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  1. Additionaly cvops will be able to kill enemy mortar. Right now it is impossible at first stage of the game. Only opposite mortar can kill axis mortar in axis second spawn.
  2. Matu this is different story. Im pretty sure this spec999 is "the New normal " and he was mortaring axis second spawn on radar. After he was warned, he was trying to convince us that he is right. He was shooting slide on radar which is at the same line as axis front spawnexit. After warning he was duscussing with as all the time and I said that he can leave if he dont like our rules
  3. the most people are playing one etl1 main server
  4. Yup Mani I admit you are right here, but I will try to check pf area of damage and the case if shooting in this certain place not making damage for player in spawn, but close to the exit
  5. I think we resolved this problem in game. I suggested to check !rules and read about sk with mortar I kicked Meeskaru because He was hitting axis 1 spawn with mortar and this is not allowed
  6. In my case the problem was with my wifi extender. It was causing these red spikes on lagometer. I started using direct connection to my main router and problem vanished. And im too sometimes experiencing these "delayed" bullets efect, for example im running from enemy who is shooting my back,im trying to hide behind the wall or other object and when im thinking that im saved im getting last hit, but im sure enemy cant see me or something. This is weird
  7. To be honest im not happy with changing class styles and configurations. For example for me CVOPS is now insane, because he can move/jump while scoping and rate for fg42 is like in mg My favourite class is medic but for 90% of the time my priority is to heal my teammates. Yes im fragger like many players on the server but in my opinion im not acting like a blind when some1 is calling medic (but when im in the middle of the fight with enemy, the priority for me is to kill enemy, after this heal others. Explanation is simple - enemy can kill me faster while im trying to use syringe and the result will be - teammate dead, im dead). Let the game be the game as from years ago. So pls do not change mechanic of the class. I dont have a problem with reducing medic health a increasing for other classes, but disabled selfhealing will make medic very nerfed
  8. Yes i understand that, but for linux he has quick solution Mac is another case
  9. I'm windows user, but the easiest way for You to test it, is to install ubuntu or other linux release in virtual machine on windows. This is the fastest way and you dont need anyone to help you with this problem
  10. His attitude and his nick on the forum not helping at all. He clearly is showing us he cant behave and has no respect at all. Who normal is registering with nick like his ? This is inappropriate
  11. Today i just kicked this guy. He cant behave, he was calling someone gay etc. So he can't learn and should be banned
  12. Looking at his nicks and how he was talking to others in my opinion he deserves at least 1 month ban from game.
  13. But this is normal behaviour of engine of this game. Why we should change it ? To make someone feels better ? Im very angry for example with changes in sniper class. For me this is ridiculous that sniper can jump, move while scoping. And rate of fg32.... insane ! But i can deal with it and play like always.
  14. I dont understand discussion about selfkills. For me it does not matter if some1 sk in battle or not. What is a problem with this ? Frustration or something ? The same with collection SR. I dont care about any stats etc. Game should be fun
  15. Hello After big crash of the el1 i have a problem with connection. To be precised i did not feel any lag problem or something but my lagometer in game is showing strange things. There are from time to time some red spikes. It did not occur before the crash. I know that screenshot is cuted, but if some1 is using lagometer it will know what im talking about
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