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  1. 4k vs 1080p and waiting for that SSAA for better detailshttps://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/issues/2340
  2. Original Radar or Radar Summer?
  3. Summer edition offers more variety for gameplay imo. For example noo draw distance limit and bushes make snipers more efficient in this map compared to original. Bushes can be used for sneaking / hiding from enemy fire. Some bushes are too high tho as they almost hide a standing player. If you play with blurred textures and bright player model textures to maximize spotting enemy target you are going to feel frustrated in this map as map design works against what such configs aim to achieve. IWith 4k resolution everything is sharp and easily detectable. Although if u play with blurred textures, small resolution and no AA you might experience a lot of unrecognizable pixels i guess (Makes hard to detect what is happening?). Majority of players might prefer Original Radar.
  4. New voice announce thx to @DKill_ ET Legacy 2023-07-29 04-44-31.mp4
  5. Posted by _Ler. so that is a 800 ingame units in diamater
  6. Mortar AOE damage is really big if this edge damages player inside SK zone it triggers the warning. I think there have been maps where script zone is not in align with pictures or been missing so also possible to check and test if it actually triggers in places it should.
  7. i am not sure if there is any drop considering the amount of total textures. (This can be tested tho) i did not go higher in texture (1024x1024) as it did not feel worth it 4x bigger file size and only difference in quality was extremely up close which does not happen most of the time inside the game.
  8. 4x more pixels (from 256*256 to 512*512) Perhaps could try this on server at one point?
  9. Turn Adrenaline into HP self syringe and give it to solder instead of Medic.
  10. Some ETL main server spawn times for comparison. Although matches in full server are 20vs20.
  11. Vote or share your opinion about tank in Radar Summer Is the tank wanted? It is possible to disable it, General discussion about map can be found here: (Some like the map, some dont)
  12. That is true best example are probably Venice and Caen here. I am not sure how most people perceive time bonus as defending team. In current example it is 10min initial time and total of 6min added through bonuses. This can be perceived as 16min map and axis having chance to finish it sooner if manage to stop allies from hitting milestones. Closest to multiple small bonuses are probably Supply Depot and Bremen here. There are some maps like Supply Depot for example when there is no time bonus on securing gold. Map is pretty much over when there is 1-2min left and people actually stop trying because it can not be won. So getting those small time bonuses on such events would eliminate game dragging where u just run around and shoot and wait till map ends. So i think it has pros and cons? It can keep the intensity up but feel unfair to defending team?
  13. something to keep in mind Mortar aoe range is quite big so using mortar on gun has chance to trigger the extended SK area (picture 2)
  14. This behavior is mostly liked on pirates. Decays has kind of similar set up in the end. I would suggest 10min +3min (door) +2min (generator) +1min (first crate) 16min total time. Decay seems well balanced in current setting so would not want to drift too much away from current times. So this means it will get +1min and axis can also win it sooner up to -5min. This kind of setting should create enough close calls to keep adrenaline up and give just enough bonuses to give chance for allies unless they too drunk on Saturday evening. Can be tested and reverted back if not wanted but i strongly believe it will make things more internesting.
  15. Erdenberg will have this theme for testing. (Went with - mark due it being in center line of message) Maybe someone has great symbols to suggest to use as color team R / B indicators Some more options: Light Blue + Red Light Blue + Dark Red Light Yellow message color
  16. Not sure if u can underline but something like this would be possible a prefix or symbols (example of Marrakech 2 announcements) It will not take much time to add color prefix for each message. But imo having 1 consistent theme in all maps is not a bad thing. Just need to figure out which setting would be preferred
  17. Probably will do vote 2.0 with new suggestions and ditch the ones that will not be popular in this one. So pick closest one to your preference from current votes. ^4 on whole line unreadable for some reason looks like it is not just me
  18. There are many different styles of announce messages in the server. Original default is White / white Some ETL reworks have Cyan / Red (ETL Supply) Then there is Blue / Red (custom maps or possibly edited scripts) Then there are some that only use red or blue for attacking team and red for defending even when allies attack. (can be confusing) Marrakech 2 used theme of Light Blue / Dark Red. So i got inspiration from there since this blue is more readable and default red can be somewhat confused with "teamkill" color. This color scheme can be currently seen on Braundorf (Option 5) It is not that hard to use 1 theme in all the maps that run in the server. So i will put here some options to vote for and maybe someone can invent more options or share any thoughts about this. Option 1: White / White (example: Battery) Option 2: Cyan / Red (example: ETL Warbell) Option 3: Blue / Red (example: Gold Rush) Option 4: Blue + White / Red + White (example: Caen) Option 5: Light Blue + White / Dark Red + White (example: Braundorf)
  19. i can try make 2 spawns for axis with marker to choose: Under the room next to radio room (12 slots) Bunker closer to CP (12slots)
  20. Axis have 3 locations under one spawn flag: Upstairs near radio downstairs near ladder bunker outside. I would add a flag to outside spawn so u can choose which location u want to spawn. It would be possible to to make separate flags for downstairs and upstairs spawn too if this is wanted. (Or remove upstairs or downstairs spawn and only keep one) Also possible to let axis spawn outside when CP is built and and give allies ammo cabinet spawn when CP is bult. Would be good to make allies flag spawn permanent after being captured for 1min. So no more SK there.
  21. Data: Spawn for attacking team is almost always 12s. Defending team usually in range of 16s-22s. Convert original ratio: Default is 20s attacking 30s defending. Apply that rule to 12s attack and u get 18s defending which seems to be good starting point. Tweak options: Attacking team spawn seems to be very stable around 12s. I would recommend only fiddle with defending team spawn if it is feeling unbalanced. Rule of thumb: Attacking team: 12s Defending team: 18s (balance options for defending team -2s, +2s, +4s) Conclusion: 4 possible settings come out of this rule that cover most of the current map settings. This guideline should work for most maps. 12s/16s 12s/18s 12s/20s 12s/22s Lower reinforcements times for defending team in smaller maps and higher in bigger maps seems to be a pattern as well. Possible due length that attacking team has to cover or it is easier to defend bigger open areas as team can scatter better. Dynamic map bias: When dynamic map bias is brought to game (https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/issues/2317) it will be easier to decide which maps need adjustment and effect can be seen in real time. Server Data: Some notices: Frostbite: Mentioned in this post. Setting it to 16s on defense seems logical thing to do and it will share exactly same settings similar to other smaller maps. Oasis: 15s allies spawn is a mystery?. Make it 12s. Mostly hard map for allies and long distances to cover. Venice: 16s defending team seems out of pattern for bigger maps and it is usually hard map for allies. 18s is safe option or 20s if you brave enough. Goldrush: Can be made to 12s/20s just to get it on 12s attack too. Special delivery: 18s on defending team might be viable option as it is usually easier map for allies Full server usually makes it easier for defending team. Another thing to keep in mind is that setting that works in 20vs20 might not be ideal in 10vs10. Since main server is big server and in peak time most players experience it with lots of players so i also recommend taking the games happening with full/almost full server into account if deciding to make any change. There is ETL 2 server that will never reach this high amount therefore it is also logical that some maps could use different adjustments there
  22. Sudden death would be nice on server but does it work on legacy? https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/issues/1498
  23. Seeing comments about this in game. Giving too much total time for allies making it easy? Also steals away the possibility to deliver 2 crates together at last minute,
  24. Objects going inside terrain does not happen in summer version. ( med packs / ammo / grenades/ weapons / landmines / in some extreme cases even player can hide this way) https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/issues/2098 So this is another major reason why at least this map is worth a try i think. With little adjustments in script this map can be made to behave as default radar.
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