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  1. Mitä mestari mitä mestari 

    1. Toni


      Ei täs elämää kummempaa. Pitää joku kerta tulla nöyryyttään sua taas ETn puolelle! ;)

    2. P3Swan


      Ihan vapaasti vaan :D Menny muutama kuukaus näistäki viesteistä xD Kait sitä vois joskus tulla ottaa turpiin ku äijäkin on ETtä pelailee. Itekkää kauheena enää pelaillu. No kait se pitää varmaan lämpöjä ottaa ETsssä et ei ihan kauhee kovasti tuu turpii :D

  2. Toni

    Easter Event

    Did it end already? I was there first time 4 hours ago and server was empty. Now I rejoin and server is still empty... :o
  3. Welcome Jiren. By: #17, Goku and Frieza
  4. Toni

    Halloween Event

    Event was great. I had fun. Good work Purple, keep going!
  5. FPS limit should be at least 240 as people may have 240hz monitors.
  6. Well, no. Trickjump has been part of wolf. since return to castle. Im one of those rare finds in these days who start to practice this awesome skill back to then. Its like we should disable panzer because few people dont like it.
  7. We discus about this trickjump thing years ago when I joined in this clan. As I was confused what I can do and what not. If you need to blow up something you can't trickjump there and take CP/flag. Its not the way how map maker wanted we play his map. Also you can't go to places where you can end map. Ex. you can't jump over the oasis wall and go to blow up the guns. All trickjump is allowed where you do not skip the obstacle that is destined to be destroyed or something like that. Unless there is already another route already exists there.
  8. Toni

    Easter Event

    I was way too drunk yesterday but no hangover right now.
  9. Toni

    Easter Event

    Once again. Thank you Purple. You did amazing work. Im glad we have member like you in clan.
  10. Nice video! Sadly I didn't see there mine and Mister J great team work!
  11. Toni

    no guid on nitmod

    This is weird. You can try this: Place the etkey in User->AppData->Local->Punkbuster->ET->etmain (create the folder if it not exists) If you don't see appdata folder go to control panel->file explorer options->view->show hidden files, folders and drives.
  12. That was so fun! Thanks to everyone who was there
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