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  1. My response only asked if he was making jokes or an actual suggestion. Didnt know that TM friends somehow ranks now above TM members and we need to handle them with white gloves and extreme caution only. jeez, relax.
  2. It's not hard to actually produce that list of preferred maps by time/ amount of people playing at that time/ etc if provided with enough data to run these calculations on. But whatever solution will be suggested, even if backed by data fully, there will be always people who are against it because they are just protesting or mocking or complaining for no good reason. Would you play that calculated and suggested rotation blindly without questioning it or complaining about it @HeRcErMeR ? Or you just tried to google some words and make jokes at @LordMarco6699 expence without actually adding anything useful to this suggestion topic?
  3. Sounds good in theory, failed in reality in past but its very fair to try again. Current system also doesnt actually show the majority descision but the result of the few active people voting.
  4. Not a bad idea to increase interval. But we could also go back to some certain rotation for a while. We used to had it, then people left when some map began .. which they still do so I don't see much difference. The voting is nice, but even with full server (40+) people I usually see like maybe 5-8 people voting and then others complain when new map begins. Food for thought anyways.
  5. Yes, we already have those in some maps. Suprised that you have not seen those yet ..
  6. I think it would be good to list down all these maps where it happens and also make sure that we have updated map file available before adding new map in. Also make more use of the glass roofs. With Oasis and similar maps that has capturable spawn we can either sort it with drawing on a map OR maybe it is possible to use custom command with a map. For example !rule oasis and display well worded rules in both console and chat area and keep make them spammy if needed + if possible, change that text after some even has took place. Like when tunnel door is open, it is displayed "TUNNEL DOOR OPEN" - could we display similar writing "NO heavy weapons in map sector D1 (maybe its easier to communicate using sector names on map?)". D1 is pretty much what we do aim to stop here.
  7. Minimap is where I taught its gonna be. Can we make minimap bigger so it would be easier to determine where the line of allowed/not allowed actually is? But if we can do it on map itself then it fixes the issue of marking areas indoors. Would be good to see some drafts on how it should look.
  8. I like how you shared table that only few people can see
  9. If you can make this idea to be accepted - congrats . Last few times it was suggested it got rejected with reasoning that we dont want to give people so many modified pk3 packages to download. Have also been suggestion to modify maps themselves to draw red line on the ground for spawnarea for example. Wouldnt mind updated ingame map at all.
  10. I think they have even right to sue if something you hand out free is similar and recognizable as their trademarked product and through that you are costing them theoretical sale of their own similar product. Like if you make lots of shoes, add 3 stripes and similar logo to Adidas and hand them out free.. I doubt Adidas is happy that everyone have Adidas-like shoes but they themselves haven't sold any But yea, not making shirts seem like best option. You could upload vector images to somewhere (if that's fine to share) so someone could make their own Teammuppet mug or shirt with their own cost and responsibility
  11. The discussion about using name "TeamMuppet" (or Teammuppet"; "teammuppet") and the modified logo is pretty interesting. By law, both - the word "Muppet" and the Kermit logo are trademark protected (link 1; link 2 etc) and for sure you cant really sell varia of items with the naming or with the design. By law the shops can’t even print copyrighted material without permission from the original creator. But there is always the "fair use" question. When we talk about t-shirts, determining the ‘intent’ can be tricky area to navigate. Using an our logo on a custom shirt might be fine, provided it’s for noncommercial use. But it might still be questionable, because we can be asked any time or can be forced to prove that we're not making many out of using it and/or cause less profits to the original creator. TLDR version - if we wanna sell it, it can be a real big issue. If we just want to own Teammuppet logo/name t-shirt (or other varia) then we should create vector file and everyone can make items for themselves by using it. Easiest option is to create whole new logo and try to modify current name enough so it would be very clearly distinguishable from the original patentented one. Everything too similar can cause trouble, especially on current times when a lot of info is freely accessible in internet.
  12. Ctrz


    You mean longer punishment? @Jessica have pulna got any other warns/kicks?
  13. Ctrz


    Why you keep lying? If it was just stealing name.. maybe would be believable. But you made a vote that was very childish and you knew what would happen with the name real owner which is why you renamed yourself back to your regular name faster than anyone in server could react or produce any other line of information to console. You should feel lucky to only get away with 30d ban and not more because in my eyes you deliberately went out to harm someone else.
  14. If you mention "another topic" then maybe you can link it to here?
  15. We heard lost side of story. Could you elaborate on what happened? What weapon did you use? What spawn did you shoot? ..
  16. No, not that. Just I would love to give it a go and have fun in there if it would be same as movement in legacy. Maybe just the possibility to save and load your position would be helpful. Also some shooting practice map that helps you to choose suitable crosshair and work out fov and sensitivity wouldnt be bad.
  17. You want just legacy server with trickjump maps? Or trickjump settings? I taught that there is already 15+ trickjump servers available so I dont think there is a lack of TJ servers. I've seen people practising "abusing the game physics" and then complaining how s*it the gaming server and its settings are because the well practised jumps dont work. But who am I to judge. Just keep on suggesting and give admins some foor for thoughts.
  18. The stronger the player you are, the less uneven teams might affect your mood in server as you like facing tough challenge and some good enemies shooting back. But majority wants casual shooting, progression of maps and not to have 5 kills and 50 deaths at the end of map even if they manage to win somehow. The outcome of game is related very directly with how the game feels. Many occasions it takes some observation to see how teams have progressed. You can call it a luck for a weaker team if they manage to (for example) repair tank within first minute of goldrush as allied and driven it to the endpoint without basically stopping and have blown bank doors with 4 minutes from the start. But not all people with shuffle command (TM members, admins etc) can see the whole picture while playing NOR can see the whole picture when they connect server and see whats the status of map progression. I would say the balance between good and useful shuffles vs failed ones in TM servers (at least when I played very actively) was about 70/30. 3 shuffles out of 10 didnt bring any change or change wasnt actually needed. But its still just a game. Cant go too deep to analyze if shuffle is needed at that moment or not because it really comes down on how the person doing the shuffle is reading the mindset in server. If you start analyzing a) what is the allied/axis strategy been, b) did either of team had good people in important classes (engineers, coverts etc), c) is the map balanced one or more axis/allied sided one, d) is the map big/small enough to even support attacking/defending succesfully, e) do players on axis/allied just know/like current map better than last/next map etc. If you try to take all info into account, some people have already left, map have changed, game might have changed to completely 180 degrees but the biggest difference is that someone has left because they did not enjoy the game at all. So if shuffle is done sometimes when you feel like it was unnecessary then maybe it was done to help out someone else who did not enjoy the game at that map or some maps in a row already. I've yet to see situation where 100% of players in server (I talk about full/ full-ish server) agrees on need of a shuffle. And team balancing .. also very unstable thing. Sometimes team of 10 can be playing much stronger than enemy team of 13 so its very strange to go and swap to team that is actually stronger. Statistically we can do or try different things but statistics can lie but placebo effect of a change magically works. Thats server management 101.
  19. I think thats one of the bugs that has been so long in game . Remember all the traffic jams in axis spawn exit with people who wants to go downstairs vs who wants to go cp area
  20. I think its easier to make new ET game rather than reach to any agreement with people who have played this game 15+ years like this. Sometimes I miss that Medic/Fops cant take Sten gun like it was possible in RTCW ..
  21. So you are saying TM should allow every name to be used in game? For example like Hitler or Breivik or Bin Laden? And for example comments that say that rape does not exist and women deserve that harm or it was totally fine what happened in concentration camps or that jews were deported? It is my opinion and it is based of facts, court rulings and information from people who lives there. I'm not admin and I'm not neutral. It is impossible to be neutral over war crimes. Especially if they affect you very closely. You like to complain over someone else beeing a jerk and getting a slap on a wrist for it and if thats what you like - go ahead. I just like beeing jerk towards other jerks. Nothing personal.
  22. Life sometimes is not fair, you got to learn to live with it. Owner of the house set the rules. Even a "no politics" can be a policy because politics ≠ policy. Have your name in whatever colours you like - we have said that it is totally fine. Even if you name yourself Ivan or Jevgeni or Vladimir - it is also totally fine. The moment you start discussion about politics in chat or showcase slogans by using them as names - it becomes an issue. And admins usually have tools in hand and trust from others to deal with those issues. As I'm aware right now - pro-Russia and pro-War statements are currently "non grata" in our servers. As long as there has not been any statement or instruction handed out by TM admin group of there beeing exception to this policy, it will still remain. It's not just our little opinion. It is also the ruling of ICJ. Pretty moral side to choose and policy to enforce. TM is very open and democratic - you are always welcome to complain about if something is not to your liking and always responded and given explanation. But if you are looking for some kind of anarchy or nihilism or you dislike that game chat and playernames are not the place to show your support to war crimes and that is a deal breaker for you,then I suggest you to go elsewhere.
  23. And don't forget that you are guest in TM servers. TM community and what it offers (servers to play ET in, forum to discuss stuff and discord server to have daily interactions with other community members) is not public service. As long as it is under someones ownership and responsibility - the rules and policies are set in place by the ones in charge. You don't like them - noone forces you to stay here. You are free to play elsewhere. You want to have discussion about politics - there is a time and place for that, but gameserver chat is not that. You can have whatever color names you wish in server - yellow/blue to support Ukraine, Sweden or Kazakhstan if you like. Blue/white/red combination - support Russia, France, Panama, Costa Rica etc. That is not an issue. If you start using set names that are not welcomed at current time then you will be noted and you either change name or leave the server. It is nothing new - it was the same with Covid, terrorist attacks etc. You are somewhat correct and somewhat incorrect. Jessica is not the one to decide if Russian terroristic attack against Ukraine is right or wrong BUT he is very much in position to decide what is okay to be voiced in TM servers/forum/discord (names, public chat etc). Hope your greek uncle is doing well at the moment. +1
  24. In my humble opinion, the main 2 downsides of automated afk kick from spec are: a) if the person going afk will say "I will be back in 4 minutes, I need to go toilet" (for example) and then he still can be kicked b) if the person who joins will also just stay in spec I remember back in old community we used to kick all specs when server got full. All got warning and all were booted to keep it fair (with the exception of members in member slot and admin/sc slots).
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