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  1. lost


    Im thinking about Artcis 7+
  2. lost


    I will reopen this topic. Any advice about headset ? I currently had madcatz freq 4, but they Just broke and I need new one prefer something wireless. Any auggestions ?
  3. I dont understand what you mean. Can you post video or something to show us what is a problem ?
  4. I know but before that i wanted to know what community think about changes. As we can see a lot of players are satisifed with changes so i am not gonna bother dev team.
  5. I was asking in the game, where should i write about sniper and the answer was "make topic on the forum" and if I understand correctly this forum is for sharing thoughts with community about changes this was my opinion about sniper changes and I was curious what others thinks about it. Im not blaming anyone about it, devs decided to made this changes, but we can discuss here about it, do we ?
  6. You know that dmg from distance is reduced right ? I can shoot 7 hs with smg from far distance and this not mean that enemy will be killed. For me changing mechanic of the game is wrong. Why something is upgraded and something is not available like adrenaline ? Tbh it is frustrated when some1 is coming to you with fg42 and on close range he is shooting like mg without scope and even 2 hs for him is not enough becase fire rate of fg42 is quicker than smg
  7. Right now it ruin my game, when for example peukalinonen(or something like that :D) giving me 7 hs in few seconds from far distance if this is ok for others lets unlock 4 lvl on medic and adrenaline, this will be fun
  8. I dont know if this is a proper place of this topic but anyway sniper class changes are terrible. First of all changing rate for fg42 made this weapon like mg with scope... some1 who is skilled with it is potentialy unbeateable.... Secondly what the heck is with jumping while using scope ? Scope is not interupted? Yesterday i saw player who was jumping with sniper class and making a lot of headshots from far distance.. this is not normal
  9. Map is fixed already ? I remember that regardless of the result one team always win (probably axis) ?
  10. To be honest bots gameplay is strange. In some maps they are like noobs, only fresh meat for players in other maps they sometimes behave like they have aimbot or something and killing in instance Sometimes they have nearly 60% acc and more than 20% of hs and this is not for 1 or 2 kills. Im not complaining about it but sometimes somethins is wrong with their algorithm, and they are playing like CRAZY
  11. lost

    Fov difference

    Hello What is difference between legacy fov and Old 2.6b ? Is something nearly 16 points? For example: 90 fov in 2.6b is about 74 in legacy? Thanks in advance
  12. lost

    Lolotaz tk

    Hello I know i should not write about other Player like that but LOLOTAZ is incredible stupid. He all the time making TK on his teammates and I think he has no idea how this game is working. He is annoying players ALL the time. Please do something with him
  13. lost

    FPS and Snaps

    But if im not wrong, we can not setup snaps to 40 on server ? for me max is 20?
  14. lost


    something was wrong with router which i got from my provider, after reseting all settings ping is normal
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