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    Welcome to our forums Kev!
  2. Good to finally see you here
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    Welcome to the forums!
  6. This month we have a little something to celebrate. A certain Mr Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is turning 17 years old! So what better way is there to celebrate it than with a good old panzerwar on the Legacy mod. Grab your birthday hat, a crate of beer and come on over to the server party on 30th of May! Can't make it on the 30th and don't wanna miss out? There's gonna be a little after party on the 31st! Share a memory you have had with ET over the last 17 years down below - something that's made you laugh, something that's made you cry, something that you'll never forget and cherish because of this game Server IP: Date: Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of May Time: 7PM CET Discord: TeamMuppet
  7. Hi there, welcome to the forums! That's a nice introduction. I'm glad to hear you enjoy your time on our servers. See you on the battlefield!
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  11. Too much French over here, my brain can't handle it Welcome anyways
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