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Jaymod freezing a bit for me


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So my issue is this: When I play, my Et freezes for like a half second and then it keeps going like nothing happened. Really annoys me when I'm in the middle of a battle and suddenly a lag spike / freeze and I see myself dead :D


My fps doesn't drop or my ping doesnt go up at all when that happens, so I don't really know why is that.

I have a new internet now so my ping is smooth + I tried rebooting computer, et client and I made sure I don't have any virus scans running.


Does anyone else have this problem or do you know what would help ?




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my game stucks half second aswell if theres a map-side radio message like "tank damaged" or "they repaired da tank" ....... havent found any solutions. seems i/we have to live with it!

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If the Jaymod crashes again can someone please check to see if the TS3, baserace only etc are still running?


I have just checked via rdt and the box has not had any issues, I believe Flesh is going to check the Jaymod logs later.


Has the map cycle been changed recently?

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had connection interrupted actually, then I was thrown away from the game. When tried to re-join the connecting timer kept going on. After a while I was able to join again and other players connected back as well because it happened to them also.

Map was the same.


Every time It happened I tried connecting to pub and it had no problems there.

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The server (jay mod) is apparently down atm, I couldn't log in there just. 


I had on my crappy laptop and mini-mac lagspikes and freezing when the announcer said something, but I put this down to the lousy sound cards.

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