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  1. Everything else will be discussed internally (I assume) but afaik EBO cant ban. Not even for a day, not even for a week.
  2. Ctrz


    Or positioning yourself in a place where other players (teammates mostly) will run against you and move you forward. Narrow spawnexits etc.
  3. Ctrz


    Mostly when person doing bad things is a new player. If I see someone who is long-time regular and very VERY familiar with rules, I would maybe also instakick. I have 0 clue what are you talking about here. What red mist? What .. ?
  4. I have suggested !gib command to be handed out. But will see what will be decided.
  5. Hey. It seems that someone is bullying people in ETL1 and ETL2 servers while TM tagged community members are not online and makes playing a living hell. Also for great pun - that someone is using also other players names. That someone can be one or multiple person - dont know at this point. My suggestion is pretty simple and basic (but needs a script to be written) - give people in server right to use kickvote option. To keep it civil and organised, it also needs some terms. My best suggestion is: allow to start the kicvote from level 2 and up. vote can be initiated only against serverlevel 0 and 1 players. needs at least 51% of active people in server to vote. if specs could be included and allowed initiate and to vote - even better. needs at least 51% of voted people to vote "yes" for the kick to be happen person who will be kicked, will get X amount of cooldown from server (similar to current cooldown for too many sk) one person can only initiate one vote per map vote starters are logged and they should be informed that starting those kickvotes for any other reason than to kick the cheater might cause some consequences (we dont want people to start voting out random panzer or mortar or objective player) before kickvote or during kickvote - post about it should be made in discord (can make separate channel for it if needed This suggestion is made to allow kickvote to take place ONLY to kick out blatant namestealer/aimbot (or whatever cheat) user. Points 1,2 and 3 are very open to discussion. TM Members (serverlevel 6 and above) should have the kick or at least 3x !warn -> kick option. This change would be trial based and limited time. C#
  6. For me - tag is fine. Not fone is starting discussions with other people in server over various admin descisions (mutes, kicks, warns etc). Queries can always be done respectfully and mostlikely answer would be given. Demanding an answer repeatedly becomes spam or troll to me. I have received multiple tips that you have initiated said conversations ingame and they have bexome arguing or confrontational. Doesnt matter if its you or some tm member beeing more blamed. My quoted response was directly to you and to all others who read topics in discord to consider the manner and tone how explanations are beeing asked. If TM member steps over the line then you should report them in like they are reporting in non-TM players crossing the line. We have enough experienced staff to go over all issues and scenarios and fix whatever needs to be fixed. I dont take away your right to ask questions or your voice to express your dissaproval - those are both healthy options in good society. All I am asking is to not cross the line from beeing resppectful towards beeing demanding or trolly or nuisance. Wheatear you cross the line or not is others to fully judge, I just give somewhat friendly headsup. Thank you for moving this discussion here instead of discord where it will get either blown out of proportion or buried under next wall of text .
  7. Got informed that Che* made racist remark in beginner server. I joined 3min later but he was gone. Screenshot below.
  8. The point of making stolen objective notification more noticeable is a thing we could look into. I know that Oasis map had add-on that spammed more text when tunneldoor was open.
  9. Most time I see complaints (even from defending team) that Allies just camp and dont attack enough. Good example is GoldRush. So I think artificially making maps longer serves no good purpose. People like to play objective and how can we deny them to do it? There is more freedom to stop them at defending team for example. We have servers for 1vs1 or surely we can find some 3vs3 or 6vs3 map that is just shooting map and without objective (similar to valhalla 1vs1). There is no better feeling than keeping enemy away from the objective the entirety of the maptime (not happening so much today because we have base time + added minutes for completing objectives system) and also no better feeling than sneak in braundorf through with covert in disguise and engineer to plant the main objective and see axis in chaos moments later. Currently we have blocked doors for coverts in Bremen (not getting through to steal objective) and Caen and Im not personally fan of this. Sneak through and do some backline objective in 20vs20 server is not so easy task .. and happens so rarely that it should be applauded. But ending maps quick shows weakness in defence because we dont have any map that can somehow ended quickly with very good defence (I think Praetoria 2 is possible to win by Axis prematurely when they destroy tank enough times before it even reach main compound doors.
  10. Same. Ive been server many times lately and people (tag and without tag) have 0 issues with the change. Many ask for other things to update or change that we can look into later. Ive yet to see any negative comment while in server ..
  11. If anything, going to original spawntime is too much. But going from 12-16 to 15-20 spawntimes could ease up the situation a little. But no rush.
  12. Dont know. I specced/played 4 maps tonight with mostly Evil clan people and I saw more teamplay than before. Less camping, more action on field. Spawntimes make it hard for allied because axis keep respawning too quickly but otherwise it was fun.
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