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  1. Well. Soldier roll is pretty much supportive role. 2 weaponchoices are pretty positional - mg42/browning and mortar. Cannot run around with them. Flamer and panzer can be more mobile but what you forget with most soldier classes - they cannot defend themselves too much. Panzer shoots his shots and then waits same amount of time that takes to empty out at least 2 magazines of bullets from mp40 or thompson. So what exact proposal do you have?
  2. There are so many streaming it @eMMiel is also interested?
  3. Hey. I know, its not a FPS game and not ET, but how many would be interested to play among us? Its few euro/dollar/whatevercurrency in steam and you dont need beast computer. Just some time, headphones and mic for voice chat and some time. https://store.steampowered.com/app/945360/Among_Us/ Let us know here if you are interested in having some fun ! If you dont care or dont like the game or idea of a event on it - dont bother responding here. Keep it to yourself.
  4. TBH, we had some kind of bug where medics had limited amount of needles. And this game is respawn based (with reduced spawntimes - not 20/30s like default or smth) so there is no big deal if the amount of needles would be limited (10 for example) and can be gained back with ammo packs or the needle would have some recharge time. But thats a decent debate to have but I would not count too heavily on people supporting changes.
  5. Its actually not stupid question . I think that could also be the issue
  6. Yea. I try to step in also from time to time now. You can always notify us in discord if something is happening and someone is needed online asap.
  7. I think theres these two sides of same coin. People who want same maps will leave if you force new maps - dingenskirchen was a good example (@Sebast1an explained very well what happens with new map first days or even a week). But we see less disconnects with goldrush or bremen for example. And the maps that gets played .. are usually the ones people voted the most at the moment. I dont know if making rotations between map beeing played and appearing again would make much difference - it basically is what it is. Its the DNA of said public server. We have also campaign server with other set rotation of maps in campaign mode and Matu had good suggestion also. We need to meet in the middle of both sides and for a person who almost hate goldrush and some regular maps these days, I have accepted this current solution because server peaks on full most of nights and it seems that people really like the way things are right now. I think the campaign server pretty much began its journey as separate place because people wanted something different but sadly it seems that many of them didnt stay there and returned to main server and we have learned that lesson before with etpro server so Im pretty much against any bigger change just because we have a lot of regular folk who just like things how they are.
  8. Thats pretty much the long story short. Weve tried different maps, different variations of maps but people seems to still come back to same maps. Goldrush, supply .. To get some new maps is very fresh feeling but then usually the chat is full of complains how bad the map is and lets have something better.
  9. Ctrz

    I suck at aiming

    I think tinkering around with sensitivity settings is a beginning. Do you move mouse smooth and to the place where you want or overshoot/miss the mark? Also figure out what crosshair you like. Everything that is annoying you while playing (resolution of game, picmip, gamma, sensitivity, cg_drawgun, crosshair size/shape/color etc) is taking your focus away from shooting and aiming and you miss enemy much more. Also - aim body first and when you have collected some musclememory how to aim/counteraim and focus the shooting on enemy and you really can hit it well (over 30% accuracy perhaps?) then build up musclememory on aiming heads. Good config dont make you better, practise does. Gaining confidence does.
  10. I think in ETL ping 0 players where the ones that have game minimized or something? It was talked in some topic from beginning of year (I reckon) when we had someone who liked to join team and then AFK all the time.
  11. Its gonna disbalance some maps. Lets say you increase spawn protection up to 3 sec. For example in goldrush sw version its enough time for axis to build truck 1. truck barrier and allies cannot kill them. It also makes battery impossible to play as axis home spawn is in such narrow area that 3 sec can get them very far from spawn. There are more examples talked through in the past that makes this proposition sadly useless. :/
  12. okay Dunno anything about poison knife. Maybe it exist, dont remember. Cannot be issue alone. Hard to do anything very active about it. Its still not payed job for people with enough level to maintain order but rather a game with community support, so we hope naughty people are noted to us when we are not present and when we can view some demo and hear who did what and when its all conclusive then matter will be resolved 100%. VPN is not prohibited so feel free to use it. Cheap or free VPN providers may cause some lag to the user so I dont find any benefit that can be called an issue here at all. Privacy in internet is basically becoming human right these days. Dont see that as an issue also. I do that also from time to time to avoid PMs that are written in my native language. In most cases they are usually reactions when someone naughty has been punished and they think its wise to PM me this way. I see no issue there. I think instead of calling it an issue, we should call this one achievement. Majority cannot accomplish that when living even same country with server provider. I reckon its that proud american bald eagle that keeps their morale high and ping low. No issue there. -------------------------- I reckon this topic tasklist is now completed and please someone give good old Bystry some painkillers ↓
  13. Its very map based for sure. Feel free to ask here or in discord any specifics. There are maps with small but crucial details that one does not grasp at first glance.
  14. +1 Also would like to point out (what most of people forget) that for example in Supply Depot - when main door is blown then Allies have only 1 spawnexit and it cannot be camped with mortar or strike or arty. @froggy I understand that rules can be confusing as they are pretty complex but my respect to you for coming here and asking !
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