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  1. You're implying I said such thing, which I didn't. Let's keep this topic clean and stay on topic please...
  2. Curious to know the reasoning for a yes vote. So far only no voters have shared their opinion in a reply.
  3. This delay made me realize that I used to prone quite a bit, which is kind of impossible to do now. Personally I'd get rid of the delay or at least make proning an option again by lowering the delay like Seto suggested. It's a public server that should be fun to play for everyone. This suggestion as well as the whole panzer/rifle discussion come from the higher skilled players, but remember there are other players who enjoy these things. Just because you get killed once or twice a map by someone who proned, doesn't mean it should be disabled.
  4. The problem with that is that there could be more than 1 member giving out a warning for the same verdict. For example if a player throws a grenade into enemy spawn once, it can happen that 2 or even more members warn him/her for that at the same time, which would result in an immediate kick. A dewarn command could be helpful in that case.
  5. You could go undercover as Melissa. No one will recognise you
  6. Railgun always ends up to be a spawnkill fest at axis first spawn. Maybe that version of Railgun where the axis can spawn in that building behind the wall could work?
  7. Welcome Val_Venis! Glad to hear you enjoy playing on our servers. See you on the battlefield!
  8. Thanks again for your monthly input. Cya next month!
  9. 0wN1x


    Welcome Kevin
  10. Haha nice one Reminds me of a win I had when I was in =TKB= 9 years ago. We were not that good, just playing a scrim for fun, but somehow won this one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CGsSeK9JnGQ
  11. I have the same problem with typing in my console. When you press ' first before console ~ it should work. At least that works for me
  12. 0wN1x

    New year

    Happy new year everyone!
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