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  1. Hi all, I'm back since a few weeks. Almost 30 year old Belgian sportfreak but due to an injury I had some time to play again. Im a sales person of building automation and I combine it with a nice girlfriend and lots of sport (15 to 25hours of training a week as I am a Triathlete and IronMan finisher). I used to play ET since 2005, played on several servers, clans & nicknames (/<ashi, bruges4life, Fcb4ever...). Was a clanleader of .:EEF:. / #EEF[...], member of =BO=, NL-clan and some other clans I already forgot. Started to play on a British ETpro server but i forgot the name, still trying to find it :D. While that period I used to play clanwars etc... Than I moved to funservers and joined the EEF clan where i became co/clanleader. I think i quited aroud 10 years ago with some short comebacks (few weeks). My last 'active period' was on the 1337 and Kernwaffe.xp servers.
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