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i have 2 questions


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Anyone know how to config that ill have 1 pistol? What should i write in the cfg?


And second thing im trying to watch demos from the event that i took and get same error in all of those demos in that domination mode..


Is anyone know how to fix it?

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I doubt it. With SMG engi and SMG rifle it has been coded as different classes with different weaponbanks. Dont think that akimbos have it. I usually change it when I join game..


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for pistol, listen to @nerdle. For those demo's, did you put your et in dominationmod before launching demo? - if so can you send one of those files so i can check myself. 

PS: why do people keep on recording in ET itself (ok i get it for cheaters, but if its for fun no), it's 2018 people wake up :P Millions of free recording software out there waiting for you. No more mess with dm84, better quality, what are you all waiting for? :P 

For Nvidia users => https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/ best tool ever and easy to use. 

For all others just google game record software :) Don't waste time on dm84 files :) 


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thx its on the domination folder



and ye i did try many of the screen recorders most of them wasnt good (made the fps in the game drop so i couldnt play with it or to short or other problems)

but i am using Nvidia  to record the game.. but last time i used it i run out of memory in the pc :D

only 1 min of it its 320M and thats mean only 1 map will take me 10gb :D too much so i started use demos again

10 full maps together around 40m so its much better then record it.. 

but when i want to upload short part for frag movie or something i am using the Nvidia.. i also recommend using it.. very good and helpful program 


so back to my problem :D
i sent you some of the demos tell me if its working for you 

thx man

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