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  1. i like the 20min total length. Goldrush ends up too many times in long boring gold defense. If it will be too much in favor of axis, always possible to make minor spawn time adjustments
  2. To increase awareness of ETL2 and to make integration between servers easier here is quick alt version of menu with minimal UI elements most likely not causing any UI problems on any system. Could run this until next Legacy patch that will give enough UI power to use full menu with all its options. It has only 2 options to connect ETL main or ETL 2 server Download link: _TMserversalt.pk3
  3. Perhaps add Raw Castle into list too, Not sure wich is better normal or TE edition. Should be fine map for less players
  4. Here is a recommendation to remove allies first spawn after wall is destroyed to give better access for axis, so lower part of map can be used to take better defensive positions. Imo this spawn is way too good for allies at the last stage of map
  5. might be working sudden death ? Github: https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/issues/1498 Lua: https://gist.github.com/x0rnn/84b2bfe0766bff7125037305f8a1883d
  6. https://et.trackbase.net/map/8636/ Allied Objective: (Objective similar to Goldrush) Steal fuel for the tank Destroy gate with tank Steal 2 gold crates Escort truck Anyone played this map? Any issues or major choke points?
  7. What about destroyable truck? Worth a try? Truck getting out of garage area is pretty much game over for axis. If the truck would be destroyable this would give axis more chance to delay truck and axis barricades might make more sense and have better chance to fulfill their purpose. Also this will keep allies engineers with a important job till end of the map. Might make the end harder for allies? Right now it is the easiest part of the map. Bremen being popular map why not extend the duration of map this way? It feels like truck being destroyable has more gameplay elements to offer.
  8. Operation Marrakech has different objective compared to Marrakech Streets 2 https://et.trackbase.net/map/203/ (Red circle on map is new main objective location) Worth a try? might be better version of the map?
  9. Last weekend both ETL main and ETL2 were full at some point so there is enough demand. Maybe it will be so everyday when enough people prefer ETL2 experience and what it has to offer compared to main sever. Here is a possible player flow guide for ETL2. ETL main is obviously more popular and will gain players sooner. Peak ETL main server is best bet for ETL2 to shine. At this point people could decide to switch over to ETL2 to populate it. When not enough players left in ETL2 remaining few can still decide to join other server to give it lil boost. Possibly it will gain more popularity due few aspects that ETL main can not offer. And in the end sustain itself as some portion of players might consider ETL2 their "main" first to go server. Also maybe change the ETL2 banner message a bit in main server and let people know it has 40 snaps, less players 24 slots max and slightly different map pool (well known playable balanced maps, no big maps, idk how to sum it up in fewer words)
  10. why not make bot count to 6, so everything over 3vs3 will be without bots
  11. This message also spams unnecessary a lot. I think it is fine to have this message once per map, preferably in the start or end. if it is possible to change intervals or something
  12. not sure either, well currently it detects whenever the player is inside spawn area. If it could detect Soldiers with Mortar and MG42 and make "weapalt" as unbind key when inside the area and display some kind of client side text message when weapalt cmd is used. If something like that could be coded then it will be possible
  13. would it be possible to restrict somehow setting up mortar or mg42 in spawn area. As hazz is already defining spawn areas maybe it is possible to code it in a way that denies setting up heavy weapons in that area with a message like: Mortar can not be set up in spawn area!
  14. would definitely be less spam. i often have to open console to see what people typed because so much info appearing in chat box. Also some of the spree lines are so long they actually take up 2 rows in chat window. some in game test
  15. from game perspective killing is not a bad thing . From that viewpoint green = success , red = failure. but i actually like the dimmer shade of colors. just to visually present more options. Note bright green is also text message color. <=TM=>MiniMuppet is on a killing spree. 10 kills in a row! <=TM=>MiniMuppet is on a death spree (5) <=TM=>MiniMuppet is on a revive spree (3) i guess the coloring in the end is really how someone prefers it. yet that dimmer shade of red also looks good. death spree no color as no one really wants to be noticed in one? here is one possible TM brand message example. TeamMuppet: Please keep teams even
  16. just testing with ! or without and actually without ! seems better <=TM=>MiniMuppet - killing spree (5) <=TM=>MiniMuppet - death spree (10) <=TM=>MiniMuppet - revive spree (3) ! <=TM=>MiniMuppet - killing spree (5) ! <=TM=>MiniMuppet - death spree (10) ! <=TM=>MiniMuppet - revive spree (3) killing spree! <=TM=>MiniMuppet (5) death spree! <=TM=>MiniMuppet (10) revive spree! <=TM=>MiniMuppet (3)
  17. some more experimenting results in 3th Example: ! player - killing spree (5) ! player - death spree (10) ! player - revive spree (3) even less info optional ! marker (or any other symbol) in front just to announce this info is about spree defined by color. "is on a" can be defined by a symbol for example "-". To me grey seems better option for death as red is mostly associated with teamkills. For fast info processing u need to see name color and number,
  18. Added sounds would be client side only, that is how i remember it. You have sound effects of your own multi kills and sprees.and pref. this could be optional that means if someone does not want to experience this can turn it off like you can do with voice chats right now. And the announcements are kind of spam right now due the high number of players. There is always so much happening And about TM banners. Possibly to someone who has played in server for years. Info is already known and it is somewhat of spam. For new players that info is good i guess? Anyways if u happen to see TeamMuppet menu icon one day.This info can be accessible through it and spamming banners in chat becomes unnecessary
  19. just a concept to better distinguish between different sprees using color and less info. Any thoughts? Current: KILL SPREE! player Is on a killing spree! (5 kills in a row!) DEATH SPREE! player must be having a bad day (10 deaths in row!) REVIVE SPREE! player is on a revive spree! (3 revives in a row!) Example 1: player Is on a killing spree (5) player Is on a death spree (10) player is on a revive spree (3) (just by seeing the color and number u can understand what the information is compared to current version) Example 2: player Is on a killing spree: 5 kills in a row player must be having a bad day: 10 deaths in a row player is on a revive spree: 3 revives in a row (Less blue, more neutral in message)
  20. Would it be possible to set these to 0 from client side? Basically let player decide what info to filter? [sprees] file (g_fileSprees) Sets the name of the spree records config file. When nothing is set and the database type is config files, spree records are disabled. type: integer default: "sprees.toml" changed in 1.2.0 messages (g_spreeMessages) added in 1.2.0 Toggles which sprees to display. type: bitflag default: 0 0 no sprees will be displayed 1 enable kill sprees 2 enable death sprees 4 enable revive sprees records (g_spreeRecords) Toggles whether spree records and revive sprees are enabled. type: boolean default: 1
  21. It will still not work for some systems because of UI_Alloc: Failure. UI out of memory! Default UI memory usage is 84%, with the menu it is 90% (This is on windows). This 6% increase causes enough issue to make it exceed limit on some systems. This memory limit will be raised in future ETL updates.
  22. in future probably will not add menudef.h and menumacros.h so always latest one from legacy patch will be used. You can try if this fixes it: _test.pk3
  23. I guess it would be capturable spawn until there is no long a flag to capture. Similar thing is happening on Caen where starting the tank makes spawn permanent. (Also supply bunker flag). Here successfully holding flag for example 30secs will be the trigger to make it a permanent spawn. But in the end testing will give the best results if everything works as intended or things end up in more mess. Options that do not work can be reverted back.
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