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  1. Ctrz

    Robert Plant

    As a rock fan .. I just feel sad that Robert Plant name is dragged into this bickering.
  2. Every time I have to read twice to understand its not me But this doesnt fix the issue that you are cut short from one way to deliver docs actually. I would try different variations if Im honest because for some reason I see lots of potential by limiting one of the spawns for axis in the main building (doesnt matter if upper or lower). Its just adds more flexibility for allies attacks. Making flagspawn permanent .. well theres already like 3-5s road to the building and if you try to reach upstairs (which you need to get back downstairs) its even more. Or add some spawn near broken wall - whatever it needs that will fix the current timings that there are. Purely this map has 30s axis spawntime I guess which is lenient enough to have 2 spawns per minute. Dont know how much its in the server right now but also the playercount makes the timing very unfair to allied. And why to fix maps individually? Because its such different map from others. The only resemblance is Frostbite and there also axis dont spawn close to delivery zone.
  3. We could just disable lower axis spawn, considering they have 2 of those. One will stay near radio and other will stay near cp stairs.
  4. Ctrz

    Hack alert

    I even popped into server to see what the hell was going on. But it was all good and @Regis had it all under control there anyways.
  5. you mean cl_wwwDownload ?
  6. yea, thats the missing part of the story that "the victim" rarely tells
  7. Well, some people try to sneak from start to obj and to delivery place and might not shoot at all. I dont think "shooting the enemy" is the priority of the game. Completing tasks to complete objective is what should be done. The bigger question is if you hindered or bothered your team with your playstyle that they were so unhappy. I rarely see lots of complaints over people who get 1-2 kills per map when they play some mortar or mg or flamer or covert op (sniper for example) that does no difference. Warn, put to spec and explain would be better option. Direct kick is bit overkill, but that is just my personal opinion.
  8. Not defensive. just tried to explain it to you. But seems I would have more success teaching math to my 5yo kids. When I suggested for you to post in forum instead of the complaining in discord I didnt realise that instead of looking for answers you just wanted to blame someone else. Maybe one day you will understand that instead of blaming multiple people making mistakes.. it was you who did mistakes. Your ban is over soon so hf&gl .
  9. If you still havent grasped that this ban wasnt just for one sentence and this is context based thing then there is really no point explaining it to you even further. The fact that you expect every situation in the world to be written out in rules tells a lot. Overall - if you really dislike the work TM community is doing and you are thinking that admins are randomly power tripping then a suggestion to you - theres options to choose to connect other servers or even start a server and a community yourself.
  10. Admin in spec doesnt mean that he/she has the whole worlds time to discuss all the topics. He can be checking info from console, watching someones game or doing f*ck knows/cares what else. You were exactly what to do - a) dont argue b) go to forum for complaints & requesting more info What did you do? Argued and didnt follow it up to forums. I'd say that making that "smart remark" just were not smart enough. Some day you get away with it, some other day you dont. Was it worth it? I'd say it also set good example to other people who were in server at that moment on how to and how not to behave. Pedagogically very smart thing to do.
  11. Point of this forum is to ask these questions & complain here rather than: a) ingame where admin has busy doing also other things b) in discord where it can become lost when other discussion starts soon after and then noone will start reading all the things that were said in all channels I dont think admin overbanned - you just didnt get any leeway and that can happen sometimes. My apologies - 8 hours left to go. That will go fast
  12. As a part of TM community, he has every right to say what he wants to say. Tought times if you dont like that. As I see it - you behaved badly - bad language. Admins took notice. Little bit later and you are again standing out with some bad behaviour. This time toxic behaviour by calling teammates braindead. Sometimes you get away with warning, sometimes you are ignored and some other times kick or even short ban will follow. Happens. Life goes on. But instead of letting this sh*t go and accepting what happened even if it was unfair .. you follow by calling same people "power tripping". Not helping really. Listen to you own advice and take a deep breath and let it go. Time is up, ban is served. Its only a game.
  13. Do you mean the first spawn or the flag spawn? I think the flag spawn should be removed for sure after truck is stolen.
  14. Wonder how different the map would play if the command post could be built by allies only OR it would be capturable flag.
  15. Maybe possible to damage past some area?
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