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  1. Added etl adlernest, etl delivery and etl frostbite to the server please let us know if you prefer these version or you like the original versions better.
  2. thanks we will see if we can find a updated one.
  3. We would like to hear feed back for etl2 what would make you visit there rather then the main server. How we can make it better.
  4. Just put etl2.teammuppet.com for etl2 lf that's possible then it will never need changing
  5. Yes can you do that please we are at work the next 4 days.
  6. Yes away unit the 15th sept I will sort when I get back.
  7. Voting is part of legacy so nothing we can do to change it. If there is a suggestion you need to bring it up with the dev's.
  8. v2 base removed must be conflict with another map. added transmitter, Praetoria 2, El_kef_final and added normal goldrush back. need to do configs for other will look when i have more time.
  9. we do try to change maps but lots just do not get voted for no matter how many time we add them to the server. We will change them again next week. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. ok have tagged you and them in the chat on discord we can always make a channel on discord if they want to help
  11. do we want to move this topic for some of the regulars to help us? some on discord seemed interested.
  12. Picture above are really old and example not the correct area's
  13. I thought they want this for every map on the server. I have no idea if its possible to make a sperate pk3 for the minimaps for each map.
  14. This sounds great but I don't know how we would do it? changing map pk3 isn't a great idea as it would change the original maps causes issues with downloads as the name will have to change. Also who is going to make all the maps? who is going to make map for the maps when we change them? we won't just be able to add maps when we feel like it we will have to wait for the maps to be done. We would also need to discuss every spawn killing point on every map before they are made. So if you guys are really serious about this then you need to think about everything above and how it all will happen.
  15. we can do either put tcbase on or try brewdog
  16. Would like to say a big thank to you all for the wonderful presents you sent myself and mrmuppet. We were not expecting them and was trying to work out where they came from. I would like to thank the person who took all the effort to organise them for us. Thank you @0wN1x for the art work for the card and all the other admin @Dmxj @Matu @Jessica @Mister J @Eagle_cz and @Ande. Thank you to all our wonderful members and regular players who keep the server alive This even made me cry
  17. Great works @0wN1x happy anniversary everyone
  18. Both but yes if you look at /players I would say most people on our server use etlegacy of some sort.
  19. Thank you for bringing this here now. This is difficult issue as most of Europe do not agree with the war and will support the Ukraine. How ever I do see your point of being fair to everyone. We will discuss the matter and try to decide how we can try and treat everyone fair. Any other feed back is welcome.
  20. He also would like someone using Mac to try it.
  21. so many hide and so many seek. If you are on the hiding team and manage to stay alive until the time runs out that team wins if not the seeking team wins. You also only get hand guns and knifes if you seeking. hiding team can not kill the seekers.
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