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  1. Wonder how different the map would play if the command post could be built by allies only OR it would be capturable flag.
  2. Maybe possible to damage past some area?
  3. I've played it with destroyable truck. It had a lot of very close endings because you could still destroy truck couple of times after it had passed 2nd truck barrier.
  4. yes, in my opinion mortar shouldnt be allowed to hide somewhere where enemy team mortar cant shoot back because of the rules.
  5. Hey . I don't know if any of them are in the works but in the spirit of them not getting lost in discord blabla I ask: a) could we add level 5 players (TM friends) possibility to call vote for kick someone lower or same level as they are and that person to be kicked when X % of "yes votes" are reached? Also could we save the data of these votes in some table to see who have really guarded well the server and who have been actively/repeatedly naughty when no TM tagged person is online. No need for that data to be published on anyone other than admin group. b) could we decrease considerably the blast radius of panzer and mortar to make it a less mass destruction weapon. Recharge bar could stay unchanged and also - PLEASE remove the option to have Thompson/mp40 with heavy weapons. c) start spawnexit rules ombudsman project because even if lines are drawn on maps and heated discussions have taken place then it seems that exact principles that will protect spawned player on the journey out from spawn spawn still seems unclear enough to leave a lot of room to wiggle or to be unsure. If anything else need to be done (lines on maps etc then that's an extra). It's easier to follow the rules if players understand what principles these rules follow and why are they there. Surely I have some other things written down but let's start with these 3.
  6. I agree that things like this could be clarified and one side can not kick before clarification is resulted and mortering side could not also mortar there until it's clarified. For me it's the same with Venice. If you can exit the building and avoid mortar then it's okay place to aim. If the person gets hit heavily/killed as soon as he exits that doorway then that's a no-no. Doesn't matter if there is more than one room indoors or not - we talk about going from spawn to first area with open sky above. Mortar is fun gun and cool to use but we should allow people exiting the spawn at least the opportunity to dodge it. With arstrike/arty you can see it and avoid it. Same with backspawn for axis (ladder up to where truck stops to pick up gold) and also the dooway opposite side. The only exit that I would allow to mortar is the upper one above the ramp as you can play objective as axis without really going there and thus far need no protection in that doorway.
  7. Can the power of mortar/panzer be changed? That you can shoot it with same speed but you need much more direct hits?
  8. happens very few times when some dedicated soldier decides to play the AT gun. Do I remember correctly that other classes cannot use it?
  9. Would be fun to know how many times axis actually manages to win by destroying tank. Mostly I've seen allies get stuck otherwise (20vs20 and not many open areas to attack from) or see them running over axis.
  10. How can we forget you .
  11. Then we should open this option in other maps aswell. For example in Bremen.
  12. In all years in discord, forum etc this has got to be the most sensible thing anyone has said about ET when "changing X settings" has been discussed. Gotta tip my fedora for this.
  13. Offtopic alert: I remember it beeing nq or jaymod server where soldiers could have shotgun+smg+adrenaline+double jump Cannot remember having more fun
  14. I would add gravity to the panzer if I could. That would make playing with it much more difficoult . And taking away SMG is not a bad idea either.
  15. I think the CP spawn limited spawnpoints is by the design to make it bit easier for axis to even try to blow up cp & to have less allied spawning up closer when cp is done.
  16. there is version with similar to this. there is also version where you can build like long ramp-ladder to beach that you can climb to the gun thats pretty fun in all honesty
  17. I think the issue with axis spawnpoint at CP is the fact that they spawn basically in that CP. If they would spawn near backdoor when CP is built then it would be fine. And if allied would spawn also bit further from cp - top of the hill where railing ends - then that gives axis also some chance to fight for cp again
  18. I could make nice self-dialogue out of this But wouldnt be bad idea to stop the truck tbh because that helps allies a lot.
  19. You still mean Praetoria 2 but also 1 and 3 are pretty fun maps.
  20. Basically punish for completing objective ?
  21. Its always better to fix things rather than just remove them. Evolving maps in gaming is based on principle to fixing them and renewing them.
  22. Maybe not truck but stealing documents is a good trigger for losing flag spawn and keeping the first spawn and cp spawn (and get flag back when cp is destroyed). Axis have very little ways to get cp back or stop truck as they can mostly attack only from one side and with allied short spawntimes, its impossible to go through 2nd truck barrier behind the enemy.
  23. You mean the flag spawn or the very first spawn? I would disable flag spawn once the CP spawn is active.
  24. 1. No, because its basically "capturable spawn" so SK there as much as you like. 2. Agreed. Would be okay if allowed just 2 people spawn there. Should be possible to limit number of players spawning places. 3. Agreed, its not helping allies at all and overpowering axis too much. Disable 3 and keep either 1+2 or disable both.
  25. I think its the bots. At least right now in nitmod server allied bots dont really know what to do.
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