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  1. Sounds good in theory, failed in reality in past but its very fair to try again. Current system also doesnt actually show the majority descision but the result of the few active people voting.
  2. Not a bad idea to increase interval. But we could also go back to some certain rotation for a while. We used to had it, then people left when some map began .. which they still do so I don't see much difference. The voting is nice, but even with full server (40+) people I usually see like maybe 5-8 people voting and then others complain when new map begins. Food for thought anyways.
  3. Yes, we already have those in some maps. Suprised that you have not seen those yet ..
  4. I think it would be good to list down all these maps where it happens and also make sure that we have updated map file available before adding new map in. Also make more use of the glass roofs. With Oasis and similar maps that has capturable spawn we can either sort it with drawing on a map OR maybe it is possible to use custom command with a map. For example !rule oasis and display well worded rules in both console and chat area and keep make them spammy if needed + if possible, change that text after some even has took place. Like when tunnel door is open, it is displayed "TUNNEL DOOR OPEN" - could we display similar writing "NO heavy weapons in map sector D1 (maybe its easier to communicate using sector names on map?)". D1 is pretty much what we do aim to stop here.
  5. Minimap is where I taught its gonna be. Can we make minimap bigger so it would be easier to determine where the line of allowed/not allowed actually is? But if we can do it on map itself then it fixes the issue of marking areas indoors. Would be good to see some drafts on how it should look.
  6. I like how you shared table that only few people can see
  7. If you can make this idea to be accepted - congrats . Last few times it was suggested it got rejected with reasoning that we dont want to give people so many modified pk3 packages to download. Have also been suggestion to modify maps themselves to draw red line on the ground for spawnarea for example. Wouldnt mind updated ingame map at all.
  8. I think they have even right to sue if something you hand out free is similar and recognizable as their trademarked product and through that you are costing them theoretical sale of their own similar product. Like if you make lots of shoes, add 3 stripes and similar logo to Adidas and hand them out free.. I doubt Adidas is happy that everyone have Adidas-like shoes but they themselves haven't sold any But yea, not making shirts seem like best option. You could upload vector images to somewhere (if that's fine to share) so someone could make their own Teammuppet mug or shirt with their own cost and responsibility
  9. The discussion about using name "TeamMuppet" (or Teammuppet"; "teammuppet") and the modified logo is pretty interesting. By law, both - the word "Muppet" and the Kermit logo are trademark protected (link 1; link 2 etc) and for sure you cant really sell varia of items with the naming or with the design. By law the shops can’t even print copyrighted material without permission from the original creator. But there is always the "fair use" question. When we talk about t-shirts, determining the ‘intent’ can be tricky area to navigate. Using an our logo on a custom shirt might be fine, provided it’s for noncommercial use. But it might still be questionable, because we can be asked any time or can be forced to prove that we're not making many out of using it and/or cause less profits to the original creator. TLDR version - if we wanna sell it, it can be a real big issue. If we just want to own Teammuppet logo/name t-shirt (or other varia) then we should create vector file and everyone can make items for themselves by using it. Easiest option is to create whole new logo and try to modify current name enough so it would be very clearly distinguishable from the original patentented one. Everything too similar can cause trouble, especially on current times when a lot of info is freely accessible in internet.
  10. Ctrz


    You mean longer punishment? @Jessica have pulna got any other warns/kicks?
  11. Ctrz


    Why you keep lying? If it was just stealing name.. maybe would be believable. But you made a vote that was very childish and you knew what would happen with the name real owner which is why you renamed yourself back to your regular name faster than anyone in server could react or produce any other line of information to console. You should feel lucky to only get away with 30d ban and not more because in my eyes you deliberately went out to harm someone else.
  12. If you mention "another topic" then maybe you can link it to here?
  13. We heard lost side of story. Could you elaborate on what happened? What weapon did you use? What spawn did you shoot? ..
  14. No, not that. Just I would love to give it a go and have fun in there if it would be same as movement in legacy. Maybe just the possibility to save and load your position would be helpful. Also some shooting practice map that helps you to choose suitable crosshair and work out fov and sensitivity wouldnt be bad.
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