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  1. ๐ŸฐEaster Event ๐Ÿฃ Hide & Seek With Easter coming up, it's of course time for an 'egg' hunt. We hope to see you at our Hide&Seek event! Don't forget to join our Discord voice channel if you want to! Server: Date: Saturday the 23rd of March (next Saturday) Time: 8PM CET (check the timezone converter for your local time)
  2. Event: Team Deathmatch - TM vs the rest Server: Date: Saturday the 3rd of Februari (next Saturday) Time: 8PM CET Do you dare to challenge the almighty Team Muppet? Come join us in this fun event, everyone is welcome! It's pretty self explaining. We'll be playing on a Nitmod server with Team Deathmatch gametype. TeamMuppet members in one team, the other players in the other team. Don't forget to join our Discord if you want to! We hope to see you there!
  3. I'm truly sorry to hear that. Even though you're not doing it on purpose, we can't let these things go unpunished. We can't make a distinction between who's allowed to break our rules and who's not. The same rules apply to everyone. Of course it's not like you're going to hit anyone. You may not be physically violent, but the things you say towards other players are violent and have no room on our server.
  4. 0wN1x

    Happy New Year!

    TeamMuppet would like to wish everyone who keeps this community going a Happy New Year! May the new year bring you peace, joy, happiness and a whole lot of frags!
  5. Ok, I'm going to lock this topic as this isn't going anywhere. Feel free to reach out to me or another admin if you've got your anger issues under control and if you're ready for a grownup conversation.
  6. Your name Shitheads was a direct insult towards a TM admin, hence the ban. I'm not really offended by the name mongolsii and as far as I know that name is not directly linked to an admin, member or any other player in particular. He's been using that name for quite some time on multiple servers. And it's a unique name too. If you are insulted by that name, I'm all up for asking him to change it
  7. Funny how you brought up those rules even though they have nothing to do with the reason you were kicked/banned. If you want to act smart, please put in a little more effort next time. What's the point of spectating and taking demos of someone who's breaking rule 16: "please use a unique name to make it easier for admins/members to manage the server"? You've been asked to change your name before and were even kicked for it a couple of months ago, like Jessica showed you. If you don't do as we ask you nicely and even get back with such a stupid name, the ban is completely justified.
  8. 0wN1x


    Welcome Mehmet! I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us. See you on the server!
  9. Hello there, nice introduction. Welcome to our forum (and Discord as well). Oh I would love to be able to make (digital) paintings, but I suck ๐Ÿ˜… I'm into photography too. On like an amateur hobbyist level though See you on the server!
  10. Ah you must be that Plafkii kid with the 'mother jokes'. How old were you again? Feel free to make your own appeal topic (or please don't, waste of our time). Let's stay on topic here will you.
  11. First of all, if you connect to our server with the idea to go and piss of the enemy you're wrong to begin with. You claim to know how to hit close to the edge of what's allowed. If you stay within those margins, you're fine. But you're playing with fire by choosing to aim this close to the allowable. Tip: when setting up your mortar it might be better to start aiming further away from the edge and move your way up to prevent warnings. It's already explained a couple times, but since you didn't (want to) understand, I'll repeat it again. The sk script is there to help us spot players who often break the rules. Just because the script doesn't auto-kick you untill you break the rule 3 times in a map, doesn't mean you get to spawnkill 2 times every map without consequences. All your warnings are being logged in your personal history list and like Ande said, your record is huge. At some point we have to step in when there are too many warnings. Jessica was actually very nice to ban you for just 1 day, because it's usually longer. I bet this ban was done to get your attention and look, it worked. If you continue to break the rules and your history builds up even further, you will be banned again (and longer). You're free to search for the edges and limits, but don't be surprised if there will be consequences if you go over the edge. Many times. It has nothing to do with you personally. Like Flo said, it's purely based on facts. Your history doesn't lie. Calling someone an admin abuser for banning you 1 day because you've had over 200 warnings is actually quite hilarious. It's not like we kick, ban or do whatever command for fun. And we certainly don't feel like gods. In an ideal world we wouldn't even be needing these commands, but we've got to maintain a fun and playable server for 50 people. Sometimes we have to step in. You're always free to go if you feel discouraged, you will be deeply missed. And finally, you can joke around all you want about the kicks and bans, but in the end the joke is on you.
  12. I think the CP fix alone will help enough. It makes no sense that axis can spawn there even though their CP isn't build. Both changes (CP and ramp) might make it a bit too easy for the allies?
  13. 0wN1x


    Hey RosenCruz ๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome to our forum and welcome back to ET! See you on the battlefield
  14. Hi Surf_dude. I'm sorry that happened to you. That doesn't seem to be a legit reason for a kick. We'll look into it. Thanks for your report. Our apologies.
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