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hi guys i need experience players opinion


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if anyone want to help me i have player that i need to hear other opinions about him using wh or clean player.. the guy play on a different server so i didnt posted it on ban topic and it will be ok if you guys wont help.. but if someone would be willing to help with his opinion

you have here 3 videos around 7 min together, wont take long.. tell me what you think



here the full demos and more if anyone wanna check out



for me.. i already know the answer.. there is no room for questions 
but i need more opinions of experience et players.. so would be nice to hear more opinions 

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jes try to watch it with the mode of jaymod should work its on twc no download server its a jaymode 

nik im not in there clan anymore for around a month and the reason is there demo team ill explain later why i left that sad clan


when you try to open the demos youll need to change the mode to jaymode it should work and most of them very long so the mp4 should be enough most of the parts in that mp4..
thx for sharing your opi nik


anyone else?

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Thx guys for your replys its really helpfull

And purplehaze in that mp4 i already used the show normal and without it in the parts that needed the shownormal it will save time but ofc the demo is the best way to watch it i will right here the times in every demo that need to be check for save you some time check out how many of them that you need..



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so toni idk about multy hack but i know for a fact its 100% wh just needed some more opi so thx for your help 

and good thing i have the old conversation about this case so i just copyed the part i found as good proof ofc i put out all those moment that you can explain by sound

and its alot.. only some of it should be enough if you ask me but last time i was the only one that saw it so ill let you guys to tell me what you think cuz i know you unlike them not corrupted 

27:10 (aim at my head couldnt see or hear me) one of the best proofe i have 
23:30 + 21:00 (find me camping without sound)
(if its obv to check there find another time that he searched there 23:55 he didnt tho got rid of the rifle and the 
medic jumped at him only after he went inside he should check it if its obv [20sec before spot me camping])
22:10 (wating for something in the upside of the enemy spawn before he could hear the water)

20:30 shooting at the wall at the sniper behind
16:45 made any noise and he found me somehow and went back only to kill me without see or hear me

14:45 you can hear the enemy and the revive obv they are there but he shot one of them before he saw him
(you can tell someone around that area but you cant tell exactly where.. so another lucky shoot?)

27:45 using the tree to hide he couldnt see also but in his first shoot he make hs without seeing or hearing

16:10 the dead player guy 

23:45 aimed at the guy before he saw him (the only time he did that there)
19:15 sniping me before he spot me from the other side of the map

he is shooting at axis spawn.. you can hear a medic coming to his way from the stairs so far its make sense to go there 
and then he throw the nade to the side and instead checking if he is behind him in his left side under him with nade he watch at the
wall in front of him prepare with the sniping and aiming and then jump right to him.. normal player would check around him first

he is in front of enemy spawn and he look to there old spawn tho its empty by now.. 
and when you use shownormals you see what he was wating for

16:10 something make his reflex jump up and look up and go up.. with shownormal you see what
08:00 turned around in the air with 0 noise around and tracking eng of the enemy through the wall the most obv part you can 
see how he use his wh

27:00 walk with caps and use nade before you could see or hear him
22:00 turn fast to aim at the enemy before you can see or hear him

28:10 aiming on enemy head through the door even tho there is battle that should take any normal player atantion
23:20 shooting and the wall ofc didnt split cuz he moved fast the mouse clearly a reflex 
21:05 use nade in his own spawn never saw anyone do that unless you know the enemy is there
17:35 barely could see the failed ops
06:10 walk with caps again in the obv place and ofc there was there an enemy 
04:25 shoot at the floor the enemy behind it in the water and he couldnt see or hear him 
00:40 shoot at the boxes without seeing him

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btw haze if you asking me that mp4 is pretty obv if youll take a look at the video that call wall shoting the last 3 part..

and at the video that call tracking players behind the walls part number 1..  it's so obvious for me at least

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ye you are pretty correct to say you can cancel a lot of it by sound and skill. (read timer for spawn enemy). Still there were to unexplainable moments unless you look with shownormals. Luck? I don't think so. Wh for me, maybe like toni suggested multihack cause he seems to have rearmirrors in some cases. 

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2 minutes ago, *G$D* said:

btw haze if you asking me that mp4 is pretty obv if youll take a look at the video that call wall shoting the last 3 part..

and at the video that call tracking players behind the walls part number 1..  it's so obvious for me at least

i didn't look at it, like i said i would look in the evening, it's evening i looked and answered lol :P didn't know you put the shownormals in the mp4. I'm not used to people who come prepared :P 

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If you have not tested it yet, I highly recommend using Demoview.

You can find it here: (If you can't download it from our site just google it and it should be under first link.)


Lazy to write what it is so I will copy paste this from our forums:



or the new and also more experienced people around here, i suggest, that you use a special program called et demoview for watching demos: http://www.teammuppet.eu/home/index.php?/files/file/103-et-demoview/

It includes the read me file, but here are few of the features it has:


- pause

- forward/rewind

- time seek

- 7 different shownormals settings

- realview of player

- unlag option


Here is the read me file, quoted the important parts:


ET DemoView Edition by SunLight

This is an alternative ET version with some extra features for demo reviewing.

I made it at first because on Linux I couldn't use image-et to rewind demos, later I compiled it for Windows too, because I liked the new features, and I wanted to use it instead of image-et, which is a great tool but more movie-making oriented

The main purpose of this modified version is to check possible cheaters demos, but you might like such features as demo unlagging, movement graph, watching demos from other players p.o.v., attacker view, even for reasons other than cheater busting.


This et version is not compatible with etpro (because etpro requires original et2.60b), but you can use Wolfcam (included in this zip) to watch etpro demos.


Changes from original ET:

  • Added sdl sound support for Linux, no need for et-sdl-sound anymore
  • Blocked /connect command, this game version is only for demo review!
  • Demo unlagger, to see real players aim without delay
  • Improved r_shownormals with new modes, to check for wallhackers more easily
  • 'Real view' of player aim without screenshakes (can be enabled or disabled)
  • Added a command to show player names
  • You can toggle shownormals, real aim view, and player names with your keyboard
  • Demo seek/rewind
  • You can watch demos from another player's point of view (beta)
  • Attacker view, to automatically follow all players who attack the player who recorded the demo
  • Added a 'movement graph' to check for warp in player movement
  • Demos are now sorted in alphabetical order in ET main menu



It's just a single executable, it creates no extra cvars in your config, but it's better if you create a separate ET folder with it, as I did. On Windows I also have image-et in the same separate ET install.

(That is, I copied all my Enemy Territory folder to some other location, including all mods, and I copied this new ET there, where the original et.exe is).
This way I can have extra pk3 for textures, and I can keep the settings and configs separated from my main ET installation. I also have image-et and Wolfcam there.

Of course you can keep it together with your normal ET if you like, it won't modify your config or anything, I just prefer to keep it separate to have different settings.

To start, just run this ET version instead of the usual et.exe (or et.x86 on Linux).

Remember that you cannot connect to any servers with this one, and on Linux sound should work out of the box without et-sdl-sound, so you don't need it (tested on Fedora and Arch Linux).


This ET version is only for viewing demos, don't play with it!
I disabled the /connect command, so it shouldn't be possible anyway. It's a modified et, so if you play with punkbuster on, it could be taken as a cheat, because it's different from the original 2.60b. Again, use it only for demo review. I disabled /connect for this reason.


Commands: /demo_unlag auto

/demo_unlag auto enables the auto-unlagger. It's the best option, if you want to see players in a position very close to where you saw them in game (if you recorded yourself) or where the player you recorded saw them (if you record someone else).

It makes an interpolation similar to antilag, and it reads the ping of the player you are watching automatically, in real time. If the demo switches to a different player with a different ping (for example when you die), or the player you watch has lags, enemies are still adjusted in real time to a position very close to where the recorded player saw them.

If you watch the demo from a different player's point of view (I mean different than the one originally in the demo, using /demo_follow command) auto unlagger doesn't unlag anything, you have to use manual unlagger in this case (see below) and look at the scoreboard to see his ping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since with auto-unlagger enemies are unlagged with the real recorded player's ping, and this ping can be laggy/unsteady, you might see enemies lagging when he lags.
This doesn't happen in standard ET, or if you use the manual unlagger. (In that case, you would see players lag only if they lag themselves).
You can safely choose auto unlag for most situations, auto unlagger is tweaked to show enemies close to where you saw them in game. Or you can specify a fixed ping manually (see below).

/demo_unlag [value]

This will activate the manual unlagger.
Example: you are watching a demo of a player with 150 ping, then you type /demo_unlag 150 in your game console.
If you type the command without any value, it will show you the current value. Current unlag value is also shown in the infotext on top of your game screen.

You can check the estimated ping (of the player recorded in the demo) in the infotext above in your screen (it will be missing if you follow another player) or you can check all pings by pressing tab, and looking at the scoreboard (only when this info was recorded in the demo).

With this command you will basically move enemies in the past, this way you won't see the player aiming 'behind' the target anymore. Since a server frame is 50ms, in theory it makes no sense to use values that are not a multiple of 50. That's because only the auto-unlagger (see above) interpolates players, this manual one moves them back a fixed number of server frames.
You can check player pings as I explained above, or guess the right value by watching a fight, if the player hits behind the target raise unlag, if he aims ahead (and hits) lower it. In general, those 'dust things' when he hits should be on the target, not behind or ahead.

/demo_unlag off

/demo_unlag off disables the demo unlagger. You will see players aiming in the past, like in standard ET. So you won't see what they saw during the game, players with antilag aim on the target, and they will appear as aiming behind, players not using antilag have to aim ahead in game, and you will see them aiming on the target in the demo.
In both cases their aim will be behind, if compared to where they really aimed. That's the standard ET behaviour.
I suggest to always unlag demos, unless you really have a reason not to do so.

/demo_seektime [min:sec]

Example: you want to jump (or go back) to 7:50? You type /demo_seektime 7:50
(hint: you can also type 7:60 instead of 8:00, etc. there is no check, so be careful when you type times, the format is min:sec but seconds can be >= 60
this can be also useful if you want to add something to seconds, and you are too lazy to do the proper maths :P)

/demo_seekrelative [+-seconds]

Example: to go back 10 seconds type: /demo_seekrelative -10

/demo_seek_svtime [servertime]

Use this if you know the servertime (like with image-et). If you just type it, it will tell you the current servertime.
Later, you can go back to that servertime, if you type that number after the command.
Not recommended, unless you are familiar with image-et and you wanna use the same format, but it could be useful in some maps where the clock is changed by the map script (time bonuses...). In that case the normal seek times could fail, and you might want to use this one instead.

  • you can check the server time in the infotext above in your game screen.
  • if you want to go back at the start of the demo, you can just type: /demo_seek_svtime 0

Every time you'll rewind or go forward with any of these commands, timescale will be set to 0, so you won't miss the beginning of the action. You need to put timescale back to 1 manually (numpad 5, or space)


This command shows the last demo played (useful when you are in the main menu again, and you forgot :P)

/demo_force_fov [fovx fovy off]

This command forces a cg_fov without limits (i.e. you can set it lower than 90 to zoom)
you can set fovx and fovy separately, type /demo_force_fov off to disable.

/demo_shift_zoomfov [value]

This command sets the custom cg_fov to use when you hold SHIFT.
(you can set a very low value to zoom, for example 20 would be like sniper zoom)

/demo_ctrl_timescale [value]

This is to set the alternative timescale to use when you hold CTRL.
example: /demo_ctrl_timescale 0.2
(by default, ctrl slows down, and alt speeds up.)

/demo_alt_timescale [value]

This is to set the alternative timescale to use when you hold ALT.
example: /demo_alt_timescale 5
(by default, ctrl slows down, and alt speeds up.)

new r_shownormals values:

/r_shownormals 1 and 2 are the same as standard et.
/r_shownormals 3 -> only players, version 1
/r_shownormals 4 -> only players, version 2
/r_shownormals 5 -> only players, with colors (red and blue) for axis and allies
/r_shownormals 6 or 7
these show normals only for axis (6) or allies (7). The color is taken from r_triscolor (like in the default et command r_showtris) so you can change it as you like.

note: it's based on player skin, so coverts with uni will appear as belonging to the other team.

the format for r_triscolor is "r g b alpha"

for example, you want a white map with black shownormals? type:

/r_lightmap 1
/r_triscolor "0 0 0 1"

1.0 = full alpha, so /r_triscolor "0 0 0 0.5" would make it half transparent, etc.
you can also play with /r_normallength values (as in the original game)

/demo_realview [0,1]

If you set it to 1, you will see no screenshakes when the player is hit. This is useful to check their real aim better, if you suspect they are aimbotting. Set back to 0 to disable. This is a command not a cvar, so it won't be stored. This modified et version doesn't have any new cvars, only new commands.


Shows a list of all clients, together with their client numbers.

/demo_playernames [0 - 3]

Shows player names, 0 = off, 1 = on, 2 = enemies only, 3 = team mates only

/demo_follow n

Follows player slot number n, when that player view is available.
(To check player numbers, type /demo_listplayers)

It's impossible to see an action from another player's point of view, as if you were really speccing him. Some things will be wrong (no leaning, for example). But their position and aim will be correct. You can follow another player only when he is in the same zone as the player who recorded the demo.
Of course, since he could be in another 'zone', he could be able to see players that you can't see, and those players will be missing from the camera view. It's not a bug, those players are just missing from the data in your demo. This command is useful if you want to see someone playing, but you want to play yourself too, so you can't spec him. Record a demo from your point of view, then watch it from his pov.

/demo_follow all

Follows all players who attack the recorded player. (This could be useful if you want to see how everyone kills you, you record a demo, then use this command to watch the demo from all your attacker's point of view.)

/demo_follow off

Stops following other players.


Note2: read this only for etpro demos and wolfcam
If you use wolfcam to watch etpro demos, you have 2 choices: /demo_follow and wolfcam's command /follow. Which one should you use?
If you use /demo_follow, then the unlagger will work, if you use wolfcam's /follow command, the unlagger will unlag the wrong player, because the game doesn't know you are speccing another player.
So, if you don't want to unlag, you can use wolfcam's /follow command. Otherwise use /demo_follow
This applies only to wolfcam, not to other mods.

/demo_movegraph [clientnum]

This draws a graph of choosen player's movement. (To check player numbers, type /demo_listplayers).
This graph could be useful to check for player lag (the infamous 'laggers' or players with low maxpackets)

In the graph you have 2 parts:

  • The blue part is the 'ideal' speed, that is the speed/movement that player should ideally have (actually it's impossible to have it even if you play in lan)
  • The yellow part is the actual speed the player had in the server frames.

As you can easily see, nobody has the yellow graph perfectly matching the blue one, but players who don't send packets to the server in an even way (low maxpackets, isp lag, downloading, etc.) will have bigger differences.
They basically move slower for 1 frame then all of a sudden they compensate for that by moving faster, so they can make quicker movements in short times, if compared to non-laggers.
The average difference for a player who doesn't lag should be around 10-20% max, but you can compare different players to have an idea.
(Occasional lag spikes could raise the average, until the lag spike is gone from the graph)
'Ground diff.' is the average amount of extra movement they can do in 1 server frame, calculated only when they are on the ground (not jumping, etc.). This too should be as small as possible.

Realtime Keys: A

Automatically sets r_shownormals to 6 or 7, according to the 'specced' player's team (i.e. if he is in axis, you will see shownormals for allies and vice versa).
It will also set realview to 1, and unlagger to 'auto'.
Remember that you can change r_shownormals colors using /r_triscolor (see above)


toggles r_shownormals between 0 and the last value you used (defaults to 5 if you didn't set to something else)


toggles demo_realview on/off


toggles player names on/off (for other values use \demo_playernames, see above)


Toggles demo pause (timescale 0)


hold to change timescale to the custom value set with \demo_ctrl_timescale
(you can also use it while the demo is paused with P, so when you release CTRL the demo will go back to pause)


hold to change timescale to the custom value set with \demo_alt_timescale
(can be used while the demo is paused, as well)


hold to zoom to a custom fov (\demo_shift_zoomfov to set, it can be higher than your normal cg_fov, but it's more useful if you set it to a lower value)

check the infotext above in your screen, to see what's enabled and what's not, and the current unlag value, servertime, etc.

happy demo watching...





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