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Turning causes lag

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4 hours ago, sty said:

how did you do that? command pls?

No command required. It must be adjusted with the mouse software. There are also on some models minipulations to be done on the mouse with key combinations.

If no software is provided, the polling rate can be adjusted with this :


What Is Mouse Polling Rate? [How to Test and Change It] - Tekpip


Most recent mice have a polling rate of 1000hz(1ms) by default and this is most appropriate for most games. But in some games depending on the sensitivity of the mouse (low/mid/high) it is sometimes necessary to lower the polling rate to 500hz (2ms).

For example, on ET if you have a low sensitivity it is more interesting to use 500hz (2ms) because it is the most stable and therefore the tracking is better.

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