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hey lol

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ive been ratatata-ing around etlegacy main for awhile so i stopped by here tonight to say hi.  you guys seem cool. also my dad used to play on ur servers quite a lot when i was a babi ( around 10 yrs old lmao) and i'd watch him shoot, guess that's why i got into the game : D. 
ive been around since 2012 and i dont play often anymore, unless i need to blow off some steam since i work long hours making nails for fancy ladies in finland. i like to make arts n play GAMEZ, i try to twitch stream whenever i have time, and i like photography : )

wish u a nice night ❤️ ntmu 

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6 hours ago, Melissa said:

Hi Serenity,

Nice introduction and welcome, I also found the game by my dad! 

What kind of art do you make? 

See you around when ur about to blow off some steam again! :) 

Digital art mainly bc it's easier for me and sometimes i buy big canvas to paint so i have a cute painting in my home lmao

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Hello there, nice introduction. Welcome to our forum (and Discord as well). Oh I would love to be able to make (digital) paintings, but I suck 😅 I'm into photography too. On like an amateur hobbyist level though :P

See you on the server! :welcome:

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