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  1. Soldier with a primary weapon SMG should be a viable option on its own if you like fragging the most. Soldier + SMG combo should replace Rambo Medics if that kit would somehow perform better than medic with SMG. Therefore soldiers 2ndary weapon always pistols and primary pick SMG or any heavy weap.
  2. This spawn is too good for axis. Had a game with 90% win rate for allies. Tank was basically moving nonstop, fuel gate blown in about 5min. Rest of the game stuck on final objective. If possible removing this spawn would be first thing to do to improve balance. Also someone mentioned that allies CP spawn does not have enough spawn points in 20vs20 game, some spawn in back spawn. If someone can confirm it. Should be possible to add more spawn points?
  3. As battery being highly in favor for allies "fixing" the command post will make it even more in favor for allies. I think some spawn time changes are also needed Viable options 2+ or +4 to allies spawn or -2 or -4 to axis spawn or any mixed combination. For example lowering axis spawn time make captureing cp harder as time window for succesful capture lowers. And also axis might get to objectives faster Increasing allies spawn might give more time to axis and lower general allies swarming pace. Maybe test with some spawn time adjsutments as well whatever might make it more balanced and playable. Maybe reset map bias to determine faster if any adjustments have effect. If bias work as it should perfect way for adminS to determine state of map after period of time without need of real time experience
  4. About Supply, what about make the truck stop on hill until gate is blown
  5. The fact that axis can take flag back leads to situations where it does more harm then good. I bet this does not need more explaining. 1. solution: Maybe script to make Allies capture permanent after holding flag for certain amount of time (30sec, 60sec). After that axis can not "accidentally" take it back. If something like that is possible. 2. solution: Add objective for allies, for example blow this thing to make flag capture permanent. But this requires changing the map i guess.
  6. I ment the very first spawn to give axis more access on the lower part of map. Right now allies can flank at every direction if allies cant spawn in first spawn axis might have better chance on putting up defenses and holding that truck back. So 2 possible spawns for allies once gate is destroyed FLAG and capturable CP Spawn. Flag spawn also option, but im not sure if CP is good trigger because it can be destroyed. Perhaps Starting the truck is better trigger? It pushes allies back even further for example destroying CP would push allies back into very first spawn (if flag is disabled) and that is a long way to truck when it is near first barricade. But everything is testable right? impossible to predict how it will all play out in game. I think removing first allies spawn after gate would be slight nerf (less impact on game), Doing that to Flag spawn at certain event (CP or truck) could be bigger nerf (more impact)
  7. just a note it is now 10+5+3=18 compared to old 15min. Those extra 3 minutes slightly increase the map in favor for allies in end stage as more time to try for truck, if that is not a problem. Maybe 10min +2min (gate)+2min (key)+2min (truck)=16 just enough to give chance and make stages more intense of running out of time (Repairing truck will give just enough time to possibly make it to end, 75sec from start to finish nonstop). for allies blowing gate and starting truck definitely being hardest parts of map. (+ capturing CP but that is an important side quest :D) Would even disable allies starting spawn once gate is blown to give more chance for axis in stopping the truck in the end stage. To me this spawn is too good for allies to ruin every plan of axis I think it would be more even and fun without this advantage
  8. As fuel dump being lil bit controversy map. If i would have to choose between UJE vs desert version then desert seems better version to me. One fence being open near fuel depot is good as it is a problem when it is fully built and allies plant dynamite on depot and axis have to go in circle due their own "defensive object" so +1 to this edition. However few points around spawns: 1. 2nd allies spawn might cause some confusion around SK rules due to line of sight (shooting directly from spawn). 2. Axis CP spawn. Although can be disabled by destroying CP. This gives axis better control over area and harder for allies to flank from side way. As this part of map can become hard for allies special when teams are bit unbalanced. (Maybe fun objective for allies cvops to disable spawn). 3. Axis near fuel spawn. Again gives axis better control over area. Basically impossible for allies to gain control over the middle area. Without this spawn Allies can gain control of left side of Depot better. To win a game allies definitely need better team than axis. As the end part of map is in favor for axis even in default version. Without this spawn Allies can gain control over Depot area better because axis have to start pushing from one side. + axis get already "secret tunnel" into this area 3th way out of default spawn. Due the amount of players and spawn times i think it is better to disable these three spawns. Yet this is just first impression and maybe giving allies more "room" is not necessary.
  9. Why not use desert edition instead of current? https://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=14167 2 Spawn points for allies in start, 1 extra way in start ( kinda GA edition), considering the amount of players. Map seems polished and some new map objects might give some new tactical shooting positions and generally just give a little different vibe of fuel dump. Games played desert edition: over 300k UJE version: under 50k
  10. i was also thinking about that, 12+3 just felt minimal. 10+5 leaves extra 5 minutes in case of last minute gate blow. obj + truck doable in 5 minutes compared to 3. 10+5 very viable option as well.
  11. Similar to Pirates there is sometimes chance for allies to get stuck in first spawn (unbalanced teams, etc). Right now it is 15min. I guess it would not hurt to make it 12min + 3min on gate exploding, to steal 3min agony from allies in case of those stuck matches.
  12. Reworking SK window a bit. Trying to make it more clear for everyone to understand and keeping the info minimal as no one is interested in reading bunch of info. Are the rules correct and up to date? Anything else should be added or removed?
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