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Rework SW Battery


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Currently most unbalanced map:

  • map bias +35.3% for allies.

Map time: 25 min.

Spawn times:

  • Allies: 12 s.
  • Axis: 22 s.

Broken game mechanic;

  • Axis can spawn on command post without it being built, (This leads to weird situations) although it is advantage for axis

Here are some previous topics related to the map involving command post and flag area:

Rework suggestions:

  • Lower map time: 18 min (12 min + 6 min). Map will end sooner. Players who dislike this map will like this. Also those potential allies win that would happen on longer map time will help work towards axis win rate map bias.
  • To use added time need objective for this. Make flag permanently captured after allies hold it for 30sec. +6min added time. The fact that axis can take the flag back seems to cause more harm in a public game.
  • Fix command post mechanics. Disable axis spawn when command post is not built.
  • To compensate command post fix for axis, lower axis Spawn time by -2 s, -4 s, or -6 s. Also to make it easier to reach Gun.


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    On 10/2/2022 at 8:34 PM, Jessica said:

    Only thing what could be an issue, is the spawn killing vs capture spawn. This is getting blurry when you would choose the 30 sec. option.

    I guess it would be capturable spawn until there is no long a flag to capture.

    Similar thing is happening on Caen where starting the tank makes spawn permanent. (Also supply bunker flag). Here successfully holding flag for example 30secs will be the trigger to make it a permanent spawn. But in the end testing will give the best results if everything works as intended or things end up in more mess.

    Options that do not work can be reverted back.


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    On 10/2/2022 at 6:17 PM, uips said:

    Make flag permanently captured after allies hold it for 30sec


    This map has script in use that makes flag permanent spawn after it being captured for period of time: https://et.trackbase.net/map/224/ if interested trying it. Axis taking flag back leads to allies victory in many games.

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