the problem.
  9. My game still keeps freezing for a second every time radio says '' dynamite planted '' or something like that. Is there any way to close these messages ?
  10. had connection interrupted actually, then I was thrown away from the game. When tried to re-join the connecting timer kept going on. After a while I was able to join again and other players connected back as well because it happened to them also. Map was the same. Every time It happened I tried connecting to pub and it had no problems there.
  11. Map cycle was okay as far as I saw. It crashed in Oasis like 3 times in a row, but it was in other maps as well.
  12. yeah someone said that as well.
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